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Finding The Good In A Sea Of Bad From Game 1

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last night during my postgame Periscope a question popped into the comments that asked for a positive takeaway from Game 1. In the moment, I really didn’t have an answer. In a 7-1 drubbing that was marred by an entire period of “loser hockey,” nothing jumped off the page as positive from the Golden Knights. But, I went back over some of the numbers, re-watched the 1st period, and listened to Pete DeBoer’s morning press conference, and I’m now ready and able to give a much better answer.

First off, the start of the game was really good for the Golden Knights. Their exits were on point, they were challenging the Avalanche at the blue line, and they made life difficult on MacKinnon and Co. for the first few shifts. Puck management is priority #1 for the Golden Knights in this series and for the first stretch of the game they handled themselves very well.

When you watch the video, the first 10 minutes of that game we were actually okay. I think we had the first two or three scoring chances, we had the first power play, we had a couple opportunities on rushes to create something. -Pete DeBoer

Here are a couple of examples. First, one on a challenged entry that leads to a great exit.

Watch how the Golden Knights dictate the side of the ice the puck carrier must skate into. Then, they quickly get back to the puck, move it around the boards, then up to Max Pacioretty, and Mark Stone’s positioning is perfect for the exit. This is how the Golden Knights play when they are at their best, and just one minute into the game, they were.

Here’s another one.

Vegas is changing behind the play and they execute it perfectly. Watch the wall of players at the blue line as the Avs try to enter. Then, Nick Holden has support from Shea Theodore, and Mattias Janmark has support from Nic Roy. Puck goes in, the Golden Knights go back to get it and clear it right back out with perfect structure.

Moving on, the simple box score will tell you that Nathan MacKinnon, Gabriel Landeskog, and Mikko Rantanen, as well as Cale Makar, were absolutely dominant in Game 1. And they were. The Colorado top line was on the ice for three goals and there were a couple more scored while Makar was out there. Plus, they each posted ridiculous shot, chance, and goal share numbers. But they did not have the same success against every one of the Golden Knights they faced.

While the Colorado top line had their way with the VGK Misfit Line (Karlsson, Marchessault, and Smith), they were not nearly as successful against Stone, Pacioretty, and Stephenson. Alex Tuch and Holden both held their own, and even advanced the game for the Golden Knights against MacKinnon too.

Of course, the Golden Knights remain on the road for Game 2, so they don’t have the ability to dictate matchups as much as they’d prefer, but seeing a group of players have success against the big guys from Colorado certainly gives hope that when the series shifts back to Las Vegas there will be some desired options for DeBoer to choose from.

Lastly, there was some success from the Vegas 4th line before they decided to stop playing hockey and start trying to hurt people.

When the game remained in the balance (the first 30+ minutes), the group of Patrick Brown, Ryan Reaves, and William Carrier were able to control the flow of play while they were on the ice. They wastest a MacKinnon shift on the first shift of the game and then worked their way into a great scoring chance by Patrick Brown on their next shift.

They played a good portion of their time against the Avs line of Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, Alex Newhook, and Sampo Ranta and Vegas got the better of the matchup.

It’s clear the Golden Knights are going to need to get offense from their bottom-six, and while it didn’t come in Game 1, there were enough good moments to feel like it’s at least possible moving forward through the series.

You walk out and you feel poorly about the performance and it’s easy to make a blanket statement and say we were really bad… But it wasn’t all bad, as ridiculous as that sounds, and we’ll look at the things we did well and try and fix some of the things we didn’t. -DeBoer

After digging into it, he’s really not just blowing smoke. Sure, it’s obvious the Golden Knights have to play a whole heck of a lot better if they want to win four of the next six games, but even in a 7-1 butt-kicking, there were some blocks for Vegas to build on.



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    • THE hockey GOD

      their idiotic fans seem to think they are holier than thou, forgetting that they have the evil, dirtiest, most suspended player (that nobody wanted), 8 game suspension

      Nazem Kadri

      • Duckboy

        Here’s the best part

        If you look at Kadri’s hit and graves dirty hit on Janmark there is little difference in the timing and aiming for the head.

