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Film Breakdown: Denying Pass At Blue Line On Penalty Kill

Since Pete DeBoer took over as head coach of the Golden Knights, one aspect of the game they’ve been consistently excellent at is penalty killing.

In today’s film breakdown, we show how VGK’s commitment to taking away a single pass on the penalty kill limits the amount of space the Golden Knights must defend, neutralizes one player on the opposing power play, and leads to VGK having one of the strongest penalty kills in the league.


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  1. sb

    Since the day of the MAF trade, the writers of this blog have been insinuating that the Team is losing it’s fanbase. This is just one of a number of insinuations these writers have made to damage the reputations of the Team, the Owner and the GM’s. I believe the best way to gauge the fanbase is by examining stadium paid attendance. According to the NHL, in 2021, the VGK’s are ranked Number 1 in home stadium attendance, sold out with standing room only. Attendance is 104.1% of capacity at T-Mobile Arena. Further, the NHL ranks the VGK’s Number 1 in combined home and away stadium attendance at 99% of stadium capacity. According to this measurement, the fanbase is just as strong as it has ever been.
    I understand that the writers of this blog have deep, personal feelings for MAF. But as journalist, they also have a responsibility to tell the truth and not fabricate and misrepresent the truth. I believe they are engaged in deliberately attempting to harm the interests of the club’s owner and the Team. Stop planting lies about this team and give them credit for the miracle of the past four years and the happiness they have brought to this city.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @sb , you noticed that too ?! Don’t buy the hype and fake news media mob !!

    • Blitz

      I am not sure they are ‘lying’ as much as giving their prospective. There was absolutely games this year where tons of seats were empty. I was not there, but read lots of comments on it on many different outlets. Tickets sold is great for VGK, but people not in the seat(s) says there is a problem, when comparing to the packed house of yester year.

      I also don’t feel this outlet “have deep, personal feelings for MAF”. They have pissed me off with their siding of Lehner many times, because I have deep personal feelings or MAF. I don’t feel your statement is accurate.

      Also where did this even come from? I don’t remember them talking about attendance since the 4 game losing stretch and everyone was hurt.

    • Jason Mason

      Vegas is one of the more unusual markets for hockey, or any professional sport in my opinion. The actual local fanbase may very well be as the article suggests, but that’s going to have very little affect on the paid attendance at the arena. Most people that can afford season tickets are going to use those tickets in most cases. The real question is how many seats belong to local businesses with outside the city interests, and how many seats belong to casinos for their disbursement?

      As much as I’d still like to have MAF playing here, his leaving is not going to impact out of towners coming to Vegas to see their team, and the casinos are still going to fill seats with high rollers and business types closing a deal with a seat perk for a client.

      T-Mobile is always going to have above average numbers, regardless of any name on any jersey. Probably regardless of the team record as well.

    • Daryl

      Do you just copy this so you can paste it every so often? Who cares about paid attendance it’s about asses in the seats. There are a lot of open seats for every game and you can still by good season passes. Now, I don’t necessarily agree VGK is losing fans, at least not real fans, but to keep posting numbers that aren’t accurate is foolish

      • Jason Mason

        Not really understanding the animosity, but whatever.

        Visually empty seats always look bad, not even a discussion, but you can’t force people to sit in their seats if they choose not to, nor can you tell them what to do with them if they paid for them. It’s a business in the end, and whether someone is actually sitting in the seat matters not one wit if it was paid for, so it’s going to count in the totals. I understand the frustration from the point of view of fans, but every team in every sport does the same math when it comes to announcing attendance. Sue the league, write a letter to the commissioner. Good luck.

        I’ll save this one so I can cut and paste it for later.

        • Daryl

          The only ones to use this math are the teams themselves when trying to convince others. In every city, but especially VGK, tickets are given away as promotions and other specials. The tickets are shown as sold but in fact they aren’t actually sold for money. When I lived near Pittsburgh I had a friend who worked in marketing for the Pens and he explained this is what happens when TV and radio give away free tickets. VGK does the same with Casinos and other local businesses, just not TV and Radio. The hockey teams are expecting fans to show up and buy extremely overpriced snacks and drinks.

          And as I stated, they still have season tickets available as well as seats for every game. So to say VGK is 104% of capcitiy, that is a flat out lie.

          So please go ahead and copy your post for later, it won’t make you look any smarter. I’ll keep mine as well. I can be a smart ass just like you

  2. THE hockey GOD
    “I think they’ve been our best players. With what we’ve gone through I think our goaltenders have been the backbone of the team.” -DeBoer on Lehner and Brossoit

    • Daryl

      We all know PDB can’t say anything negative about RL or he will have a met down

    • phantom major

      I disagree with De Boer…. but if it were even remotely true, it says plenty about the PDB pond hockey defensive system.

      my choice for most consistent player= Chandler Stephenson.

