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First Look: Vegas Golden Knights “Reverse Retro” 4th Jersey

The Golden Knights made quite the splash this offseason with the release of their much anticipated third jersey. The third jersey became the first metallic gold jersey in professional sports history.

But, the jersey releases for next season aren’t done yet!

The NHL is introducing a new “Reverse Retro” jersey line that will be unveiled for all 31 teams sometime before the beginning of next season. A few have already leaked out and we’re now able to share the exact design of the Golden Knights version.

Through a source close to the design of the jersey we were able to get a long look at the design and have recreated it to show it off before it’s released for sale.

UPDATE: We have actual pictures now too…

The jersey is mostly red with the Golden Knights’ secondary logo, the sword star, across the chest. The primary logo is on each shoulder. The jersey numbers, both on the back and the sleeves, are mainly white with a gold and black border. The nameplate is red with white letters. The design includes a “V” shaped pattern of grey, gold, and black at the bottom of the jersey. Those same colors are along the sleeves. The collar is mostly gold with a black border.

Without further ado, here it is…

The “retro” in reverse retro is a nod towards the Las Vegas Thunder. The Thunder had various versions of the “V” pattern at the bottom of their jerseys during their six seasons in the International Hockey League. (Examples – 1, 2, 3, 4)

Per, the jerseys are expected to be worn in games.

My understanding of these Reverse Retro jerseys is that each team will have one and they will be worn only once or twice per season—and likely between certain rivals. In other words, these Flyers and Penguins jerseys were designed to contrast so they could be worn opposing each other in the same game. –Chris Smith,

The jerseys are expected to be available in both Adidas and Fanatics versions like all other VGK game jerseys.

These jerseys are also similar to ones worn by the 2000-06 Calgary Flames. (Examples – 1, 2, 3, 4)

Though we still have no idea how many games the Golden Knights are expected to play in the 2020-21 season, we now know for sure how many jerseys they’ll wear during the year and that number is four.

**Stick tap to our guy Drew Goldfarb for working with us to re-create the design.”


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  1. Mike

    Wish this was the 3rd jersey. The Silver Knights should have a 3rd jersey paying tribute to the Thunder….

    • Alexander J Eddy

      I wish, until their new arena is built, that the Silver Knights use a Wranglers jersey for their 3rd, given that they play in the same arena as the Wranglers did.

    • M Brush

      Wish this was not any jersey- not a fourth jersey or even a third jersey. It’s horrible. The regular home and away ones are enough. Teams should stick to only two. Period.

      • Richard Rice

        Agreed. Why red? I think both the 3rd and 4th are useless, it’s just a money grab.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    YES BEST JERSEY YET !!!! Where can I buy one RIGHT NOW!!

    I told the guy at the arsenal this is the one, finally somebody is listening.


  3. Joe

    Not bad. Very 90s. Finally the superior secondary logo gets the main stage.
    A few quibbles.
    The Thunder did the V striping correctly, and VGK flipped it so it only forms a complete V with the arms straight out. If the sleeve stripes are going in the other direction, the V would be complete with the arms down.
    Honestly, it would be a cleaner look if they ditch the black altogether and just go with gold and steel grey horizontal striping at the bottom on the torso and at the elbow.
    The black hexagon insert at the collar is weird and has been since adidas took over. There are a bunch of teams throughout the league that have this, and it just doesn’t work. Some teams changed after one season because it looked so bad.
    Just to change it up, ditch the main logo on the shoulders and go with the Vegas wordmark.

  4. Desperate to sell more stuff – can’t sell tickets so may as well sell junk. People are so gullible. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but this kind of stuff isn’t bringing the Cup any closer. They obviously have to much time on their hands. I would think they should be figuring out just how to get out of the dilemma they created with these long contracts, big money and no trade etc. stipulations considering the stagnant cap. I know some of the loyal fan base can’t wait to run out and buy them apparently nothing better to do with their money. There are a lot of hurting people out there that need food on the table which would be a better use of that money more than lining the Knights pockets. All the jerseys in the world doesn’t equate to a winning team!!!!!