        Of course graves won’t see the player safety committee because as so many fools paste here “he was looking at his pass” and “it was a good hit” just a little late that could have injured Janmark permanently.

        Janmark out will doom this team because Our stupid front office has made this team so thin with 13 m in goalie salaries, and 9 mil on useless soft petrangelo.

        Glass is a bust. No one else can come in and replace Janmark to get the bottom 6 scoring ken posts in this article.

        Remember how bad they were missing patches? There’s NO ONE to come in and contribute at an nhl level.

        We should all just hope we don’t get swept at this point.

        Btw next year will also be miserable.
        Probably the next 8 with petrangelo eating up useless cap space.

        The front office and coach should be fired. Only problem is who will take the job? It has to be the worst fo job going forward.

        • Mike StG

          Duck, it’s 6 more years with Petro. Things will get better. If you remember all the complaints the 1st year about Patch. It just took him a year to adjust, plus injuries affected him. Kinda like Covid and injury and a shortened season have affected Petro’s integration with the team.

        • Mike StG

          Duck, it’s 6 more years with Petro, not 8. Things will get better. If you remember all the complaints the 1st year about Patch. It just took him a year to adjust, plus injuries affected him. Kinda like Covid and injury and a shortened season have affected Petro’s integration with the team.

          • Daryl

            So many excuses as to why Petra isn’t performing. It’s getting to be pathetic.

        • Daryl

          Maybe Janmark will learn not to admire his passes!!!

          • Pauly

            You racist pigs are the worst…so glad we are weeding you out!

          • Daryl

            Pauly… Keep trying, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stick around just to laugh at you dumbasses

          • Pauly

            Another pig capped today!

          • Daryl

            Your point? We just arrested a couple more of your trash today. I see you are one of those internet warriors who likes to talk trash but we will never see out on the street taking that fake trash

        • THE hockey GOD

          i hear ya duckboy
          I wouldn’t put too much of this on coach, maybe 10% and balance on FO

          “What moves are there to make?”

          they can trade their draft picks and prospects for established players below the CAP space. Which won’t gain much because they are stuck and any player worthwhile will have a very high price tag.

          They can buy out the player.

          They can trade the player and have someone pick up a portion or all of their salary.

          They can miss the playoffs next year, or year after, and toss the player to a team that can use the “experienced” player. Hopefully, they will pick up some of the salary.

          The outlook isn’t so bleak.

          Now take a look at HABS and what their no. 14 has done in playoffs this year, they let the wrong no. 1 go. Then again I am not so sure the HABS wanted Glass in first place.

      • knights fan in minny

        love it hg

      • Ken

        C’mon snowflake I dont like What Kadridid either, try again

      • Theresa soles

        The Knights fans are NOT IDIOTS. By your post( sitting on the sidelines because of YOUR idiocy on ice) , I see who
        the REAL idiot is….sitting in the suspension box tweeting GARBAGE!!!

        • THE hockey GOD

          @theresa soles

          I did not call the knights fans idiots, my reference was a link to COLORADO fan base and I am not a snowflake. I am opposite of a snowflake I am the IcEBERG of HOCKEY ! THe largest iceberg ever !

  1. Ellen

    Ken, your comments and assessment are always so well thought, thank you.

  2. Pauly

    Nothing good…lehner, PDB, Reeves…

    VGK brand destroyed by goonish hockey…all on PDB…FO focused on garbage indoor football and over spending…

    • knights fan in minny

      mr bitter speaks again go apply for the knights gm job

      • Pauly

        You ignorant fake fans are hilarious

        • knights fan in minny

          how are they fake because they dont agree with you

        • Theresa soles

          Wow. Paul, I sense a bit of Knights HOSTILITY here….what’s the matter—- did you lose too many bets in Vegas?? Or was it the bad food at the buffet that made you so NASTY???

