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Flyers Used Icings To Slow Down The Golden Knights, And It Worked

“Coach said they were icing it so much they should open a bakery.” -Probably what Cody Eakin was thinking (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

What did the Flyers do with the puck when the Golden Knights offensively pressured last night? They iced it.

I don’t think the icings were effecting us. When we were all on the same page and we know what we’re doing, guys are out of position it’s easier to ice it. Get back into position and start from scratch. -Radko Gudas, Flyers Defenseman

In the second period alone, Philadelphia iced the puck six times including three within a  :30 second span. The Flyers dumped the puck from their own zone to slow down a heavy attack by the Golden Knights.

There was a lot of icing, a lot more than usual… I thought the second was a bad period for us and the third, they were protecting the lead and they did a great job protecting it. We didn’t get many good chances. -Gerard Gallant

Flyers captain Claude Giroux echoed his teammates comments, that icing the puck allowed some breathing room.

I think first period we came out and it was pretty hard. They were making plays that not a lot of teams make. For us, it was just to regroup and make sure we’re on the same page out there. When we had our chances, we were able to put them in. -Claude Giroux, Flyers Captain

Icing the puck is usually looked at as a bad decision or a mistake. Philadelphia used it to their advantage, and took the opportunity to disrupt the Golden Knights momentum. At times, it looked as if the icing stoppage was frustrating Vegas.

Yeah for sure. When we were playing in our zone and they were all over us, sometimes we were able to take a breather and readjust. It wasn’t our game plan to ice the puck as much as we did but I think we did in times when we had to. It helped us weather the storm. -Gudas

The two Golden Knights we asked, Pierre-Eduoard Bellemare and William Karlsson claimed it didn’t have an effect on the game. All Star head coach Gerard Gallant agreed with his players. The Flyers head coach agreed with his opponents. 

We disagree with all of them (that’s what we do here at We are told by everyone that it didn’t matter, and we don’t care, we run with it anyway). The game had a different feel than the normal home game for the Golden Knights. There was no rythym, no flow, no transition, no fun. It was a frustrating game to watch, and a lot of it had to do with Philadelphia’s 12 icing violations.

Philadelphia came in to Las Vegas on a three-game win streak, and four-game point stretch. Continuing the hot streak of Philadelphia pro sports teams to eight wins since February 4th. No wonder Flyer fans were loud last night.

Yeah, it was crazy. I didn’t expect too see many… it was nice to see and it was nice to get the ‘Let’s go Flyers’ and ‘Let’s go Eagles’ chants going. -Gudas

On behalf of Dave Goucher, Eric Tosi, Todd Pollock, myself and millions of other Patriots fans, thanks for rubbing it in Radko.




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  1. I was there and yea kinda boring. I wasn’t mad I’ve been flyers fan for 40 years. My son says just switch. If your a true fan you can’t just switch.As for the Knights I love them but a few things are happening In concerned about.Fluery be it his fault or not is giving up goals at a alarming rate lately. I think he needs some breaks here.You don’t want him burnt out for playoffs and the Knights just aren’t scoring much at home lately if you check the recent games.I hope they make a trade for a decent backup goalie and Mike Green would help or pull off blockbuster and get Erik Karlson

  2. A Fan

    I agree with Ken’s comments. The Knights do well when they are out there like a dog on a bone. If things get broken up and slow down too much it takes them out of their rhythm. (Just like I was taken out of mine spell checking ‘rhythm’) I think a fair amount of the Fleury goals weren’t all his fault. I’d bet Erik Karlsson will end up with Tampa Bay. Our Subban, maybe involved in a trade. We’ll know a lot more 2 weeks from today.

  3. Andrew

    I understand icing is a part of the game, but surely repeated deliberate violations should carry a delay of game penalty. Just a thought.

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