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First 20 Games Isn’t Like Last Season’s Start

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Gerard Gallant doesn’t sugar coat. He hasn’t in the past and he didn’t after the first 20 games of this season. So far, he isn’t impressed with his team’s start.

No not really. I feel we haven’t played as good this year. Last year we were missing some key people and we were treading water a little bit and then we took off at the 20 game mark last year. No, this year I think we haven’t played as well in every game and a little more inconsistent. -Gallant

It’s way, way too early to panic. Vegas’ roster is incredibly talented and the team will have plenty of time to perfect their game before the postseason. However, if we’re calling out poor play, the first quarter of the season left a lot to be desired. Sure, Vegas has four more points through 20 games this season, but there are areas of concern.

↑ Up from last year
↓ Down from last year

VGK 2019-20 First 20 Games: 9-8-3 (21 Points) ↑

55 Goals For ↑/61 Goals Allowed ↓
-5 Goal Differential ↑
9 Games of 2 or less Goals Scored (2-6-1) ↑
5-4-2 in games against Playoff teams ↑
4-4-1 in games against Non Playoff teams ↓
6 Victories by 2 or more goals ↑
6 Losses by 2 or more goals ↑
3-2-3 in one goal games ↓
Longest win streak: 2 ↓
Longest losing steak: 4 ↓

VGK 2018-19 First 20 Games: (8-11-1) 17 Points

50 Goals For/56 Goals Allowed
-6 Goal Differential
12 Games of 2 or less Goals Scored (2-9-1)
(1-8) in games against Playoff teams
(7-3-1) in games against Non Playoff teams
5 Victories by 2 or more goals
9 Losses by 2 or more goals
(3-2-1) in one goal games
Longest win streak: 3 games
Longest losing steak: 3 games

Last season the Golden Knights had 12 games in which they scored 2 or fewer goals, which was a major reason why they struggled out of the gate. To start 2019-20 Vegas has had 9 games in which they couldn’t muster up enough offense. You could make excuses for last season, but when the team adds Mark Stone to the mix it’s hard to comprehend why they’ve scored so little.

Another puzzling area of concern for the Golden Knights is their poor play against inferior opponents. In 2018-19, Vegas mopped up on non-playoff teams early, going 7-3-1 in their first 20 games. This season the Golden Knights are 4-4-1, and realistically their record could be worse. Remember that game in Chicago?

Also, Vegas is 3-2-3 in one-goal games in 2019-20. At first glance, 9 points in 8 games, not bad. Realistically, the coaching staff looks at that record, cringes, and sees six lost points. Overtime losses earn a point but they still count in a losing streak, which the Golden Knights are on a four-game losing streak. The 2018-19 team only lost three in a row in their first 20.

So does Gallant have a reason to be upset with his club’s start? Sure, but we also know how reasonable can be. Will you be shocked when Vegas rattles off 5, 6, 7 wins in row? Gallant won’t be.

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  1. Nedryerson57

    If there IS a post season.

  2. Not Worried

    People need to simmer down on the panic button. When was the last Cup winner to be playing their best hockey in November? How many people care that Calgary and Tampa were the best regular season teams last year? Just get it fixed and get in the playoffs. Doesn’t matter if your 8 seed or 1 seed. Just be healthy and playing your best when the wins/losses actually count

  3. DOC Williams

    Last year: A) – We had the S.C. finals “flu”. B) – Didn’t have #88 for the entire 1st 20 games. C) – Were still on their “honeymoon” with writers & fans etc… This year: A) – Coming off the amazing way we lost game 7 in playoffs B) – Didn’t have #88 for most of the 1st 20 games. C) – Honeymoon forgiveness is OVER. Thus: This year feels much different. Now, writers & fans alike are questioning the decisions & effort put forward by the team, coaches and administration. Confidence is being lost and “standard answers” are now tiresome. With the jam log in the Western Conference right now, playoffs certainly are NOT a given. But also, ripping off 6-7 victory’s in a row, would not be surprising. It may also be needed to get our team BACK!!!!!! Tks, “DOC”

  4. dropping like a rock

    the Knights entire D corps has been outscored by ONE defenseman, John Carlson. The Vgk d corps is poor in their own zone, defending, and also they can’t pass or score worth a damn either.

    Meanwhile, McCrim-phee sit on their hands, doing nothing while their team falls out of playoff contention.

    and zero goals, half-ass effort Eakin gets PROMOTED to the second line for his terrible, awful performance. What kind of message does that send to the other players?? He should be WAIVED, not promoted.

    Gallant should start getting his cab fare ready.

  5. Jake

    I am getting tired of the “these 20 bad games don’t matter” takes. Yet somehow after one 10 game stretch last season we were supposed to believe they were the best team in hockey. What makes that one stretch more representative than any other stretch? Just the fact that the team was good and that’s what we want to believe?

    I am of the kind we should judge the whole body of work. So far they have been less than impressive. They have time to turn it around, but they’re building up a body of work that just says that this is an inconsistent team

  6. schmitty 88

    do the boys need a trade or a players only meeting to shake it up need to play with more urgency

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