          • THE hockey GOD

            frustration I think applies, it is easy to get frustrated in hockey.

            Once , in Boston, while shopping I think it was on a Monday morning. This lady came up to me. “Isn’t it terrible”, I didn’t say a word. “I AM SO UPSET”.
            I said what’s the problem lady ? And she was crying and moaning. “The bruins lost yesterday , they are out of playoffs”. She was really upset. I said” Sorry I am not a Bruins fan”.

            PS well I liked the bruins when they had Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito when they beat the Flyers. But since then , not much of fan.

      • Duckboy

        Who wants it? It will be terrible for the next 8 years

        • knights fan in minny

          are you and pauly bitter brothers

          • Duckboy

            I am not bitter

            I think how bad the gm situation is and how far from a cup should be obvious now.

            Front office acts like we are one player from a cup. Now we are saddled with a load of overpaid players. 4 years ago we had a clean slate and no cap issues.

            We have NO ONE in our system to move up and play nhl. It’s obvious from this year.

            What moves are there to make?

            No one is taking patches beside we have no one to replace him if that isn’t obvious from this year. 7m

            Lehner I don’t have to talk about 5m

            Fleury one more year at 7.5m lehner is no replacement. No goalie in the org to
            Move up clearly. He probably signs with Colorado to win more after this year.

            Petro 9 mil with a no trade for 8 years. I mean that’s the worst deal. He is waaaaaaaay overrated.

            Rest of the players are either cheap as a chips or like on 5m reasonable contracts that we won’t get much for.

            I mean we are going to find out about how loyal the fan base really is after this year. FO has burned all the fan trust capital. I mean it’s tough to follow this team with the fo on a different planet. Wish they had lost to mn now so we could have restarted.

            McPhee did a great job expansion draft, but maybe you can see why Washington didn’t win on his watch.

            mckrimmon is horrible .

            Going to suffer for the next few years as we are no where near the cup. No where.

          • Pauly

            Duck cat 100% correct…the rest of you are in the “Fleury is soooooo cute” club, and think the guy who sings the National anthem at Fortress and the plastic made in china flamingos are the key…VGK fan base really is the dumbest in hockey, possibly all of professional sports…this team is on the downswing and will be like the Kings and Ducks soon

        • Mike StG

          Ducky and Pauly, sounds like the both of you should probably find another team to root for. Try the Sabres. They have a very knowledgeable and experienced fan base. Your asinine, condescending insults to the Vegas fan base and ignorant comments reveal you to be what you claim the rest of us to be. You’re probably teenagers or Gen-Xers who can’t be happy without the “immediate gratification” of a Cup in 3 or 4 years from existence. Many of us have been hockey fans for decades, myself since the 70’s, and don’t appreciate your insults. So, you are welcome to take your “opinions” elsewhere and fuck off outta here, punks. Have a nice day, jackoffs! Go Sabres!! 🙂

          • Pauly

            How embarrassing you are…probably have a small dog named Flower with a knitted sweater and a plastic flamingo in your trailer patch of dirt yard

            Your post show total ignorance of hockey…

          • knights fan in minny

            well said MIKE STG they should get a room together

          • Mike StG

            Pauly, GFY ignorant punk. We don’t need dumbasses like you polluting the Comments on this site. And FYI, I have a cat named Panda who loves catching mice out in the field behind my trailer. Entitled twat.

          • Pauly

            Of course you do…you old fart losers dont get it…luckiky you are being replaced…your demographic will be gone soon…FU you old fat crank

          • Daryl

            Mike… Just think, these are the pathetic ones that will be leading our country one day. VGK might be on the downhill slide but so is our country thanks to ppl like this

            These are the same type of dumbasses who were protesting today of all days. Let’s just say I enjoyed taking 5 of them to jail

          • Duckboy

            I insulted no one just gave some opinions on the FO and the stark reality of some of our contract situations. so please take back your request to f off and to shut up.

