While perusing through the only real source of news we have on the team (VWH Twitter) I came across an awesome little nugget that the RJ picked up, but for whatever reason it didn’t gain much traction.

“The Foley-led Hockey Vision Las Vegas has agreed to pay $1 per ticket sold in its first year to Opportunity Village, a Las Vegas not-for-profit that helps people with intellectual disabilities,” writes Alan Snell.

That’s right, not only is The Creator spending millions and millions of dollars to bless us with our own professional sports team, but he’s also pledged to give nearly $1 million a year to one of the best charities in the world.

“Opportunity Village would receive $717,500 the first year if all 17,500 seats are sold per game for the entire 41-game home schedule.”

As if I didn’t love this team enough already. $700k PER YEAR they are planning on donating, and that doesn’t even count the 16 home playoff games we will certainly be experiencing each year. (Yes, the team is going to win the Stanley Cup every year and take 7 games in each round to do it…and they’ll have home-ice advantage in every series.)

Charitable in every sense of the word. Love it.