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Film Breakdown: Mark Stone’s Winning Plays On Power Play

The captain of the Golden Knights is known for so much more than his ability to put the puck in the net.

In today’s film breakdown, we look at his impact on a 3rd period power play. He didn’t even record a point on the eventual game-tying goal, but his contributions were priceless.



Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 11 – December 14th, 2022


Vegas Continues To Topple Quality Opponents On The Road


  1. Canada

    Stone played above his normal game Stevie was good back on Center .Makes you wonder if Foley should Fly Stones mom and dad to Vegas for home games . The power play was effective. Who other than Marshy realize that motion on the pp and one timers shots score 68.4520% more often . Final comment who can explain Rois line as to why they continually fumble and struggle on break outs . Asking for a friend .

  2. TS

    Stone is such a smooth operator. His play seems effortless. When you think he is behind, he glides right into the action to make the perfect pass for a goal shot. He makes great, measured moves to set up a play, never seemingl to rush or make hasty decisions. Every move he makes is calculated to score goals. The steady playmaker. Just love his steady play and leadership.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    At the time of his retirement, Howe had an NHL career record of 1,850 points (broken in 1989 by Wayne Gretzky) and 801 goals (broken in 1994 by Gretzky). Howe’s total professional career record stood at 975 goals and 1,383 assists (1,049 in the NHL).

    Gretzky’s 1,072 professional goals factor in his goals from the NHL regular season, the NHL playoffs, the WHA regular season, and the WHA playoffs. With nobody in striking distance of Wayne’s NHL regular season record of 894 goals, topping 1,072 in a career will also be a tough feat to accomplish.

    the dirty Russian will not make it

  4. Tim

    Let’s see Whitecloud IR, Eichel IR, Petro I hope for the best but if it was his father or mother he would visit but not keep him out long. You would have to think that something has happened to him, his wife, or god forbid one of his children hopefully I’m wrong. Last year so many posters didn’t want us to put the petal to the metal you’ll burn the team out. Of coarse anyone with half a brain would want to build up your points in case you hit the injury bug. Well low and behold the injury bug has hit but by our great start we may avert disaster. Let’s beat Chicago tonight and come home for a 4 game home stand and please don’t tell me after a road trip you can’t get it going. That comment is as stupid as the lets don’t win to much and burnout to early.

  5. Jailbird

    Yes, need to beat a team we should tonight. Also must say, stats prove out first game back home after road are not always successful. Get em tonight boys!

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