            I have been watching hockey for a LOOONG time too. We had the golden ticket so to speak. Some good decisions were made including resigning karlsson, marchessault, theodore and tuch to decent contracts and acquiring stone. Trading Gusev for a 3rd rounder LOL!

            But now i think we are in for some tough time because of some very foolish decisions. Funny thing is they got rid of gallant because he didn’t tow the FO line. Maybe he was right to not tow their line.

            The ones I mention above are long term damage (other then fleury who only has 1 more year but overpaid and sorry if i am getting petros term wrong), plus the inability to see we need centers (rolling the dice on glass who was coming off knee recon).

            I mean I hate to say it… did mcPhee build the Vegas Capitals here?

            Maybe we pull off a comeback and win it all. It wont change whats coming with some of these player contracts and decisions. It might be worth it though.

          • Daryl

            Listen to these two!!!! They come out of nowhere and act like they’ve been around forever and no so much. They should like the same person or at least related to on another. I’ve seen some Bruins fans like this, they give the team and other Bruins fans a bad name

    • knights fan in minny

      one game destroys a franchise you need to go out and get some air bitter pauly

  3. We’re still gonna win it all #21ISGOLDEN, it’s Vegas, it’s our year!

  4. Jim

    Its clear Karlsson & Riley Smith aren’t playing anywhere near the level of the past seasons. If we get knocked off this round, its time to send those 2 players for Jack Eichel. At least marchessault is skating hard.

  5. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    Feed off,

    The anger,

    From game one!

  6. Vic

    Only was game 1. The agony of looking back at the NHL Draft 2017…..CO gets Bobby Orr Makar with #4, we drop to #6 to get someone who can hardly get a shot on goal. Then we are treated to our #13 pick Suzuki scoring OT goals while quickly becoming the best player on MTL. It’s all water under the bridge, and that’s life. And now a bit of irritation….Has anyone taken another look at the Wilson/Panarin assault and compared it to Reaves/Graves? Did the punishment fits the crimes? Discuss.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yes i commented on it when it first came out, when everyone here was ignoring it and putting up fluff stories. Disgusted by it, led to firing of two top NHL management people. The punishment fell far far far short of the crime. I think that is consensus.

  7. Howard

    Don’t want to take a look, both Wilson and Reaves are thugs. At least Wilson has some talent. Reaves is as useless as rubber sandpaper. As far as I’m concerned, suspending Reaves for rest of season helps us.

    VGK will likely lose this series – would like to see them win 2 games at least though and maybe more if they decided to check their egos at the door, because they’re playing a team that’s better than they are in the transition game. VGK has one advantage and need to use it – SIZE and physicality = slow down the game to the point it looks ‘boring.’

    AVS were the best team last year, but missing half their team doomed them in the bubble. This year, they are mostly healthy.

    Bolts may be able to handle them, hard to say. Winnipeg is a true dark horse team, they’re ‘heavy.’ If Boston gets scoring depth, they’re tough as well.

    An honest look at VGK basically tells me our 2nd line is more suited to be a 3rd line. If this front office had the discipline to spend wisely after year one, we would be ok for years to come.

    I honestly think because we play in such a poor division (it will get worse next year under the natural alignment), that we will probably make playoffs for the next 2 years, then head down to being a bad team for years to come, again because this FO mismanaged its funds.

    • Bent Hermit

      OH NO!!!! You better watch out with those honest looks at the 2nd line, mister. Don’t you know a lot of the fans don’t want to hear that kind of talk.

    • Mike StG

      Howard, the numbers don’t really support that claim of front office spending unwisely (except maybe Petro ends up being an exception to that – TBD). Here are comparisons between Avs & Vegas salaries, which look pretty similar.