  3. Tim

    Are the Knights losing fans I’d say yes is it a big problem no. I know my wife and I are still fans but not as upset when they lose we just say oh well another goalie just shut us down. We have had a good team and will continue to be competitive but if it can happen it will. Sharks up 3-1 can’t put them away, follow that of Dallas put us away, and last year Fleury’s gaff and Price combined to put us away again. We were favored in all three of those series and came away with goose eggs. After awhile you expect the unexpected to happen to the Knights. Minnesota and Buffalo both lost all four Super Bowls they were in. We unfortunately get bumped out and never reach the finals but that losing looms ever present. I think it’s become apparent that Lehner who isn’t bad but isn’t good enough to lead us to the promise land. In baseball it’s the pitcher, in football it’s the quarterback, and in hockey it’s the goalie so if I were you I’d temper the Stanley Cup talk and hope we make the playoffs.

  4. Phill elenko

    I think lehner is all in I wish he stood up a bit more but rather him than someone who is easily distracted and cost us the cup. The boys worked so hard flower let us down . I think they made the right choice . Give me a guy who is all in vs a prima dona at the tail end of his career . Penalty kill is awsome power play actually looked like it had some promise last two games . Loved what I saw in the Oiler game . I’m all in on the Knights . We have what we need let’s go get the cup. The fans are there no worries.

    • Blitz

      So Fleury, the guy who won the Vezina, the guy who was the back bone all season long, who was the only reason you beat MIN in the first round, who was huge in the AVS series as well, somehow gaffed so bad on one single play that you didn’t WIN the cup (forget that TB was next). It was such a bad play that it totally destroyed the teams 16 chances of scoring on the power play. It was so bad it blew up the 20 million dollar first line, shutting them down completely. It was so bad it shut down the 16 million dollar misfit line as well. WOW what a fuck up.

      I think I have to side with the Pauly guy. Dumbest fans in all sports.

      • How right you are – teams win in any sport, individuals are just a part – it’s like the dreamers on this site that believe Eichel is going to be the guy who takes the knights to the promise land – he may not even be available. As far as 104%% capacity – sold seats doesn’t equate to full house+. Many empty seats the way season tickets were originally sold you almost had to die to get out of them. There are emails daily about seats available and cheap right before game time at the door. There is a huge difference between spectators and true fans – Tim pointed that out without actually stating so. Anyone who understands the game and are realists know the bulk of the articles are fairly objective maybe not popular but objective SB.

      • Tim

        Blitz, Believe me I like Flower but man to make the mistake he did with a little over a minute to go was a series changer plus all the missed PP all added up to another trip to the cheap seats. I do not believe we would beat Tampa. now there’s a hockey team with all the key pieces starting with the best and unfortunately young goalie who will dominate for years to come.

        • Daryl

          My issue with trying to blame MAF is the fact that VGK won the next haha. If VGK lost that game, then yeah you could say they couldn’t recover from his mistake. To me, the biggest reason VGK lost is b/c of the PP. The lack of regular scoring is the 2nd reason why VGK lost.

  5. As stated many times prior to the playoffs that the power play or lack thereof would be the demise how to tame.. Yes MAF goofed at a poor time but he had more than a lot of company getting as far as they did. They lacked what was necessary to beat Tampa and probably avoided the embarrassment. If anyone thinks Lehner will.get them the Cup they are even bigger dreamers that believe Eichel is the answer.

    • THE hockey GOD

      MAF goofed more than once, as I stated before it is sum of the whole, every time you bring up the SOS I will bring up the totality of everything else, and you all will continue to whine about it because you fail to see the forest besides the tree;

      his 7 million cap space is used better elsewhere now

      he was paid 7 million a year and didn’t bring the cup, the most on the team, he was given multiple opportunities over the years and he failed, now you know why he was run out of pittsburg

      he was outplayed in caps finals

      he blew the san jose semi finals

      he blew the habs semi finals, his gaffe was epic, cost them game and they NEVER could over come it

      he is not a team player, he was whining about not playing after pulled in stars series outplayed by other team’s goalie in game one, he posted a back stabbing cartoon further indicating he only cared about himself and not the team

      he did the fans here no favors, and the organization no favors , by undercutting any deal the organization was trying to make when they traded him only for
      salary cap relief with no player or draft pick in return, again he’s not a team player.

      MAF royally screwed this organization , more than once- but on many fronts, good riddance.

      • Daryl

        Yeah he was $7m and RL is $5m and he was worth the extra 2….hes gotten VGK further than RL so far. RL was brought in and out played himself…. He’s being out played now.

        It’s funny how they never could overcome his mistake yet they won the next game.

        Actually VGK could never overcome the embarrassing 6 goals RL gave up to COL…. Then they couldn’t get over the giveaway from Petra that led to a goal early in the playoffs

        As for undercutting a deal… You can’t be more delusional. You are upset over what he did but thinks it’s completely OK how the FO flat out lied and deceived him and everyone else.

        This FO has royally screed this organization than any player but you have this love affair with the FO and they can do no wrong

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