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Feisty Golden Knights Head Into Camp With Similar Misfit Energy

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last season the Golden Knights missed the playoffs. This offseason they traded away Max Pacioretty, Evgenii Dadonov, and Dylan Coghlan and watched Mattias Janmark leave in free agency. Then, they found out starting goalie Robin Lehner will be out for the season after undergoing double hip surgery.

The combination of all of this has many believing the team not only is no longer a true Cup contender, but wondering if they are even a playoff team at all anymore.

The Golden Knights captain has taken notice of these opinions.

That’s fine. People can think what they want. After spending the summer in Canada, you wouldn’t believe how often I was told how bad we were. It’s great. I like that. All of a sudden we’re David instead of Goliath. It’s alright. I believe in this team. I believe in the guys, I believe in the leadership. –Mark Stone to Gary Lawless on

So has the presumptive starting goalie.

It was too long of an offseason for us, and I think we’re hungry. The whole hockey world is doubting us right now, so we’re looking forward to getting back at it and showing people wrong, proving people wrong. It’s similar to how my career is, everyone has always pushed me to the side. I like it for our group, like I said we’re going to come out hot and hopefully prove a lot of people wrong. –Logan Thompson to Fox 5 Las Vegas

Even Jack Eichel got in on the action, seeing himself listed at #41 on NHL Network’s top 100 players list.

Obviously, I haven’t put a lot on tape over the last two years so I’m not going to argue with that. Do I think I’m the 41st best player in the NHL? No, but I don’t care about their rankings. –Eichel to Gary Lawless on

It appears the Golden Knights are officially past the woe-is-me stage and are into the fiesty, almost angry, prove-you-wrong phase many non-playoff teams go through.

Vegas isn’t used to missing the playoffs and they really aren’t used to entering a season anything other than the Pacific Division favorites and Stanley Cup favorites.

They are neither this year and it appears to have struck a nerve with the roster. To a degree, it’s similar to the first season when the team banded together under the Misfits moniker. That team had an axe to grind with every team in the NHL and they made it their mission to embarrass as many as they could. This team seems to have its anger more pointed towards the rest of the world, which could be even more powerful.

The Golden Knights are confident in themselves and they are confident enough to take on all those who challenge them head-on. Now they need to do what the Misfits did and transfer that energy to the ice.


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  1. A former season ticket holder

    Controlled and focused anger with the attitude they can win every game. I sat and watched so many youtubes during the early morning hours and was both grateful to watch those 1st year video highlights of the games and playoffs, but also some of the great pieces put on by the VGK ad office. Remember the 1st time you saw the cowboy piece? Our 4 intrepid cowboys tipping up the hats on their heads ready to get back the sword! And many other great ad spots…..all wiped clean by the FO Stooges. We need those new memories in 22 / 23!

    • THE hockey GOD

      former fans opinions are muted here, and often delegated to the stooge status by other commenters here.

      to the stooge room with you and your comment ! Don your hat with propeller and learn to like it !

    • Former Ticket Holder,, don’t let anyone stifle your Knighthood!! Your voice is your sword! Keep posting your thoughts! We need some positivity here!

      • THE hockey GOD

        TS he forfeited his knighthood a long time ago, he deserves the stooges room. I will name his particular room, the MOE room after Moe Howard.

        • Thg, Nope. He’s still a member of the Knighthood. Season Tickets or not. I only go to practices, can’t afford games…am I also a dungeon- dweller? I think not!!

          • THE hockey GOD

            nope he’s a former fan, he gone

            are you forsake the knights like former fan did ? IF so, then we better get a room ready for you too.

  2. VGK Fan

    The team could use more supportive fans like they had in year one as well. The negativity of our fan base is disconcerting.

    I am a lifelong hockey fan and can’t remember ever seeing a fan base wish injuries on their own players and cheer when they are hurt. The negativity is really grating.

    While it sounds Pollyanna, I really think that more positive energy and support amongst our fan base could go a long way…


    • THE hockey GOD

      VGK Fan , welcome to upside down world of “unsophisticated fan base” and haters of SIN BIN comment forum. Ian’s words , not mine.

      And if you want totally opposite experience, where nothing negative is ever said, then head over to Docs world full of liberal nut jobs like he is.

    • Jailbird

      Amen brother !

      • Jailbird

        My comment Amen, was not for thg comment. Just to be clear. It was for VGK fan! Ps, maybe thg is actually Doc, as much as he mentions him!

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ Jbaid
          put @ in front of your post, so people know who you are replying to. Me DOC>>> HA AHAHA HA
          wash your mouth out with soap. Doc is upside down lib retread, I am not. I am true patriot, America loving, constitution, arm bearing, citizen who loves this country and doesn’t want to turn it into a shit hole like the dems do (look at all the cities that they are in that are rat holes). Say no more.

  3. Blitz

    For me personally, now that RL is out and Deboer is gone I am actually excited for this year’s team. I still think there is a good chance they miss the playoffs, but I also hold hope that they will be much better than my expectations. Regardless, I don’t have to think the team is going to win it all to enjoy the season (82 games!!), but I do have to respect and actually like the team I root for. Which wasn’t the case last year and even early this offseason. With RL out and Debeor gone AND the addition of Phil the Thrill, a new coaching system and new goalies, I am starting fresh with my expectations. I hope Stone is healthy and I hope this team has a better personality than it has the last year or two. WAR KNIGHTS!