    • Sherm

      It’s almost like people can buy whatever the hell they want when they want to. You say people obviously have nothing better to spend their money on, it’s apparent that you have nothing better to spend your time on than to type out the nonsense you just did. Nobody’s arguing that the jersey’s equate to cup contention. I hope you ice your arm after that reach. But hey, if being mad about a piece of fabric that isn’t even available for purchase is what helps you get the rocks off, more power to you my friend.

      • Skeeter Thompson


      • Sherm and Skeeter- apparently you are a couple of the gullible people – you can’t dispute the statement concerning the needs of many people in Vegas at this time unless of course you are wearing blinders and refuse to recognize the truth. Nothing to do with getting the rocks off Sherm as you suggest simply addressing the needs of the less fortunate which I am happy for you your not one of them.
        Skeeter – you must have forgotten to take your medication this morning – nothing was said about trades or anything else – whether the NHL or whoever the same applies – yes a money grab, as you referenced and the sinbin boys are looking for something to write about. Your last statement was after you turned on the light.

        • Sherm

          Firstly, I just want to congratulate you for not being “gullible” for buying a piece of fabric, you are truly setting the standard for consumerism, truly (just kidding, nobody cares what you spend your money on or what you think about how other people spend theirs). Secondly I’m not oblivious to the fact that people all over the world are struggling, nowhere in my original response did I imply that I have “blinders” on. Again I encourage you to ice your arms after reaching for all those straws. Nonetheless my original statement remains true: people can buy whatever they want, when they want. Should people help others during these times? Absolutely. But they aren’t obligated to nor should they be demonized for buying a hockey jersey instead of putting $200+ elsewhere. Not to mention that people can buy jerseys and still be charitable in other consumer ventures, you imply that this is a dichotomy when in fact both things can be true. Furthermore, yes I believe that the organization/league is selling these jerseys to supplement revenue lost in other aspects such as tickets, that much is likely true. But again, they should not be demonized either, it’s a business, after all. And you cannot deny what this organization has done to help those in need in this community., not only during these times, but since its founding. The VGK Foundation has raised millions to help the less fortunate families, teachers, first responders, small businesses, etc by selling these marketing “gimmicks,” if you want to call them that, including auctions from limited edition jersey sales.

          And another point, you implied that somehow the sale/release of these jerseys correlate to the chances of the team winning or not winning the cup, which is illogical and absurd. The management side of the organization has literally nothing to do with the marketing. In fact, I’d find it hard to believe that either of the McGM’s give a rat’s ass about what they wear on the ice or what the fans wear in the stands.

          It’s ironic that you made a comment below saying “facts trump fiction” when almost nothing in your original comment was fact-based.

          • J. Bye Don

            Why bring up that idiots name in this thread……..

          • I agree with your statements. Many teams have changed their Logo and Colors even because it’s simply good marketing and goes by Franchise Era. Just think if they had a new jersey every year, it would tell the Fan Base by year if they didn’t sell them again after the Playoffs. I like the Golden Knights Logo on their jersey, it shows toughness as a Spartan Warrior or Knights of early history and keeps with team name.

            The NHL teams have had some nice jersey color changes, the original being the most prominent in the Golden Knights Franchise. Home vs Away games require more than 1 color to distinguish themselves from the opponents, including if there was an Invitational Tournament, Classics or Stadiums series jerseys. One day there will be a Centennial Classic Limited Edition Jersey!

