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Film Breakdown: Early Gaps Crucial For Golden Knights vs. Colorado

The Golden Knights turned things around from Game 1 to Game 2 defensively. One of the main reasons for the difference was the way they were attacking the Avs speed through the neutral zone.

In today’s film breakdown, we look at the importance of gap control, and especially early gaps, against the Colorado Avalanche.



Golden Knights In Much Better Place Than Previous Two Game Deficits


Blocked Shots Key To Series Turnaround


  1. Daryl

    Basically, VGK needs to continue what they did in game 2 and capitalize on the opportunities that they get. VGK had their chances and I think they will get their chances in game 3 as well. Again, it’s about capitalizing on those chances.

    I think VGK wins one of the next two games. Hopefully some of those posts will stretch out slightly so some of those shots find the back of the net

  2. Gap control analysis is spot on. Even the game announcers mentioned this one during the last game.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    26, 89, 3 likely out. 75 suspended, and half roster full of AHLers ??

    this team appears to be on a path of post season implosion.

    Regardless they need to play game of a lifetime.

    • 75 no loss – the longer the better- that said it may be over sooner than any of us would like. What’s up with 89 ?

      • THE hockey GOD

        game time decision, he was not on ice today, Glass was skating in his spot. I personally think he tweaked something in last game. He had several tremendous shifts in a row. Then he sat for some reason. Announcers missed it, but I could swear he either was short shifted, and I didn’t see him on the late power play either. Could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that is what I saw.

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