      L1: Avs 21.2M – VGK 19.3M
      L2: 14.4 – 15.9
      Bottom 6: 13.6 – 12.2
      Total: Avs 48.2M – VGK 47.4M

      Top 4: Avs 16.0M – VGK 20.5M
      3rd pair: 4.1 – 1.6
      Total: Avs 20.1M – VGK 22.1M

      The only reason Avs are below the cap is LTIR of $8M (Johnson & Francouz). Overall the contracts in place are pretty consistent between the two teams. The main difference being that the Avs drafted & developed their elite players and VGK acquired via trades and free agency.

      Other facts:
      – Avs top line consists of #1, #2 and #10 overall picks (between 2011 – 2015). So, they were lottery teams those 4 prior years, meaning they were crap teams.
      – Makar was 2018 #4 overall pick, a result of the 48 pt Avs season (2016-17). His cap hit is only $900K, and there is already talk of him as a Norris finalist.
      – Avs highest paid player is Rantanen at 9.3M. VGK’s highest paid is Stone at 9.5M.
      – There are 5 Avs forwards making $3.5 – $6M. Vegas has 4 forwards in that range.

      It’s hard to compare the path of COL and VGK. COL had the benefit of many years of high draft picks. Vegas has had 3 drafts, with their highest pick at #6. They did have the 2017 expansion draft but the majority of players worth taking were on expiring contracts. So coming off the Year 1 success it came down to either re-signing several players in their early 30s to medium-long term deals or letting them go UFA and replacing them with younger and/or better players. Considering their record to date it’s hard to fault all or even most of their decisions. The goalie situation is a lengthy discussion by itself, so not addressed here.

      Have to give credit also to Sakic for making some great trades & acquisitions in filling out the roster – Nichuskin, Donskoi, Saad, Burakovsky and especially Toews.

      With a 2nd round exit in sight, it seems likely there will be some significant roster changes next year. Hopefully that will include some prospects – Krebs, Dugan, maybe Glass if he can up his game & skating ability.

      • Howard

        Mike StG – name one NHL that didn’t go backwards in the last 15 years after doling out long term huge contract to a DMAN, go..

        This isn’t a comparison between how AVS spend and Vegas. It’s strictly about VGK hamstringing themselves spending very unwisely on players they WANTED, but not players THEY NEEDED.

        Front office here lacked the discipline to say NO. NO to an aging DMAN who was asking for way too much money. Blues correctly said no.

        NO to a well-known headcase goalie who has never been the sole #1 anywhere where he was high quality.

        VGK could have spent far less on a good back up.
        VGK gave Holden too much money.
        VGK could have added Center depth either via FA or trade, but it takes some decent intelligence to do so.

        The key to winning a cup isn’t your toplines, it’s bottom line depth.

        As well as Stephenson has been, he’s not a true top 2 center, neither is Karlsson, but if VGK looked for depth there, they could have been able to swap pieces when needed.

        VGK could have said NO to the MAX trade, been patient, built team. Instead, because they had a whiff of the Cup, they lost discipline and became like a 12 year kid with Daddy’s credit card — a common problem in The Western World – INSTANT GRATIFICATION WANTING instead of long term patience, building something.

        • Bent Hermit

          It’s going to be interesting to watch how the Kraken build a team in the coming years. I was always in the camp of build through the draft and signing a few key veteran players through FA to help lead the young guys.

        • Mike StG

          Howard, I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. But the point I was making (not including the goalie sitch) is that Vegas hasn’t really overpaid. I can understand the desire to go for the cup when they got that close in Year 1. The problem was partly that to keep the team together they would’ve had to sign some undesirable contracts with term. There’s no way anyone could reasonably expect that same group to repeat their performance, fueled in large part by a chip on their shoulders. So, in effect what you’re saying is that when they didn’t win in Year 1, they should’ve broken the team down and started rebuilding. Don’t think that’s what the Owner had in mind, and it’s his team.

          I think to characterize a 30 yr old elite Dman as aging is a little hyperbolic. I prefer to see how Petro does next season before passing judgment. The other thing that should be considered is Vegas has the #1 defense in the league, and it would be unfair to say they accomplished that in spite of him and not at least partly due to his contributions. That said, I did tell you in previous posts that we may have been better off keeping Nate, especially if they could’ve foreseen Toews being available.

