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Fans Express Their Displeasure On Facebook

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With their third straight loss and tenth loss in their last 13 games, Vegas fans are scurrying for answers. Sure, the Golden Knights have four OT losses in that span but overall it’s been some disappointing hockey.

What is it that bothers fans most? We asked them last night during our Facebook game thread. There were many answers, but here are a handful I found best measures the true temperature of the Golden Knights fanbase.

1. Defensive play. 2. Inconsistent scoring. 3. Lack of desire at times

There is no finish, instead we take dumb penalties and give up soft goals.

They make every other team’s goalie look like a wizard.

1. Scoring is inconsistent. 2. Defense needs help. 3. Top 6 tends to disappear

No cohesive play, no urgency and let’s face it… Subban is a liability.

As you can see, inconsistency on offense and defensive inefficiency is a common theme among fans. Urgency, or lack thereof, was a noun many fans used to describe their favorite club.

Here are a couple more in-depth comments from Facebook.

1. Season #1 spoiled us. 2. Defense seems like hot garbage no matter who is in net. 3. General inconsistency/lack of confidence. Not usually an armchair coach but that’s what I got.

1. They look defeated attitude-wise when giving up the 1st goal. Year 1 it was like “No big deal, we’ll get it back.”

2. This entire season when clanging a post, they are like “oh well no puck luck tonite…move on to the next game.”

3. Our blue liners are ALL mediocre…Nate included. Can we try to get a shot through from the point??!!

Bonus: Shea thinks he is a forward. Take care of your own end before trying to dazzle with your attacking dangles! Maybe bump him up to the 3rd line?? Couldn’t hurt!

One of the best elements to the game of hockey is everyone sees the game differently. However, the one thing the vocal fanbase or the silent majority can recognize is below average hockey. At the moment, that’s how the Golden Knights are playing.




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  1. James V. Morris

    We need a Captain!

  2. JV

    Too many 3rd paring defenseman on this team that seem to be always out of position. Goal surrendered on the 2 on 2 then the trailer scored sums it it. Holden and Reaves are back. Trailer scores from the slot. Merrill was still nowhere to be seen until after puck was behind Subban, who also needs to go to Chicago. Sparks never really got a chance let’s see what he can do. Also, maybe stop concentrating on commercials, appearances, and side projects….worry about playing hockey, especially those who are already overpaid.

  3. Cali Pauly

    Many problems…Subban is one…he is not good…flashes of good play ruined by his inability to make consistent saves at big moments…

    Loose pucks another huge problem…we control far too little of them…

    Another issue is penalties…we take way too many, and in bad spots…we are never up 4-1 when we take a penalty…

    Lastly, there appears to be a complacency problem…the fans are still excited…but the team seems flat in attitude…This falls on Gallant..

  4. Walt Tkaczuk

    Yahoo’s Power Rankings have VGK at #8 but I say #26 as so many teams are playing much better right now and rising. Need to move Shea to line 3 on offense. Need to move Glass to center or Chicago. Very nice kid but playing way too soft. If he’s not adding points every game then he’s a liability losing battles everywhere.

  5. DOC Williams

    I’ve been saying much the same things for 2-3 weeks now! A) – Lack of effort #1 … B) – Glass needs to be at CENTER, here or Chicago… C) – A 3rd line of Glass, with Tuck & Carrier just makes sense – Tons of speed with toughness from Carrier … D) – Our backline sucks, mostly. 27, 88 & the rookie are usable, but, Merrill (pathetic), Holden (useless), McNabb (to many friggin penalties) & my man #5 (just old & slow). Bring up a couple of the young guys from Chicago NOW !

  6. post mortem

    in Dallas last year, their CEO ripped their top players in the press, and they responded with a very good playoff run. This year, the coach did it when they had a bad start, and look how they have responded.

    here, the top players are coddled, and so they just keep cashing big checks, but not throwing any on the ice.

    The year 1 miracle is long over with, and reality has set in.

    Gallant just shrugs off poor performances, and admits that he does not give pep talks or try to fire up his team before a game. Plus a robotic asst coaching staff with pablum answers and pollyanna attitudes. Worst of all, a defensive system that is chaotic and disorganized, and does not fit the slow players they have.

    There is no internal honest criticism, no team meetings to air problems or stop losing skids, and very little fire and desire on this team. Too much positive thinking, and then too often positively stinking.

    meanwhile, they have slipped out of a playoff position, are dropping like a rock, and McCrimPhee in the front office does absolutely NOTHING to improve the team or shake things up….for instance, where is the acquisition of a competent backup goalie? if the backup had just an average win record, iow, 7 pts out of 14, that would put the Knights in 4th place with 31 points, instead of 9th.

    They don’t even ACT like they care, but the fans certainly do.

  7. post mortem

    81 ??…Home alone skits??… that is where they will be in April if they keep playing like this.

  8. Tim

    Honestly I don’t see a team we can beat. I have no confidence if were down forget it and if were up in your heart you know we can’t hold the lead. Goaltending a problem, defense a big problem and our centers and wings aren’t tearing it up. I can easily see us not making the playoffs. What bothers me is we have the best fan base full every home game and were rewarded with the famous words It’s a process or Well we took our foot off the gas. You can only cry wolf so often and then it falls on deaf ears.

  9. schmitty 88

    no confidence in Malcom at all no fire in the boys guts I agree with the person who said making other goalies look like wizards need to take a long look in the mirror

  10. DOC Williams

    WOW! I love these last few comments. There’s no doubt us in Vegas are “growing up” as hockey fans. We have been spoon fed exactly what team wanted us to believe. Finally we are seeing through all the mis-information or NO information the team puts out. The two points I really want to make here, are” A) – I’m not fond of coaches who constantly throw their players under the bus or publicly criticize them. BUT, there IS a time for that on occasion, and that time is NOW!!!! I think Gallant is probably a nice guy who wants to be liked by his players. But, his job is to get 100% out of his players and WIN GAMES! He can’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings. He was a tuff dude when he played. He needs to be a tuff coach when needed as well. B) – The players: In year 1, they WERE a collection of players most teams didn’t want. Most were on very short contracts or were going to be F/As when that 1st season was over. They had everything to play for, especially in trying to gain new contracts with the Knights. Well now, we have a bunch of players with 5+ year contracts. They went from maybe being out of the league to job security. Also, they have read 2+ years of their press clipping. They MUST feel they don’t need to go out and bust their ass every night, like they did in our first season. THIS is now THE year that they ARE playing like a bunch of MISFITS. Come ON guys. Get back to playing your butts off. This fan base & city deserve it!!!!!!!

  11. Jmz

    The team thinks they can just show up on the ice and win because of the names and what the media believes they can be. There has never been a championship won on paper.

    The reality is that there is inconsistent effort.

    There are shifts where one or two players have high compete levels, but rarely have all 5 on the same wavelength.

    The team consistantly waits for the game to happen and often time has no response when things do not go their way. The Knights will need to start imposing their will (if they have one) on the game.

    Accolades and Championships are the goal of every team, but before we can progress we need effort.

  12. DOC Williams

    Why the Knights will WIN tonight vs Nashville ….. PLAY SPARKS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Vic Mackey

    Fair-weather fans who don’t know anything about hockey since it’s new in town.

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