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Film Breakdown: 1-1-3 Neutral Zone

The Golden Knights entered the 2021-22 season with a goal of creating more turnovers in the neutral zone to feed their dominant rush offense. Stealing an idea from a pair of teams that have knocked them out in the playoffs (Dallas and Washington), VGK implemented a 1-1-3 neutral zone setup.

In today’s film breakdown, we explain how the 1-1-3 works and display the strengths and weaknesses it offers the Golden Knights.



Taxi Squad FAQs As It Pertains To The Golden Knights




  1. The Real TS - REALLY

    LVGK wants to create more turnovers? Then why did they get rid of the Flour? I want to learn!

    • jim

      Im kinda new around here, but are you an idiot?

      • knights fan in minny

        100 percent idiot

      • knights fan in minny

        jim he comes on here to be a smart ass because he has no life

      • THE hockey GOD

        say hellos to our resident village idiot

        hillary said it took a village, and this was the result

        • Alex

          This is the same moron who, after watching the outdoor game up north with the VGK thinks that bad ice is a real thing in NHL arenas!

          Dumbest fanbase in sports

        • Daryl

          Why can’t covid do its job just once…. It would make the world a better place

      • Galdom

        Guys, we shall shouldn’t make fun of imbeciles like him. We don’t know his life story. Maybe he was abused and beaten which would be very sad. It appears as though he is happy though, maybe he doesn’t know he is retarded.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    World Junior News

    Vegas Golden Knights Prospects In Action

    Jakub Brabenec, Czechia — Brabenec was selected 102nd overall in the 2021 draft, and is a center for the Charlottetown Islanders of the QMJHL. This season he’s posted a line of 11-21-32 in 28 games played.
    Lukas Cormier, Canada — Cormier was selected 68th overall in the 2020 draft, and is also a member of the Charlottetown Islanders of the QMJHL. He’s an offensive defenseman, and in 26 games has posted a line of 13-23-36.
    Jakub Demek, Slovakia — Demek was selected 128th overall in the 2021 draft, and is a right winger for the Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL. In 28 games he’s posted a line of 13-22-35.
    Jesper Vikman, Sweden — Vikman was selected 125th overall in the 2020 draft, and is a goalie for the Vancouver Giants of the WHL. This season he’s posted a record of 11-5-1 with a 3.18 goals against average, and a .903 save percentage.

    • The Real TS - REALLY

      Wait, I thought the Silver Nights were the LVGK double A farm team…Im so confused!

  3. Tim

    Where we draft each year like the THG said with guys playing in the tournament and college and who are now on the Silver Knights management has done a good job. Speaking of Silver Knights I’m stoked that the kids are playing tonight. I enjoy watching them and the way the year is so fucked up with Covid who knows how long we’ll play. This worrying daily if were going to play or not is getting real old.

  4. knights fan in minny

    martini on ltir any word on how serious injury is

  5. Galdom

    I want to be fair and I don’t want to pick a token guy to be critical of but I have to be honest, I don’t know how much patience I’m going to have for Nolan Patrick. I’m not saying he has to have a good game tonight. In his four games he was virtually invisible. When he does come back I hope he contributes.

    • Tim

      Galdom, a fair statement the only good news is Cody Glass was going nowhere so if Patrick doesn’t work out oh well. I think in Philly and probably here he has more neurological problems then physical problems. That’s just what I’ve pieced together reading different reports.

    • THE hockey GOD

      after seeing LA KInGS no. 1 , 5th all around , draft pick play last night I don’t think he had a very good game at all. LA KINGS have a lot of prospects in their system, but their approach is more like shotgun, not substantial.

      On another note, the Canadian 16 year old kid had something like five goals against Austria. They compared his performance to Wayne Gretsky. Should go as no. 1 overall when drafted.

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