          And I don’t understand the complaints about Max. It’s not easy landing a sniper like him. He’s 10 times the player Hoffman is and he was making 6mil. Max scored 22g in 66, 32g in 71, 24g in 48. He was almost a PPG player last year, and over that this year. What more do you want?

          I think if they had held on to Nate, not signed Lehner, kept Stastny, used some of the cap to strengthen the middle, and then acquired Toews midseason (instead of his going to the Avs), that things would be a lot different right now. They put too much hope in Glass, and when he didn’t pan out they were left holding their wee-wees. And now here we are…

          • DC

            Agree, Mike. It seems our problem last season playoffs was scoring, not D. Yet we went after a marquee high-priced D-man.

  8. knights fan in minny

    pauly the punk you need a rubber room

  9. Julie

    Looks like Reaves got a two-game suspension.

    • Daryl

      Which is a joke… Should have been the entire series. He’s a repeat offender and what he did was a deliberate attempt to injure.

      Was really hoping he would be gone so we could get an actual hockey play in there

      • Julie

        I thought the face-push into the goal post last game was bad, but after seeing the video today of the Graves incident, it’s like he doesn’t think. And he doesn’t seem to mind being ejected or suspended. That is thug mentality and is a liability to the team’s success when it hurts more than it helps. Two games suspended, did he deserve more? Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle?

      • Mike StG

        Daryl, agree. Wish it would have been for rest of the playoffs, to take him off the table as an option. Against this Avs team he is a total liability. Vegas would probably be best off adding some speed and skill to L4 (and maybe L3 too, depending on Janmark’s status). Which two forwards would you insert into Game 2 lineup (assuming Janmark can’t go)?

        • Daryl

          I’d rather have Kolesar over Reaves but not sure on the other. Like you said, someone with speed. We don’t need more strength

          • knights fan in minny

            whats the word on nosek anyone know

          • No word recently.

          • Daryl

            He would be good

          • Pauly

            What a pathetic loser you are! No wonder you and your types are hated – defund!

          • Daryl

            Do you really think police care about being defunded? No more responding to suicidal subjects, or verbal domestics, mental issues, or parents who can’t control their kids, or disputes, or overdoses…. Go ahead and cut my call volume by 3/4th.

            We’ve already seen how it works in places where they tried to do away with the police… Citizens came crawling back.

          • Pauly

            You are the bad guys…good to see folks getting even

          • Daryl

            I love being the bad guys… Especially to you entitled little bitches.

            Shouldn’t you be taking a knee with CK, protesting the NFL and watching NBA? I’m surprised you even know what hockey is, figure it would be too white for you

          • Pauly

            This is why people root for, and then laugh, when you types buy it on duty…you are a racist brown shirt coward hiding behind a fake badge

          • Daryl

            What exact is my type? When have I said anything racist? And I don’t hide behind shit. It’s bitches like yourself who try to claim you would do this and that if it was t for the badge and gun yet you hide and keep your mouth shut when you see us at the mall out of uniform

        • Duckboy

          there’s no one to bring in. that’s my point above.

          • Mike StG

            Ducky, the main reason for that is that Vegas has only had 3 drafts and one pick in the top 10 during that period. If they sucked all 3 years we’d probably have some good prospects. We might’ve landed Jack Hughes or LaFreniere, or Quinn Hughes, or Adam Fox. So, would you rather have gone to the playoffs all 3 years and have a mediocre prospects pool, or have been basement dwellers for 3 years with some good prospects? It’s impossible to have both…

  10. Ken

    Honestly if Reaves had gotten more than two games he probably would of pulled out the R card these days

    • Duckboy

      really? is this KEN BOEHLKE? Wow. Seeing as your job is to keep people engaged and looking at your site this is a stupid post. Or are you basing this off your inside contacts?

