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Fleury Flourishes On Extended Start Streaks

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At some point, Marc-Andre Fleury will need a break. He’s in the midst of a seven-game start streak, his fifth-longest regular season consecutive game stretch as a Golden Knight. With Vegas though, Fleury tends to thrive in these situations. When the 36-year-old is given the reins for an extended amount of time he’s been extremely reliable.

Since 2017-18, Fleury has started seven-straight games or more six separate times. His combined point percentage is .666 in those 57 contests and has a losing record just once.

Seven+ Game Start Streaks

2021: 7 Straight Starts (4-3)
2019-20: 9 Straight Starts (6-3)
2018-19: 13 Straight Starts (10-2-1)
2018-19: 7 Straight Starts (3-4)
2017-18: 11 Straight Starts (7-3-1)
2017-18: 10 Straight Starts (6-4)

Combined Winning Percentage: .631%
Combined Points Percentage: .666%

Fleury’s current streak is mostly out of necessity. Going into the season, the veteran goalie was expected to split most of the games with Robin Lehner. With Lehner unavailable, Fleury has played 11 out of 16 games this season and is on pace to start 38. Much more than the coaching staff had planned.

Last night’s performance was a great example of Fleury’s capability. After playing 11 straight periods against Colorado, the 36-year-old was making acrobatic saves late in the game to preserve his third shutout of the year. Even against the same high-powered Avalanche team he faced in four consecutive games, Fleury seemed the least tired player out there.

Now that the Golden Knights have finished their four-game series against Colorado, the upcoming schedule allows some opportunities to rest Fleury. On Thursday night, Vegas will travel to San Jose, a team that struggles to keep the puck out of their own net. Maybe that’s a game coach Pete DeBoer can comfortably rest his netminder. Also, with there being two days in between games, Fleury could have four days of rest before his next start.

As the schedule creeps towards March, the heavy competition goes away for a few weeks. The next eight matchups are against the Sharks, Ducks, and Wild. The Golden Knights are significantly better than all three and the coaching staff should look to use their schedule to spell Fleury some starts, even if Lehner isn’t ready to come back. Vegas will need what we can now confidently say is their number one goaltender fresh for when they face St. Louis and Colorado later in March.

With his third shutout of the season in his pocket, we all know the 17-year veteran will want to play the bulk of the remaining games. Who can blame him? Fleury’s having an All-Star type season, wants to be in the Vezina discussion and prove to his bosses they were wrong. I say let him compete for trophies, just as long as he can take a few games off here and there. DeBoer can save Fleury’s 28 consecutive start streak for the postseason.






  1. Tim

    How ironic life is one minute your out the door next minute your on top of the world. Funny how DeBoer wanted Lehner and played him through the playoffs and shit all over Fleury. This year as desperate as they were trying to trade Fleury ironically he may have saved DeBoers job. Could you imagine where we’d be if Fleury traded and Lehner out for who knows how long. Supposedly Lehner has a back issue not a good thing could be serious and as a goalie has to do quick sharp moves doesn’t bode well for a back issue. Fleury gone Lehner injured now what? DeBoer better eat some humble pie and thank Fleury for still having a job because if he orchestrated the signing of Lehner and the trading of Fleury he would be joining Gallant in the unemployment line.

    • Neal

      I’m not sure what more you’d like Deboer to do, he’s repeatedly said that Fleury has been the team’s best player. What else do you want from the guy?

  2. Well Tim – very interesting post – obviously Fluery has proven his bosses wrong and it’s a good thing. Now the 64 million dollar question – who goes to fix the cap issue? They are saddled with the walrus and at his shape if it’s a back problem Vegas is in trouble as they gave him his retirement 5 mil for 5 years just plain stupid. I will never be convinced that maybe the other teams who let the elite walrus go knew more than Vegas was able to figure out. PDB should be kissing Fluery’s feet for his performance as he is obviously the best player on the ice and in the room.

  3. What is wrong with Lenner? Why is he not around

    • Tim

      Mary Jo, Supposedly he has a back issue how serious who knows it’s been a while now since we’ve seen him so you can assume it’s a problem.

  4. A VGK Fan

    The truth is we did not need to sign Alex P. to his ridiculous contract. Not only was it too much, but our ROI on the guy has been crap so far. He is the main reason we are in this cap crunch. Fleury has proven his worth, and i am lukewarm about Lehner but he has done his part when asked. AP on the other hand, he’s not playing like a 8.8M defender. shoot, he’s not even playing like a $5M defender right now. Martinez has been playing lights out for far less money.

    Where’s Ken’s bitching about AP getting overpaid, and underperforming?

  5. vgk21

    simple. if Lehner has a back problem, then LTIR will be the way to solve the cap issue.

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