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FAQ: Golden Knights Announce New TV Partner

Today the Golden Knights announced their new TV home, unveiling a multi-year partnership with the newly formed Scripps Sports set to begin in the 2023-24 season. The partnership promises to offer all locally broadcast regular season games, every preseason game, and the first round of the playoffs for free to the entire Golden Knights broadcast territory.

We understand this change brings many questions, so we’re here to try and help to answer all of them.

**If you have an additional question not covered, email it to and we will wotk to get it answered and add it to this post.**

What is Scripps Sports?

Scripps Broadcasting is one of the oldest broadcast companies in the United States, founded in 1878. Scripps is the second largest operator of local ABC affiliates in the country and they currently operate Las Vegas’ ABS station, KTNV-13. Scripps Sports is a newly formed branch of Scripps Broadcasting which is expected to offer local affiliate network space to professional sports teams who have lost their regional sports network (RSN).

What channels does Scripps operate in Las Vegas?

Scripps currently operates the local ABC affiliate, KTNV-13, as well as ION Television, which is known as KMCC and can be found on channel 34 on DirecTV and over-the-air and channel 63 on Cox Cable.

Are those the channels the Golden Knights games will be on?

Yes! Every Golden Knights game next season and during the multi-year partnership will be aired on either KTNV-13 or KMCC Channel 34 (Cox #63), or both. Scripps is planning on moving ION to a new channel and rebranding KMCC as an independent station that will broadcast local and national news, local sports, and additional entertainment programming.

What are the options to receive these channels on my TV?

Both KTNV and KMCC are available on standard cable (Cox, CenturyLink, etc), via satellite TV (DirecTV, Dish, etc), and over-the-air.

What in the world is “over-the-air?”

Remember the bunny-ears TV’s used to have? It’s that, but it’s a lot better now because it’s 2023 and technology has evolved. Over-the-air is a term that is more commonly known for those who listen to radio. When you tune your station to 98.9 FM or 1340 AM, you are doing it “over-the-air.” The signal is broadcast using a specific frequency and any radio can pick it up, for free. The same concept has always been available on TV, it’s just most people went away from it when cable became more popular. All you have to do is purchase a digital antenna (they are about $20) and plug it into your TV. Once it’s hooked up, you will receive all sorts of over-the-air channels, including the two channels Golden Knights games will be on.

And this works for everyone?

Well, everyone in the Golden Knights viewing territory. No, if you live in Texas you can’t get the games the same way we do here in the Las Vegas valley. But, if you live in Idaho (Boise, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls), Montana (Billings, Butte-Bozeman, Glendive, Great Falls, Helena and Missoula), Nevada (Reno), Utah (Salt Lake City), or Wyoming (Casper-Riverton and Cheyenne-Scottsbluff), these two channels will be available to you for free over the air.

What about cord-cutters and streamers?

Currently, KTNV is offered on most internet streaming services including YouTube TV. KMCC is currently offered as well under the ION TV name, however, with that channel expected to remain, the streaming services would have to offer the new KMCC channel. The Golden Knights and Scripps Sports indicated a willingness to make this channel available via streaming services, but as we know from the history of these situations, until it’s there, it’s not there.

Can I watch the games on my phone or computer if I am using cable, satellite, or over-the-air? 

If you are an in-market fan (NV, UT, ID, MT, WY), there is currently not a streaming option in place to watch the games. The Golden Knights and Scripps expressed a plan to create an app that would allow for this in the near future.

Anything change for those of us who are out-of-market?

Nope. Everything should stay exactly the same for those who have been watching games via ESPN+ or As long as the NHL continues to offer games to out-of-market fans (there’s absolutely no reason this would ever stop), Golden Knights games will be available using whichever service the league is partnered with. At this time, it’s ESPN+, so the games on Scripps Sports will be available to out-of-market fans there.

Will blackouts change?

If anything, there could be more territory that experiences blackouts on ESPN+. This is because Scripps Sports is going to be available to fans in more areas of the region than AT&T Sportsnet was. However, unlike in some areas in which blackouts existed under the former TV deal, the current deal should have the channels available to every household in the viewing territory. If you are blacked out, both KTNV and KMCC should be available over-the-air, via satellite, or on cable.

Are Dave and Shane still going to be on the call?

Absolutely. In fact, the broadcast will look nearly identical in terms of personnel. Not only will Dave Goucher and Shane Hnidy be calling the games, but the entire broadcast team is expected to return. This includes Ashali Vise, Gary Lawless, Daren Millard, Darren Eliot, and Deryk Engelland.

How about Silver Knights games?

The deal with Scripps is currently only with the Golden Knights. At the press conference though, The Creator was very public about wanting to partner with Scripps for Silver Knights games as well.

**Again, if you have any more questions that have not been answered, please email them to, and we’ll work to get them answered and added to this post.**


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  1. Tim Rivera

    Does this change happen starting this next regular season?

  2. Pierre S Martin

    I live in Reno and I found that the Roku Channel has ION on it.

  3. Jacques

    Thanks Ken , excellent update ! Much appreciated .

  4. Nate

    Great work Ken. Thanks man!

  5. Scott wonning

    My name is Scott and I live in Colorado Will I be able to watch the knights on tv

    • There should be no change in the way the games are delivered to you. You are in the Avalanche viewing territory, so however you got VGK games before, you’ll still get them that way.

  6. Hazel Theobald

    Will we be able to watch games in Canada ,?

  7. THE hockey GOD

    sounds like they are going on the cheap again,

    too bad they can’t partner with well established brand like Ballys or ?

    By the way on the way to Edmonton the VGK are stopping by and picking up the
    bones of Gump Worsley , dress them up in goalie pads and uniform. Placing him between the pipes to give him one last hurrah.

    I am still ROFLMAO on prior poster on related subject matter.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    and the loser leafs are having an awful time with the panthers


  9. VGK fan

    Will all broadcast be in HD?

    • THE hockey GOD

      some of old timers, like Tim, prefer HG

      high ganga


      • Roger Wilson

        Hi. I live over in Utah near st. George. I have direct TV since I’m in a rural area. The games are supposed to be on channel 16 I’ve heard. But then I read that the Vegas channel 34 is available in their viewing area. There is no channel 34 in the direct channel here. I’m paying over 250.00 a month here for service and I don’t think it’s fair to not get all the knights programming. Just a thought

  10. Stuart Berman

    I live in the Anthem area of. Henderson. I have an antenna on top of my house and I cannot receive channel 34. I can’t get any other channel 34 stations I rescan and still cannot pick it up. What do I do?
    I currently have DIRECTV stream, and they don’t offer channel 34.

    • Bob

      34 was only if you have Cox cable it’s gonna be over the air on channel 13 Las Vegas

      • Stuart Berman

        Most games will be on Channel 34. All preseason games and some regular season games will be on channel 13. Channel 34 is an over the air station. As of now can’t be seen by half of the Las Vegas Valley. I found out that Scripps Broadcasting will be amping up the power on 34.1 by the time the Golden Knights season starts up in fall 2023.

  11. Kevin

    I live in Mesquite so I don’t get OTA coverage. I am also blacked out by ESPN+. Will games be streamed on Youtube TV? This is currently my live TV solution.

  12. Joyce

    I talked to a representative from DirecTV today. Channel 34 is available on DirecTV satellite service but is not available on DirecTV Stream. Will it be available on any of the other streaming services?

  13. There’s less than a week left before the first game of this years season begins and Cox Cable #63 isn’t listing Sunday’s or Monday’s games on #63. What’s going on?

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