      Was wondering why all the racist stuff on these posts was tolerated. Now i know why.

      Fish stinks from the head down.

      • Daryl

        If you’ve been on this site for more than a day you would know this isn’t that Ken. You are just another little punk who thinks he knows more than he does. You and your boy toy Reaves can to a knee together

        • Duckboy

          Ahh reply from de furher!

          Arrest any innocents today to give yourself some self esteem?

          • Daryl

            Nope, but I did arrest 5 POS who think they can block traffic. My Sheriff doesn’t play. Come down here so you can get arrested also

          • Duckboy

            were you wearing your white hood or brave enough to show your face?

          • Pauly

            This Daryl pig is just another gang member – with a bogus badge…no wonder people root for these murderers to buy it while on duty…

          • Daryl

            Bring it…. And no I don’t cover my face. I live all these oussy protestor who run their mouths but cry like babies when others aren’t around. So glad my Sheriff doesn’t put up with you little bitches

          • Daryl

            Go take a knee with the racist Reaves….

          • Julie

            Duckboy/Pauly – when you both stick to hockey, I think you make valid points. Not that you care what I think. But this racist pig stuff – why? Because Daryl doesn’t agree with your take on the Chauvin/Floyd case? No one here knows anyone’s skin color or experience to judge their perspective. Mark is the one who injected Chauvin into the conversation and it was a poor comparison to the Reaves fiasco. It’s best to leave this stuff out and just debate ideas about hockey. Otherwise, we never get a break from all of the chaos around us.

            If you believe Chauvin intentionally murdered Floyd because he was black, go ahead. I can tell you from personal experience of losing a sibling to a real racist, that Daryl has said nothing ever to remotely indicate he believes one race is superior to another in any way (not that he needs me to defend him). Simply being in law enforcement does not make someone a racist pig. No more than being a poster on a hockey site.

            Of course, you can ignore me or call me whatever. But I am hoping we can just focus on hockey. The way it’s going, we may not have that for much longer this season.

      • Julie

        I believe it’s a different Ken. Ken B’s post have an icon showing he is a site admin.

      • Duckboy

        First sorry for your loss.
        Your post made me think.
        You are right Daryl said nothing overtly racist. I went too far with my comments probably. Of course all police aren’t racist pigs and it isn’t my insinuation here. I don’t want defund anything.
        However, this comment from the other thread is unacceptable “In the end a POS is dead and the world is better off. ” This comment should be unacceptable to everyone. I think its incumbent on all of us to respond to anyone who would say something like this. It something a sociopath would say and the path to dehumanizing people.
        So you can see the reasoning behind some assumptions I am making with some of my comments, but it doesn’t make me correct.
        Now I understand this is the internet, but if Daryl really is a police officer as he seems to claim wouldn’t this comment make it even worse?
        Maybe Daryl is a 400 pound person in their mothers basement or a troll in russia, but shouldn’t we all demand a better standard from everyone especially the police?
        So just wanted to post this close this off and back to hockey.
        Thanks for your post.

        • Daryl

          Say what you want. Floyd held a pregnant woman against her will with a deadly weapon. He is a career criminal. No, I have no use for someone like that and this world is better off without this type of person in it. If it was just drugs that’s a differnt story but he physically assaults others. As you stated, I never said one thing about race or that was racist. Of the 10 people arrested in the past 2 days 7 of them were white. I have never used excess force on anyone, shot anyone, or treated anyone disrespectful… Unlike the people I have to deal with.

          • Pauly

            Turns out this loser isn’t a real cop, I learned!

          • Daryl

            Lol… Did you now Pauly? I wonder how you did that. Turns out thumis Pauly subject is a real loser, as I just learned… Which is also what I thought.

          • Daryl

            Pauly… I see you applaud when a cop dies yet you aren’t man enough to do it yourself. Just another internet oussy who runs his mouth behind a computer

      • Jinklu

        Duckboy you called it right on.

