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Fantasy Football Over Factual Hockey, That’s What Mayor Goodman Wants

Last week Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman went on Dan Patrick’s radio show to discuss the Oakland Raiders. The rumors are heating up, and Patrick wanted Goodman’s take on Oakland’s possible move to Southern Nevada. Clearly, Mayor Goodman hasn’t read lately because she sounded very confident about the Raiders relocating.  The Mayor was more than happy to make her NFL sales pitch to Patrick and his listeners. Heck, she even suggested that the Chargers want to play in Vegas too.

What really irked me about Goodman’s interview, was her lack of concern for the NHL. Goodman never once brought up the expansion process, ticket drive, or possibility of landing a team. The Mayor completely ignored the NHL, and The Creator’s efforts. Personally, I think she disrespected Foley and hockey fans all over Nevada. It seems like Mayor Goodman doesn’t care if the NHL expanded or not, but cares a great deal about the NFL relocating. In fact she went into a diatribe on failing to land the MLS. The MLS! It was Patrick that brought up the NHL, but Goodman never took the bait and continued to talk about her failed MLS bid.

I really don’t know why the Mayor constantly snubs the sport of hockey, but I assume it’s politically motivated. Goodman had nothing to do with the NHL expansion process. The Creator simply had the will, and the money to entice the NHL. So if you look at it, the Mayor won’t get any credit when the NHL expands to Las Vegas. On the other hand, if Goodman can help land the Raiders she’ll be loved forever. I get it, it’s politics. It’s just really frustrating. The city is the closest its ever been to landing a professional sports franchise, but the Mayor’s on Dan Patrick’s show talking about fantasy football. I can’t recall one interview in which the Mayor discussed NHL hockey. She’s never been on Sportsnet, TSN, or the Podcast to support local hockey efforts. Goodman didn’t even cut the ribbon at the new T-Mobile Arena opening ceremony. And that’s what Mayors do, they cut ribbons.

I’m hoping Mayor Goodman gets on board, because in a few years hockey will be taking over the city. Las Vegas will become a hockey town, and forget about the Raiders and Chargers. Local hockey fans will remember the desperate pleas for football, when the focus should’ve been on NHL expansion. It shouldn’t matter what sport it is, the Mayor should be stumping for any local team. If it’s understanding the rules is the issue than please give me a call. I’ll hold a full NHL History & Rules seminar for the Mayor, and her mob lawyer husband. She might get bored, but she won’t have any excuses after. Mayor Goodman admitted she’s a cheerleader for the NFL, and will do anything to make it happen. After my course, the Mayor will want to be one of first Black Knight Ice Girls.

**Mayor Goodman joined the Podcast to respond to this article. Hear the entire 15 minute long interview here.***


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  1. Jeff

    I couldn’t agree with your comments on this more. It is very sad… the lack of political support the NHL is getting. I just hope that it does not harm the process for the NHL in any way. How about Bill Foley for Mayor????

  2. Timothy Pietrzak

    This is me hitting the “like” button for your article… Go Knights.

  3. the Knights are all but there, Mayor has to really work for ☠, don’t

  4. Sabres Fan

    The T Mobile Arena is not in the city of Las Vegas. It is not within her jurisdiction. The strip is unincorporated Clark County land. This is why she wasn’t at the ribbon cutting.

  5. Jeff Anderson

    I was very surprised by what happened in Tucson. Once it was learned that the Coyotes wanted to move their AHL team here from Massachusetts, the mayor has been totally supportive. That helped in the 7 to nothing vote for the team to be here starting in October. I already have my season ticket reserved.

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