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Film Breakdown: VGK’s Dominance When The Opposing Team Pulls Their Goalie

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

This season the Golden Knights boast one of the best penalty-killing units in the NHL. That’s a stat that’s highlighted every single night. “Killing” against the empty-net is not thrust into the spotlight nearly as much, but it’s a place the Golden Knights are equally as good.

It starts with having great personnel to get the job done, which the Golden Knights do. They have used 13 players for more than four minutes in 5-on-6 situations. They are also committed to blocking shots and exiting the zone rather than hunting the empty net goals. Beyond all that, they are structurally excellent, which I break down here…







  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    Would VGK trade Flurey to get what we need elsewhere? Maybe. (right now Logan looking real good)

    I see the point being made that we need some “elite” players to surround Tuch. If we can improve, meaningful there, then great. (but can we with cap situation).

    My continued concern: We are not near physical enough around our goal. Opposing players rush our net, camp out with impunity, and don’t pay a price. (I see this as a major problem come playoff/cup time).

  2. Tim

    Tonight will be interesting to see how Lehner plays and it will be more interesting to see how Fleury plays in the second Wild game. There may be a lot on the line for management and Fleury in his next game. Were getting close to that April 12th deadline. My thought is I love Fleury but if we can get that center to put us over the top we may have to do it and please no Taylor Hall he’s got loser written all over him.

  3. goalie trade

    Stephenson got a 3 game suspension. That is outrageous. He has never been in trouble before, the LA player was NOT seriously hurt, and yet they are treating Stephenson as if he is Tom Wilson. one game would be the max in his situation. MacKinnon got just a fine for manhandling little Garland, and then throwing his helmet into his face full force.

    Knights are in deep doo doo now at center.

    • McDavid just got fined also $5000.00 for a similar incident. 3 game suspension is just plain BS. To all the “fans” on Fleury being traded dream on. The Walrus hasn’t proven he is the answer Vegas thought they were getting. He has missed more games than he’s played.

  4. jinklu

    Here We Go Again

    The Know Nothings are singing the same old song: “trade Fleury.” Trading a Hall of Fame goalie just before the playoffs makes sense to them. They apparently have forgotten where VGK would be in the standings if they had not had Fleury in goal thus far in the season. Simply put VGK would most probably be bottom dwellers in the West if not in the league as well.

    • If the Golden Knights didn’t have Fleury they be… In the exact same place as they currently are… 2nd place.

      • Ken in all do respect not sure you have any proof to back up that statement. If so please produce it.

        • Vegas Baby

          Preach, HD. We do have proof of being in 1st place with Fleury.

          • Baby read what Ken posted – If the Golden Knights didn’t have Fleury they be… In the exact same place as they currently are… 2nd place. Basically stating whether we had Fleury or not we would be where we are. I simply asked he back up that statement which of course he can’t. Being in first with Fleury yes without him he can’t back up the statement.

          • I wrote an entire story about it.

            The stats used are WAY too liberal too. I honestly believe without Fleury they would be about 3 to 4 points worse. (mainly based on Hockey Reference point shares and a belief that whoever was the backup would have improved with more games. Like Max Lagace did).


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