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Expansion Team, Not Expansion Crowd

Early in the third period with the score is tied, the Golden Knights quickly reset the play after the puck was dumped out of the zone. They caught the Kings on a line change and the puck sat right in front of the Los Angeles bench. Players were jumping on and off the ice and a King going off touched the puck as he attempted to get off the ice. It was a rather clear “too many men” penalty, but it went uncalled.

It’s a preseason game, and the play was completely unaffected, but the T-Mobile Arena crowd was not ready to let it go unnoticed, and while they were screaming at the refs, they were also sending a message to the hockey world, this may be a new team to hockey, but these are not new fans.

Multiple Oscar-worthy performances from this guy last night. Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Throughout the entire game, there were noticeable cheers or groans at points of a hockey game where only diehard hockey fans would know to cheer. I’m talking moments like a questionable hybrid icing call, an excellent keep in the zone right on top of the blue line, a pass through the slot that was just too late, or a 2017 preseason slash that had T-Mobile Arena screaming curse words before the ref made the announcement.

There were 17,101 fans announced at the first preseason home game in Golden Knights history, and while the expectation was for a slightly baffled crowd waiting for moments like goals, fights, and big hits, the Vegas crowd delivered just the opposite.

The city’s buzzing for the team right now, and it’s a lot of fun to be here, but you never expect to have a sold-out crowd for the preseason and it was pretty close to that tonight. We fed off the energy and that’s what we’re gonna need all year. -Calvin Pickard

Look! Real hockey fans. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It was a hockey crowd and an educated one at that. Hockey is an easy game to understand on the surface, but with the speed of play and the nuances in the rules, it takes some time to really understand how to cheer for a game. In many past expansion arena, they would explain rules, make ridiculous announcements, and really go above and beyond to “teach the game.” None of that nonsense was necessary at T-Mobile Arena last night.

It’s only one game, and a preseason game at that, but if last night was any indication, Vegas already knows the game.


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  1. Jeff

    Finally you get my point.

  2. Ron Murphy

    But the “Oscar worthy” performer in the picture is a shill…same guy did taped interviews from Fremont Street before the game on jumbotron…seemed to trying to be presented a just a crazy guy whooping up the crowd..know this is similar to an undressed mascot, but really, I know when to cheer…Let the up-coming mascot or scantily clad women hand out t-shirts if that’s the gig. Just a cranky, old guy who loves the game and not the sideshows so much

  3. Slack

    I was impressed with the crowd as well. Remember when I wrote that sometimes “traditions” just evolve out of nowhere? Please, please, please tell me ours won’t be the YMCA. Hahahaha!
    As for the T-shirt guy, all I ask is that he chill while the play is going on. If it is 7-1, I’ll give him a pass, but in a one goal game, preseason or not, do us a favor and wait for a whistle.

  4. Vic Telesino

    Overall a terrific experience, and I’m happy with my seats and ticket plan. Thanks for the efforts of you folks with the website.
    My two cents worth of rambling…..
    *Lots of empty seats, and hopefully that won’t happen when the real games start. Probably those LA fans thought is was a Charger game.
    *Not surprised that we have a hockey-smart crowd. The 5,000 to 6,000 people who used to attend Wrangler’s games were good fans, and with tens of thousands of hockey fans in the valley transplanted from everywhere, there is a solid educated hockey base (Mr. Foley knew this).
    *I’ve been to at least a dozen hockey arenas, and it was pretty cold in there last night. I’ll be better prepared next time.
    *I could do without the rap music and heavy bass filling up every quiet second, but I’m old and the irregular heartbeat was kicking in.
    *The public address announcer needs work. Penalties were called when the power plays were half over. The guy sounded young and raw as opposed to what I believe a PA announcer should be. The sound I was hearing was more like a car salesman commercial.
    *The arena was well-staffed, and security in and out was excellent.
    *The new face-off rule is horrible, and so distracting to the flow of the game. Just drop the frigging puck and let’s be done. There is already a penalty out there for face-off interference which is sometimes called. Dear NHL, don’t take the lead of the other sports to ruin ours.
    *Lack of Cox Cable deal…complete nonsense. That has to be cleaned up now.
    *Note to Shipachyov’s translator….When Vadim is ten feet in front of the net alone it may be a good time to SHOOT and not pass. Even Joe Thornton shoots sometimes.
    *City National Area – a jewel in the desert.
    *I saw that ‘Oscar worthy’ guy do the same act at the NHL awards show. It’s Vegas and he’s a shill. Do we really want a shirt that was wrapped around his head?

    • I’m fully aware that guy was paid by the team. That’s why I said Oscar-Worthy, cause he was acting. Dude was funny, though I do agree being the lucky recipient of the 4th shirt he had on isn’t for me.

  5. Dave H

    I will second the PA announcer issue. He couldn’t get things consistent. It’s a simple cut and paste rhythm for announcing penalties or goals and he couldn’t get it straight. It should have been “Los Angeles” for every announcement, but sometimes it was “LA”, then “LA Kings”, then “Kings”… hopefully he gets it straight. At least the Vegas calls were mostly consistent. Also (small quibble), coincidental penalties should just be, for example “5 minutes each for fighting”. No need for the long diatribe of calling them both out individually.

    Also, I am NOT a fan of the videoboard showing a replay while the live action is still going on! Yes, I want to see that close play or great save, but I want to watch it at the next whistle. When the video board is sixty feet long and in your peripheral vision the whole time, its distracting when it changes to a replay and is not just showing the game.

    Also “Knight Tron” is stupid. Just call it “Knight Vision”. Jumbotron is to video boards as Kleenex is to facial tissue. You don’t have to call it “something TRON”

    But it was certainly a great crowd. I think a lot of this will get better with time.

    • Mickey B

      Agree with everything you mentioned. PA guy sounds like he is doing wrestling. The game hosts they have are annoying too and scream like their microphones are made of tin cans & string. Can’t stand them already.

      And Knight Tron? Horrible. Doesn’t need a label. They are trying way too hard to be cool and it’s just awkward.

      Good hockey crowd though. Many that were near me didn’t like the same things. Just keep it simple!

    • Kevin L.

      Not sure who is doing public address for the Golden Knights. I did spend the summer trying to get my voice demo to Jonny Greco (dir. of event presentation) but never heard back. Hopefully things will level out once the season begins!

  6. Jeff

    The Penelty timer was too small as well

  7. Dwayne Lucyk

    This expansion team needs Jagr to play season one for the Vegas Knights, not the Kladno Knights, his home town, where he is currently playing. Imagine how many Jagr jerseys would sell. This legend has an NHL fan club that follows him to the games dressed more like Elvis impersonators. He would be a marketers dream. The guy can still play, especially on an expansion team.

  8. Ron Murphy

    Just pick a goal horn… didn’t hear any most of the time, even at the end of the period…could do without p..p..power play…great for Wranglers, now the pros are here…and a straight “player..number..penalty” guy would be nice. Hockey hypes me enough…all the other crap is annoying

  9. Al

    The PA announcer is still there and is still terrible. A shame they keep that guy; he should have long ago been fired.

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