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Fleury’s Streak Unmatched in Pro Sports

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There’s not much Marc-Andre Fleury hasn’t accomplished over his NHL career. Part of five Stanley Cup Finals and winner of three of them, the 35-year-old goaltender has been fortunate to play on competitive teams for most of his career, but here’s something fans and I doubt even Fleury is aware of.

Fleury currently holds the longest active playoff streak of any individual player across the four major sports leagues in North America. This postseason will mark Fleury’s 14th consecutive trip to the playoffs, a streak unmatched by even Tom Brady, LeBron James, and Sidney Crosby.

Fleury played in his first NHL playoff series at the age of 22 back in 2007, and he hasn’t missed a postseason yet.

Marc-Andre Fleury’s Playoff Run

14 Straight Postseasons
142 Games Played
78-62 Postseason Record
4176 Saves
3 Assists
5 Stanley Cup Appearances
3 Stanley Cup Rings

Most would’ve assumed that Crosby and Evgeni Malkin were on the same path, but both missed the entire 2011 postseason due to injuries. Another former teammate Chris Kunitz was ahead of Fleury but broke his streak last year as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks. So currently, the Golden Knights goaltender leads the entire league in appearances in 14 straight postseasons.

The athlete that is the closest to Fleury plays in the NBA. It’ll shock you. New Orleans Pelicans sharpshooter J.J. Redick is technically tied with Fleury with appearances in 13 straight postseasons. However, in the NBA’s loopy return-to-play format, Redick and the Pelicans have eight regular season games, and then some to clinch a playoff bid. So while Fleury is already locked in at 14 consecutive, Redick still has some hurdles to jump.

The NBA’s return-to-play plan includes the top eight teams in each conference along with Portland, New Orleans, Sacramento, San Antonio, Phoenix and Washington. Those are the league’s top 22 teams in overall record.

Each team will play eight regular-season games. If the teams in eight and ninth place are separated by four games or fewer, a play-in tournament between those teams for the final playoff spot in each conference would occur. The team in ninth must beat the team in eighth twice in a row to advance; the team in eighth only needs to beat the team in ninth

See what I mean? Redick is going to need eight straight triple-doubles from Zion Williamson to keep his streak alive. I’m not an NBA expert, but I’d guess Fleury will be on a consecutive postseason appearance streak by himself.

In the NFL, the New England Patriots have the longest consecutive playoff appearance streak with 11 seasons in a row. Naturally, Tom Brady, along with some other former teammates, share the current individual streak, but they still come up short of Fleury’s mark.

Major League Baseball had seen incredible postseason runs in the past from the Atlanta Braves and the New York Yankees, two teams that largely kept their stars together. Lately however, postseason appearance streaks haven’t been as epic. Several major leaguers lead baseball with seven consecutive trips to October baseball but nothing significant. Far behind Derek Jeter’s 12-year run, but heck, if playing today, Jeter would trail Fleury as well.

While impressive as it is, I highly doubt the goaltender is even mindful of this accomplishment. Redick is well aware of his streak, and playfully threatened his teammates not “to blow it” for him. That’s not Fleury, and he’s the man on top.

Just for reference, the longest consecutive NHL playoff season streaks were set by Larry Robinson (1973-1992) and Nicklas Lidstrom (1992-2012) with 20 straight trips to the postseason. At 35-years of age, I doubt Fleury will try and chase down a record but I know some local fans that would love for him to try.


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  1. LeAnna

    Thank you for this!

  2. Doktor Hockey

    Although flower benefited from years of very talented teams, you still can’t deny his streak! Could this be his last … if Knights win cup … and then he retires?

    • The Noodle King

      I doubt he walks away from $7 million…… that’s a LOT of spaghetti……. 😉

      • The Noodle King

        Check that DOC. Flower has 2 more years at $7 milly after this season. Cup or no cup, no way is he hanging them up.

        • Marcel B DesRoches

          He may? stay for 1 more but with the way the situation in the NHL and sports are everywhere these playoffs and upcoming season will take a toll on all athletes in NHL and NBA.

      • Sanitak37

        Or the possibility of reaching 500 wins …

  3. Doktor Hockey

    Money is important, of course NK pasta, but so is mentality. By that I mean, we have no idea just what his fathers death might have done to him mentally. His desire for hockey, these type things. If just money, then yea might be tuff to leave. But there are things more important. This might be the case where something IS !

  4. Coyote

    RE: The Atlanta Braves, Glavine had a 12 year streak, and Smoltz a 13 year streak. Of course, these don’t count 1994 strike ended season, and Smoltz missing the 2000 playoffs with injury. (I think those are the correct numbers and years.) I would assume most people would say those years weren’t consecutive, but I count them as years in a row they were available for playoffs. The Braves were in the 2000 playoffs, and in 1994 they were in a heated race with MTL, but were still a lock for a wildcard. As I stated, most, if not all would disqualify Smoltz’s streak for injury. Cheers.

    • Chris V.

      Coyte, the statement is “ACTIVE” not in the history of all sports. just saying.

  5. Marcel B DesRoches

    As a Habs fan I was always admired Larry Larry Robinson’s play off record. My 2nd favourite team has been since 1967 the Pittsburgh Penguins especially in the Crosby,Malkin Fleury years. What Marc Andre’ Fleury has accomplished in his career is just simply astonishing. Today’s goaltenders aren’t supposed to be built like that. Marc Andre’s continuous smile and LOVE for the game shows you why Vegas did what no other expansion team in the modern NHL has made it to the Stanley Cup Finals in their 1st season. St.Louis did it also in 67-68 but that was a multiple team (6) expansion. 1st round this year my Habs vs Marc Andre Fleury’s Golden Nights. Habs in 5 sorry Marc Andre’.

  6. Leslie Linko

    It’s refreshing to see Fleury being supported and appreciated for his endeavors. Lately most sports writers are concerned about his age and what he may have lost. Fleury brings much more than statistics. He brings intangible assets that just make hockey better.

  7. Jules

    However Fleury finishes his streak or career, he will do it in a way that makes you appreciate hockey, in awe of greatness, humbled by grace. God bless him for giving us an example of how wonderful sports can be.

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