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Film Breakdown: Nathan MacKinnon’s “Office” At The Blue Line

Nathan MacKinnon is a superstar in the NHL and the Golden Knights must always be aware of him on the ice. An uncommon wrinkle to his game is something Vegas must be especially keen of.

In this film breakdown, I take a look at exactly how the Avalanche get MacKinnon to a dangerous place on the ice with the puck and how difficult it is to defend.


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  1. It is very simple… If the VGK allow point blank shots from the middle of the ice like they did against Minnesota they will get beat. They got away with it because Fleury was amazing, but that is flirting with disaster. Keep them out of the middle and don’t over commit too many to one side and Colorado is definitely beatable… They are way more top heavy than VGK, and with Patch back our 3rd line with Janmark, Tuch, and Roy should be productive against anyone… If VGK stays healthy enough to keep our top 3 lines in tact, we should win this series easier than the last.

    • VGKNinjaMan

      Agreed. I also feel as if the Avs sweeping a wilting ,lackluster, leading scorer less STL, resting as they have, seeing VGK “stumble” to a 7th game do or die against a lesser?!?? team than them and hearing so so often how McKinnon is one of, if not THE greatest player currently, as well as winning the Presidents Trophy…Some of all of these things to me create a situation where their propensity to become frustrated will be very great. I’d even go so far to say that if we steal 1/2 in COL then it’ll be done in 6. We start 0-2 and it’s VGK in 7. Tss up if it goes 7 but I say advantage VGK because they just went 7, fought some great fights , and no matter how bad Vegas does in any onegame (or period even) they are superb at erasing thAt from their minds and relegating this current game or period to the forefront of their minds, Avs not so much.(think them mentioning last year’s PO’s and this reg seasons head to head matchups/records so often recently) if your like me and stalk the opponents papers and sites youl ‘ll know what I mean here)

  2. Carl


  3. THE hockey GOD

    the colorado CAPTAIN is the key to this team, he’s their best ALL AROUND player. Highly skilled offensively and a beast on defense. The VGK must contain both Mac and the captain.

  4. tomb

    Avs fan here. Ken was on the DNVR podcast and he really impressed me.

    I wish you guys luck, but not that much. Too bad we have to meet in the second round when teams like Winnipeg will still be playing.

    I said AVS in five, but if Vegas can steal any of the first two games here in Colorado, all bets are off.

    The best series of the playoffs starts tonight.

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