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First Look: Golden Knights Winter Classic New Logo And Font

In exactly five months to the day, the Golden Knights will take the ice outdoors at T-Mobile Park in Seattle for the 2024 Winter Classic.

The Stanley Cup Champions will don brand new creme-colored jerseys featuring a new logo. Their opponents, the Seattle Kraken, are expected to wear dark-colored sweaters with a logo riffing off the 1917 Stanley Cup-winning Metropolitans logo.

Thanks to some excellent sleuthing from a source who shall remain unnamed, we have our first look at some of the features from the upcoming Winter Classic jerseys and logos. 

Not only do we see a new “V” logo, but there also appears to be a new font as well. The picture isn’t perfect but it appears to be modeled after the famous Flamingo Hotel font.

It could be a while until we get the official unveil of the jerseys as last year they weren’t shown off until mid-November for the January 1st game. So, for now, just keep zooming further and further in on these blurry photos and let your imagination run wild.


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  1. Hockey nuts


  2. Dean

    Why? Time to stop with new logos, uniforms, etc. everytime you turn around.

    • Anorkii

      It’s the Winter classic with two New age teams they need new logos

    • Dean, no disrespect but I think it’s pretty cool and brings excitement to the game of hockey. It has you giving your opinion on how you feel about all the shirts hats, that represent all different situations and they really all look good on me. Go Knights Go. I will be one to support whatever our great hockey team wants me to represent. And that will always be a Jersey or hat with the Las Vegas Golden Knights representing in many different ways.

      • Rae

        Agreed. Plus, not all of us are crazy about the fanatics brand gear and/or jerseys style-wise, so it’s really fun to look forward to a change in the everyday blah of the VGK jerseys (sorry not sorry, they’re ugly/new age). Plus, these tend to have that throw-back look and it’s great!

  3. THE hockey GOD

    the Giordanos ad makes for a better logo !

    VGK needs to can whoever comes up with this shit, it’s like they are looking at their own vomit after a night at Spearmint Rhino, or peppermint kangeroo in which the ‘team members’ (aka strippers , ATM machine, bar maid, bouncer, and
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    • Joseph Rosso

      This got oddly specific.

      • THE hockey GOD

        it happened to one of my “high roller” acquaintances who lives out in Henderson , no kidding.

        • Friends of Lucifer

          What a day for you dipshit trumpsuckers!

          Jack Smith AGAIN grabbed your favorite fake ass tough guy by the pussy!

          Truly making America great again, you just love to see it.

          • THE hockey GOD

            obvious smokescreen after the devastating day BIDEN had the day before in which his business director Devon Archer spilled the beans and confirmed at least three whistle blowers testimony. We learned Biden was indeed the big guy. We learned Biden lied when he said he didn’t have business deals with his son. We learned more and more about Biden’s lies.

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            Jesse Watters reading through the newest Trump indictment LIVE is pure gold:

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            DANA PERINO: “John Kerry Too.”

            Meanwhile Jack doesn’t have Jack Shit on Trump, it’s all kabuke theater. Trump did nothing wrong, anyone with half a brain knows that this is all politics with the PEdocrat party going after the nominee of GOP party.

            presidential records act says
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          • knights fan in minny

            another angry democrap dreaming again nothing will happen loser

    • It’s Me

      LOL…I am gonna throw money at that VGK Merch same as them strippers!!!!

    • Rob


  4. Vic

    What THG said.

  5. Tsinbin9riptide

    The “M” in atm stands for machine. No need to say it at the end of atm.

    • THE hockey GOD

      ATM machine
      ATM machinge
      ATM machine

      there I said it, three times

      from your dictionary dot clom

      Atm machine Sentence Examples
      atm machine


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      While you’re trying to retrieve it someone will come up to the ATM machine and offer to help you.

      This so-called card cleaner is placed either on top of an ATM machine or along side of the magnetic strip reader.

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      With the fake ATM machine you run your card through a magnetic strip reader and then wait for your cash.

  6. Jailbird

    Teams always come out with something new for the outdoor games!

  7. Walt

    So the fit is new gold “V” logo on an off-white, old looking sweater (like the Pens last season), probably with a dark gray horizontal bar across the chest to make the V pop, and gray pants — maybe with the “Vegas” on the left leg. It’ll be fine. Not revolutionary. Maybe not as good as Seattle’s. But something we’ll all pay $200 for and wear a few times to The Fortress. Stop whining, you whining whiners.

    • Bobby

      An “old” style off-white sweater would be cool. Not sure about that logo though. Like you said, similar to the Pens last year. It’ll sell fast no matter what.

  8. If that is the best they can do better find another source

  9. Jailbird

    What does it matter? The Stanley Cup Champs can wear whatever they want!

  10. Dan Johnson


    You’ve lost control of the comment section!

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