When most people come to Vegas they think about alcohol. Well, when you head into T-Mobile Arena this Spring, and hopefully for hockey next fall, adults drinks will be a primary feature at the cathedral’s concession stands.

The local drink-making celebrity (Tony Abou-Ganim) has teamed with Levy Restaurants to develop a cutting-edge beverage program tied to boutique bars and drink customization inside the arena. Drinks will be paired with food items served with a Vegas twist. – Don Muret, SportingNews.com

And, the drinks inside the arena will not only be fancy, but they’ll also be exclusive. A few of the cocktails have already been announced including the “Atomic Fizz,” “Rum Punch,” and “Scratch Margarita.”

Of course we haven’t the slightest idea what any of that means, but they all sound pretty awesome (and expensive).

But wait, there’s more! 

It’s not just the drink itself that will be the attraction, it’s also what their using to keep them cold.

Ice cubes for the drinks will have been custom-cut from 300-pound blocks. – Jay Jones, LATimes.com

Yup, a different unique ice cube for every single drink. In a word, awesome.

People are searching out great cocktails, and the entertainment-sports arena has lagged behind a little bit. – Tony Abou-Ganim

If you say so funny named man.

Nonetheless, it’s just another piece of the puzzle that’s proving not only is Vegas the premier destination for tourism worldwide, but it’s also soon to be the best place to watch a hockey game as well.