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This Summer will be unlike any other for the Golden Knights as each member of the team gets to spend a day with the Stanley Cup. It’s a wonderful tradition that brings joy to thousands of people around the globe.

The tour began Saturday in Amos, Quebec, the hometown of Nic Roy, and will continue for the next two months. We’ve set up a page dedicated to the tour and will be updating it every day of the summer with the latest photos and videos.

We’ve pinned the page to the navigation panel across the top of the site and it’ll be available on the sidebar (found at the bottom of the site on mobile). Or, you can bookmark the 2023 Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup Tour page for daily updates.

One of the coolest traditions in sports takes place after a team hoists the Stanley Cup. Unlike most professional sports trophies that sit in the team office, the Stanley Cup goes on tour, making stops in the hometown of every player, coach, and executive that helped win it.


Nic Roy – July 8th
Location: Amos, Quebec


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