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Film Breakdown: Details Of Dominant 2nd Period Of Game 3

The Golden Knights needed one heck of a response to get into Game 3 and boy did they deliver it in the 2nd period. From down 2-0 (could have been 3-0), the Golden Knights stormed back to score three 2nd period goals and five unanswered.

The keys to the turning of the tide was in the details, which I point out in this episode of film breakdown.


Wild Continue To Give Life To Opportunistic Golden Knights




  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    To the boys tonight:

    Don’t wait until you score a goal, to turn on the jets.

    You need to be flying from the first puck drop.

    We have a chance to take a strangle hold on the series.

    Go get it. Just do it!

  2. Peter Turner

    Same deal here guys. Don’t try to fast start or slow start. Adjust the speed of the game depending on the situation. Every game is different. What is important is that we control the tempo of the game. If each period is a movement in a classical music piece, we must be the conductor and control every single note.

    1. Pay attention to detail on where your opponents are and what they are up to.
    2. Play recognition and situational awareness must be top priority
    3. Don’t get distracted by their dirty schemes. They are desperate, they will play dirty tricks like start a fight or make a slash when the ref doesn’t see it expecting you to retaliate and get the penalty. Don’t fall for it.
    4. Discipline must be maintained. Avoid penalties. This goes without saying. Our worst enemy can sometimes be ourselves.
    5. Communicate with your line mates often.
    6. Don’t block the goalie’s view
    7. Don’t let them stand in front of the goalie
    8. Be strong on the puck. Stick on ice. Don’t give up if you lose possession. Get after it.
    9. Be Gretzky like in anticipating the puck
    10. Short memory if you get scored on. Treat every shift like it is a new game.
    11. Rush to the net. Good things happen when you stand in front of their net.
    12. Last but most importantly. Have fun. Relax and don’t grip your stick too tight. It’s just a game.

    Go Knights Go!

    p.s. don’t forget to sniff the smelling salts!

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