    • THE hockey GOD

      you are no more than an AntiDeBoerite.

      Do you really think VGK will do better than Dallas this upcoming year ? That would be an interesting take on the season ! Blitz !

      As long as the woke foke run NHL I don’t see any hope for this league.

      • Blitz

        You still got a hard on for ol’ Peter do ya? Got the ol’ shirtless Peter poster hanging above your bed. Defend him you must. Why would Dallas do better or worse than the VGK? Neither are *great* teams and both sit behind better teams in the division. Most likely one or both will fight for a wild card spot. Both have an out side chance of reaching the 3 spot. I will probably make 10+ Stars game this year at American Airlines center so if they are better than VGK that is fine by me. That may give me a playoff game or two to go to as well. I still don’t like Peter and I still don’t like that fucking kneeler Seguin. I can’t wait to watch Stars pressers with a personality-less Peter lying and misdirecting. Just like old times.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @Blitz, no hard on.
          Just saying you are an antiDeboarite. Like Jerry Seinfeld was an anti-dentite.

          I don’t like kneelers either.

  4. I hope we are competitive, that we don’t get blown off the ice. We need everyone this year firing on all cylinders . Eichel definitely needs to produce, I mean, he’s 10% of our payroll. If he’s not a top 5 guy, we have no shot, we gave up a ton for him. I just don’t want to be like Buffalo or New Jersey where they disappear as a contender, that would be painful. My fingers are crossed, we definitely need everyone to step up.

  5. Jailbird

    Have a lot of anticipation for this year. When players do miss the playoffs, they normally come back with new determination! A new coach helps with that also.

  6. If they come out this year with the attitude of the initial team that had something to prove and did to themselves as well as everyone else, it could be a very exciting year for the Knights. Of course, the big word while very small is “IF”. Make the ” if ” a positive and they will be well on their way to make things happen. There is something to be said for being the underdog – year one proved that in spades. Attitude in many respects is even more powerful than talent and skill, “It’s all in the state of mind”.

  7. I like the mindset!! The KNIGHTS need to make the naysayers EAT THEIR WORDS this season– HOPE THEY’RE HUNGRY!!

  8. THE hockey GOD

    so the team has a new situation to deal with, nothing like anything they have seen in the past

    I give them to end of November to determine whether or not that have the mental fortitude, physical wherewithal , and points on board to prove it.

    IF not, back to drawing board, a new coach, and more heads rolling into the street.

  9. Tim

    The season hasn’t started so do you expect the players to say were going to suck of coarse not it’s all positive and should be. Interviewing some of the guys it’s time to see if money talks or bullshit walks. Were all hoping for a fun team to watch with some excitement like year one and two gave us.

    • THE hockey GOD

      what about year three and four ?

      to say they weren’t exciting is to ignore, well, excitement.

      Year four was pretty exciting until you know who, did who know what , in game three of semi finals. Not mentioning any names, but initials are MAF.

  10. Emmanuel

    Mark Stone expects to be ready to play in the Vegas Golden Knights’ season opener at the Los Angeles Kings on Oct. 11 after having back surgery May 19.

    Well that’s nice……..

  11. I believe in the knights. All I have to say is
    Go Knights Go!

  12. I believe in the knights. All I have to say is
    Go Knights Go!

  13. THE hockey GOD

    liberal hypocrisy exposed as “sanctuary” cities don’t like refugees set at their door step. What a crock these lib tards turn out to be. Whiners, complainers, regressives. Nothing progressive at all about them. Everything they SAY is opposite. Affordable healthcare act ? NOT. Inflation Reduction ACT? NOT. Vote these socialist clowns out, NOW. and Let’s Go Brandon, that is a cheer.

    Too bad the NEWS MEDIA had it all wrong yesterday, as no one was let into see practice yesterday. That sucked big time

    • knights fan in minny

      what a joke it was okay for joe blunder to fly them all over the the states in the middle of the night the migrants were not forced to go they signed waivers to go to other places you will not here that from the democraps or the bias media

    • knights fan in minny

      inflation reduction act my ass has joe blunder been to the store lately

      • THE hockey GOD

        you got that right, the media is in MArtha’s Vineyard in droves reporting on it, but not on southern border. Watch them whine and cry. Hypocrisy abounds on the left.

  14. bruce silliman

    I had the best of two worlds in 2017-2018 as I was working as Customer Service Representative at T-Mobile Arena, most often at the East Suite Entrance where I got to meet many of the new STHs, VGK executives and players wives, partners and families. The first 10 games set the tone for the year losing only to the Detroit Red Wings. And wouldn’t you know it that was the only game I was not at the East Suite Entrance. Members of the VGK Bots, Cheerleaders and Dancers told me no more and I didn’t miss another game until February when I came down with the flu. The playoffs were great and unfortunately we couldn’t beat the Capitals. The next 4 years I became a spectator by choice with Partial Season Tickets but my support for the Knights never faltered. Disappointed yes, non-supportive never! So this year we come back with new fervor and intensity and with that Misfit attitude. I can’t wait and if you can’t support your team 100%, well there is always football.

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