            The Copper Country, in Houghton, Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula, 
            is considered the Birthplace of Organized Professional Hockey 
            and Home of the World’s First All Professional Hockey Team!  
            I believe they should make one with the earliest designs such as the color strings and NHL Logo on it. Kids there grow up wearing skates on ice as soon as they can stand up, that’s where my parents taught me in their open ice rinks. As I grew up have played many games visiting Dee Stadium, Michigan Tech University and the historic Calumet Colliseum which is where I graduated High School being from a Finnish heritage. Hockey skates made of wood were first used by hunters about 200 A.D.  Later in Finland, hunters used skates made from the leg bones of deer.  Early bone runners were later replaced by iron and then steel… The history in the historical parks and museums of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are still there to enjoy by tourists, it’s definitely a major part of our culture to share with all hockey enthusiasts. We had girls and boys HS Hockey teams back in the 70’s, my cousin Joyce Rowe still plays today in competitive in the Western US Leagues and yearly Las Vegas Invitationals. Her brother Ken Rowe Jr. tried out for the Olympic Hockey Team and many others went into to OHL, IHL or NHL such as Joseph Linder, Tanner Kero, Goldie Frantti, Chris Cygan, Mike Usitalo, Jason Rintela, Bob Rangus, Fred Barry and many more mentored by who could so called “cut the butter”. Legendary HS Coaches Paul Lehto and Jim for the Calumet Copper Kings lead their teams to many State and UP Championships along with Conference Titles.

    • Skeeter Thompson

      WTF are you talking about? Did you read the article?

      This wasn’t a Knights-specific money grab. It was a league-wide money grab. Every team is getting one of these jerseys for next year — they’ll be worn in a game or two against a rival (so SJS or ARI). It was not a team decision. And the gold 3rds were supposed to come out 13 months ago and got delayed by the material and then COVID, so it just so happened that VGK has 2 new jerseys coming out basically at once.

      Contrary to what you apparently believe, McGMs aren’t designing jerseys on Photoshop and looking through swatches of fabric to come up with just the right color of red for these jerseys.

      These jerseys aren’t to blame for them trading Schmidt instead of Martinez and Reaves to free up the money needed to sign Petro. Stupidity and/or drugs and alcohol are to blame for that dopey decision.

      • Sherm

        Ironic he’s the one saying you’re off your meds when nothing he has said has made any logical sense.

    • Reggie Noble


  5. Mikegron32

    Hdbiker hates to be the bearer of bad news lol…
    It seems NHL has taken a page from the NBA on this one. It’s been a huge marketing success.
    I like these but I’m not a huge fan of a red jersey for a team that is named golden knights. There are already too many teams with red sweaters. If I’m watching a game and seeing a ton of red in the stands I’m not thinking those are golden knights fans. But I do love the alternate logo

    • Mike – guess your one of the smarter ones that read between the lines. Your right too many Red already and associating it with golden is a stretch regardless of the logo. There is no questioning the marketing success it just speaks to how gullible people are. Love the lol – truth trumps fiction every day.

      • J. Bye Don

        Why bring up that idiots name in this thread? He knows absolutely ZERO about the truth.

        • Sherm

          Please tell me you know the word trump has an actual meaning that has no correlation to the guy in the White House….please tell me you’re not that ignorant…

  6. Tim

    Very nice looking sweater.

  7. Monette

    Love it; red is intimidating.

  8. Michael

    Can’t wait for the 5th jersey! Should be any day now…

  9. 3 things here :::::

    Logo is lame I’m sure Vegas and their fans can come up with a better one, Regular stencil numbers and letters are lame I like when a team uniform has a jazzed up look to it. My team is the Philadelphia Flyers and our jerseys are lame also we could use a jersey overhaul. I think the St. Louis Blues from 1988 – 1996 had the best looking jerseys blue note with Red, Yellow, Blue the Brett Hull era.

  10. J. Bye Don

    Why bring up that idiots name in this thread? He knows absolutely ZERO about the truth because he’s a serial liar.

  11. Reggie Noble

    I absolutely LOVE this jersey, been waiting for this red/secondary logo version for years. Thank you to whoever who finally approved this! VGK!

  12. The Color of this jersey is nice, but the Logo should be the Mask

  13. Nikki

    Will we be able to buy these? Love the look

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