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Film Breakdown: Breakouts To Transition

The Golden Knights have been playing much better recently and are starting to look like the team that won the Cup again. Their ability to breakout of the defensive zone and quickly strike in transition is a major reason why.

In today’s film breakdown, we show the elements of the breakout and small plays off the puck set-up transition goals.


Vegas Beats Good Teams While Edmonton Feasts On The Weak




  1. JB

    Can’t stub our toes tonight against a lesser foe. My hopes are that Edmonton beats out the Nucks for first. So we win tonight, then beat Vancouver ,then lose to Oilers. I would much rather play Vancouver in first round! Thoughts?

    • Pistol Pete

      JB think I’d rather we beat the Oilers on Wednesday even if that makes it harder for them to catch VAN. They are 7 pts back with 8 to play 2 in hand. Probably a stretch for them to do it whether or not we beat them on Wednesday.

    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      Why speak this evil of losing to the greaseballs? Don’t put this evil on the VGK!

  2. JB, I had been confident oilers would overtake the canucks and then we would play nucks in first round, but after oilers got shut out on Wednesday it’s unlikely they will overtake them.
    Best case scenarios are overtaking oilers for home ice advantage in the first round or if we slip to a wild card and draw the stars in the first round.

    kings have an easier remaining schedule, so even if we play well we might still slip to a wild card.

  3. Toe Drag

    Nicely done

  4. Pistol Pete

    This is an excellent video by Ken and just when a shade of doubt was creeping into my mind that Theo is somehow off his game to some degree and he goes and uses his speed and vision to drive the defenders to help set up Marchy’s goal. He also played a role in creating the turnover that lead to the breakout. Hanifin and Theo both still young.

    • Pistol Pete

      Yeah definitely want both on the roster. Theo has one more year on his contract.

  5. JB

    If we continue to play as we have been lately, we should win 5 out of our final 7 games. That would be 102 points! LA would need to win all their remaining 6 games to jump ahead of us. We both finish with the final 4 games at home. Should be interesting.

    • JB

      Vancouver plays LA tonight then us. If Nucks lose both those games, Edmonton could catch them with 2 games in hand. The last two weeks could get wild! Love it!

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