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First Round Loss “Should Fuel All Of Us” Going Into Next Season

From @NHL on Twitter/X

Last night the Edmonton Oilers took Game 1 from the Dallas Stars in the Western Conference Final. It was an epic double overtime game in which both teams felt like they were knocking on the door to win the game and take early control of the series.

As it went on though, it’s impossible not to compare the Golden Knights to the teams still on the ice. I find myself thinking back to Game 7 at the American Airlines Center. I think about the series against the Oilers last year. And I ponder the future of all three of the teams next season. You are probably sitting at home doing it as well.

If we’re doing it, you can only imagine the frothing at the mouths that must be going on by the Golden Knights players.

I think (how the season ended) should fuel all of us. There’s only one team that’s satisfied at the end of the year. We happened to be that team last year. This year, there’s only going to be one team that feels satisfied about what they did this season and that’s not where we are going to be. -Jack Eichel

The last time the Golden Knights watched the playoffs from their couches, they came back with a vengeance the next season.

You got to get ready to go battle 82 games to get back to where you want to be, which is playing playoff hockey. Hopefully, the guys can kind of unwind here for the next couple weeks and get back on the saddle, get the bodies ready, and have that chip again going back in next season. -Mark Stone

An extra-determined Vegas team is a dangerous one.

We want to get back to that point. It should fuel everyone. I know I’m sure going to use it as motivation and come back and be as prepared as possible to have a good season.” -Jack Eichel

With every playoff game that passes and a new team comes closer to experiencing what Vegas did last year, that motivation will only get stronger. The Golden Knights roster won’t look the same when they take the ice next season, the mindset will be different too.


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  1. jeffrey m sutton

    so you are saying they are going to try to win next season

    what a unique mindset


  2. Emmanuel

    I asked Yahoo’s AI who is the worst Golden Knight of all time, here are the answers:

    1. Eakin
    2. Tatar
    3. Holden

    Huh, I can argue Tatar, but Eakin? Holden?

    • You apparently have too much time on your hands. I would think by now all this AI shit would be over. How come you didn’t also ask who is going to win this year AND NEXT.?

      • Emmanuel

        Because that would be based on speculation instead of past stats.

  3. Emmanuel

    I asked Yahoo AI who is the best VGK of all time:

    Answer: Marc Andre Fleury

    Well thats debatable…..but a solid answer

    • ThG

      AI needs fixing, MAF was one of the worst of all time in Vegas. A self serving piece of shit cry baby. Most likely a liberal Democrat. He was good year one, but after that went to hell in hand basket. Even Jihad Joe couldn’t say he was good in year one. He had the arm jab and somehow managed to kill more Americans than Trump did in same time frame, and Trump had nothing. But lies and misdirection from Fauci.

      • TS

        MAF, a whining liberal Dem Pos crybaby, huh ? Is that a FACT, JACK?? Yet, here you are again, on SINBIN, whining and making up BS , like the HENRY you ARE. You constantly accuse tge “others” of doing EXACTLY what you constantly do!! You bitch, whine, accuse, call names— isn’t that PRECISELY what you accuse DEMS of??? Dude, we figured you out years ago. You’ve been a non- stop Trump- sucking, Election- denying, Master Progectionist forever! Come on, man, aren’t you tired of repeating the SAME SHIT all the time?? WE ALL ARE HERE, DUDE. Take your lies elsewhere..your lies won’t FLY. your ILK is un wanted and unwelcome here on SINBIN. Your constant Political HATE- MONGERING is NASTY, IGNORANT AND HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE HERE. STFU, ALREADY!!


  4. Duckboy

    I asked Yahoo’s AI who is the worst poster on SinBin.Vegas:

    Answer: Emmanuel

    Sorry had to do it. LOL

    • ThG

      that is cold
      really cold.

      • Hope all you posters are cheering on Edmonton – Dallas first goal last night reminded me of Vegas defensive lapses. Talk about scoring for the other team Dallas should have given the goal to as I recall it was #73. It was rather ironic McDavid gets a 4 minute penalty early in first OT and scores winner immediately in second OT. Notice the guys were saving how sluggish the ice was.

        • ThG

          i didn’t cheer anyone on ?!?!?in DAL oIlER first goal thing.

          did someone say bad ice ??!??

    • Emmanuel

      You aint lying!

  5. Kamala Harris

    What does this article have to do with the VGK swapping out the Circa patch for the trans flag next season? That’s going to be the true inspiration.

  6. Tiki Owl

    Enough of the MAGA flavored BS in a supposed hockey blog. Asked before for an “Ignore” button but since you declined then it’s easier just to ignore your whole blog.

    • knights fan in minny

      maga bs what are you talking about angry dem your idol mush head joey is a failure who won’t be the nominee

    • JB

      We suspect Ken is a follower of the alt-right mega BS. So he won’t put a stop to it. Best just to try to ignor that crap best you can.

    • ThG

      nobody is putting a gun to your head to read anyone’s post

      and anyone who doesn’t want to make America strong has a few holes in their head/brain in my opinion.

    • TS

      Tiki, it is MADDENING. But this is America post- TRUMP. Angry Henries who attack the ” others” at will. The hate OOZES. It never stops. Maddening!!

  7. DeezNutz

    We need to move on from Marchy, Carrier, Stephenson, Theodore and Martinez. Find some new players who are hungry to win again instead of players who love the country club aspect of living in LV. Maybe Stone will retire on LTIR so we can replace him with a much healthier and much faster Mitch Marner.

    • knights fan in minny

      as usual you are the dumbest fuck on here Marner is not going to vegas

      • JB

        Right now I don’t think anyone knows who may or may not be coming to Vegas.

        • Emmanuel

          You can ballpark it based on whos on the trading block and who wants to add.

    • Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

      DeezNutz, my friend knights fan in minny is right. Loser Mitch “the bitch” Marner not coming to Vegas. Stone won’t retire. Don’t pretend you are a doctor.

  8. I dont know but my hockey world has been turned upside down and inside out…i miss the boys playing in these playoffs knowing full well they could be right THERE!!!

    Further I was a huge Rangers fan growing up and now rooting for florida….as much as it turns my stomach to do so.

    stars and oilers…each is the lesser of 2 evils…i actually cheered when stars tied it up last night WTF!!…i just dont want the mcoilers advancing at all costs…though I would have equal joy to see the dour look on Deboers face as much as mc and leon…so thats where im at …i dont want ANYONE to win but will be rooting for the panthers….SHEESH!!!

  9. Tim

    I for one am glad the season is over it was a painful to watch the lack of scoring game after game. Game 82 loss to Anaheim and then being up 2 zip on Dallas and then coming home and a another choke job. Second year loss to the Sharks where Fleury let in 4 goals in the 5 minute penalty or Fleury’s fuckups against Montreal. After 3 years that we gave away any chance of winning I have zero confidence in the Knights ability to ever win another Cup. It’s super we won one and cherish it because this team is to slow and to old to do it again.
    By the way hows your summer going mines going great my Guardians are playing some great baseball very refreshing after a long painful boring hockey season.

    • knights fan in minny

      baseball players are not athletes they stand around most of the time grab your metamucil and turn on the boring 9 innings

    • Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

      Tim, you are a schmuck. You would know something about never winning a championship since the Cleveland baseball team has not won since 1948 which is a 75 year drought which is also the longest among all 30 MLB teams. I’m glad that my good friend knights fan in minny called you out and I am doing it as well. They actually made a movie called Major League about how shitty and pathetic that Cleveland franchise is. How do you have the saggy balls to criticize the Golden Knights and praise the Cleveland Guardians in the same paragraph?

      • knights fan in minny

        yom kapur why are you swearing aren’t you a bible thumper

  10. ThG

    i am still waiting for Timmah to tell me what A guardian is ?

    The Cleveland Indians were such a great name for a team, too bad the culture clowns woke broke idiots nixed it. I supposed now when you watch that great movie, Major League, they will cloud out the Indians name whenever you see it. Like they with women boobs and butts on some stations. Woke broke clownish is why Europeans and others around the world laugh at USA. Especially now that chief circus ring leader leader is Clown Biden.

    • Emmanuel

      I asked Yahoo AI what a Guardian is.
      It said Mitch “the bitch” Marner.

    • Rashaad

      I really like the Cleveland Guardians name. I don’t think that they should have changed the team name but I’m happy that they at least changed it to a name reflecting the history of the city. Does Tim still make absolutely no sense? Yes.

      The Lorain-Carnegie Bridge, otherwise known as the Hope Memorial Bridge, since 1932 is a bridge in Cleveland featuring sculptures which they call “Guardians.” They’re locally iconic, the statues were cast in a national spotlight as sports pundits and MLB fans weighed in when Cleveland Indians’ front office renamed the team to the Cleveland Guardians. The giant statues were carved, in large part, by Italian immigrant stone masons — many of whom lived in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood. In fact, the statues were carved in Little Italy at the Ohio Cut Stone Company which was, at the time, located on Random Road in what is currently known as the Singer Steel Building. Specifically, many of the stone carvers and other workers came from Oratino, Italy, a small village in the Province of Campobasso.

      • Tim

        Now there’s a guy who actually knows the history of the Guardians. By the way Minny you have no idea the athleticism of baseball players. Your comment they just stand around really shows me what you know about baseball. Anyway to each there own you think hockey is a great sport good for you myself I watch it because it’s Vegas Born and since my wife and I have a combined 125 years in the Vegas Valley I do have interest. Any of you been in the Valley as long as us? I didn’t think so. By the way you can’t compare the Knights to the Running Rebels basketball team in the day now that was excitement not these snoozers the Knights so often bring to there fans.
        I’ve asked this question before in past year win or lose how many games did we score 2 goals or less. You feels ought to answer that ASAP and then tell me any person with logic would call that exciting.

        • TS

          Tim, those Runnin’ Rebels were a BLAST to watch! We put the 3- pointer on the map, upped the whole game! We outran, out- defended, and out- scored many teams, forcing a huge shift in the sport.

      • Rashaad, sounds like t he right name for the team, to me! Makes perfect sense!

  11. I’m not inclined to get into the middle of ‘the debate’, but Tim you mentioned logic, as a former baseball fan in my younger years, wouldn’t you agree that a low scoring pitchers duel can be as exciting as a home run-laden slugfest?? The same applies to a tight checking well-played goaltenders matching save for save game. I rest my case.

    • Tim

      Larry A god pitching game is also fun. The difference is good goalie play is fine. The difference is hockey is about luck most times passes are are just thrown in front of the net hoping your player gets lucky and puts it in. In baseball when the ball is hit there’s no luck either you make the throw or you don’t no luck involved. We won’t even get into hitting a round ball with a round bat at 98 miles an hour.

      • knights fan in minny

        grab your warm milk grampa grab your rocking chair and watch another boring 9

      • TS

        Oh, no, the Dreaded NO- hitters! 9 innings and 3 hours of Ho Hum! I know base- ballers get it, but I do not. Only thing slower is a dang Double- Header No- Hitter! Just giving you a hard time!

  12. Tim, I will only comment on the very last thing that was said, we won’t even get into how extremely difficult it must be to skate at high speeds, trying to handle a frozen disc with a stick, while also having to fend off opposing players with similar speeds, and the knowledge that said frozen disc often leaves its projected path and can cause serious injury at any juncture of the game.

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