  11. Julie

    Mason Primeau got a 3 yr entry level contract today per K McC. Good thing he’s a forward because Vegas falling backward. Wonder if we will see him Wednesday especially if Janmark is out.

    • Howard

      Julie – we may possibly see him. Basically, a frozen yogurt is better than Reaves so…

      • Mike StG

        Howard, I know this is fantasy and they’d never play someone who hadn’t at least played one NHL game, but I’d kinda like to see Dugan or Dorofeyev if Janmark can’t go. They’re both LW and could take his spot. Time to have some fun. They’re not likely to make it to the semifinal anyway. Take a f**king chance! 🙂

      • Julie

        Howard, did you see Montreal won, going to round 2. I think you called that one. I thought Toronto would win, but I was wrong. Should be interesting to see Winnipeg and Montreal.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Julie, hasn’t shown much to date, I doubt very much if we see him this year or next.

  12. Ken

    lighten up francis,

  13. Graves’ hit was dangerous. Janmark was tied up with another player. Graves should have been ejected and his penalty reviewed by the league. 2 minutes is pathetic. VGK need to get hungry and take their play to the next level or this round 2 competition is over.

    • Daryl

      Did you actually watch the hit? Graves wasn’t tied up with anyone. He made a pass and tur Ed toward the hit but instead of looking at the hot coming he watched his pass. Bad hit yes. Late hit yes. Dirty not at all

      • Hi Daryl – a lot of batter about the Graves hit for sure just my observation and opinion was it necessary given janmark had already got rid of the puck – given the timing was it intentional- only Graves knows the answer. Like you said bad hit, late hit – could be considered dirty if intentional so none of us really know. Dangerous and unfortunate for sure. I was a little surprised PDB referred to it as a dirty hit however . HERE’S TO A BETTER GAME 2

        • Daryl

          I agree and the only chance VGK has is if they put everything that happened in game 1 behind them and come out and play hockey

        • Julie

          HD, I just saw a tweet about Sunday’s game:

          “The Golden Knights let the Avalanche tire themselves out and score all their goals in Game 1. Bold strategy.”

          • Julie = I know you really didn’t mean that but it was good for a smile or two. Take that a step further I guess Vegas wore themselves out in game 7 scoring 6 goals = gues you could say they are now on even footing.LOL

      • DC

        Daryl, I don’t mean to pull rank here, but I am a level 4 CEP hockey coach. USA hockey is clear about it’s hitting rules when two players are engaged in challenging for the puck. “Any body check delivered by a skater to an opponent who is physically engaged with another skater is considered dangerous, careless or reckless (unacceptable).” Janmark knew Nemeth (#24) was challenging him for the puck and Nemeth had his stick on Nemeth before contact. A hit from Graves was unanticipated by Janmark because of his involvement with Nemeth and therefore unacceptable. If there had been no injury to Janmark, 2 minutes would have been appropriate. But because the hit was inappropriate and took Janmark out of the game, there should have been greater consequences. Reckless by Graves.

        • THE hockey GOD

          agree DC, I tried to post a link of the hit here in which the “expect analysis’ said just about the same thing that you said.

          But for some reason outside links are not accepted on this forum.

        • Daryl

          2 things…. One you are talking about USA hockey rules which stand exactly the same as NHL rules. 2 and most importantly, IMO, Janmark was not engaged with any player. Janmark had already passed the puck and even turned around and watched d sheets the puck was going. If he was looking up and not watching his pass he would haha seen the hit coming.

          As I’ve said multiple times on here, if the hit was from behind I would agree with everyone on a major penalty. The fact that Janmark turned and look exactly where the hit was coming from negates the 5 and I agree with the 2.

          • Daryl

            Sry,…. He turned and watched where the puck was going. Janmark look straight at the direction Graves was coming from. That is why I say I agree with the 2min penalty.

  14. Julie

    Fleury a Vezina finalist! Nice!

    • George

      AVS worst game in months and they are going into overtime with VGK. That should tell you something

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