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Expansion Draft Reveal Combined With NHL Awards At T-Mobile Arena

UPDATE 2 (10:47 AM 4/27/17) : A team source tells us tickets will go on sale for season ticket holders on Friday April 28th at 10 AM. Prices will start at $15 per ticket.

UPDATE (10:33 AM 4/19/17) : Per The Creator via email, ticket prices for the event will range from $20 in the upper deck to $40 in the best seats in the lower bowl. There will also be premium “floor seats” which are controlled by the NHL. They are expected to be priced in the $150-$300 range like previous Awards Shows.

Also, the team is working hard to ensure jerseys will be for sale at this event, but “it’s all being driven by Adidas and their timing.” It won’t be Vegas’ fault if they aren’t there for general sale on June 21st.


We’ve been reporting this for months now, but today the Golden Knights and the NHL finalized plans to combine the NHL Expansion Draft and the NHL Awards Show into one event at T-Mobile Arena.

The event will take place as expected on June 21st at 5PM PST and will be televised on NBCSN and SportsNet.

“We are thrilled to be in Las Vegas again for the NHL Awards. To be able to pair this perennial show with the excitement of the Expansion Draft for the Vegas Golden Knights is a unique event that we think our fans will greatly enjoy. -Steve Mayer, NHL Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President

To recap, the protection lists are due to the NHL on Saturday June 17th at 2PM PST. They are expected to be make the lists public either Saturday night or Sunday morning. The Golden Knights must finalize their 30 selections by June 20th at 2PM PST. Then, at 27 hours later at T-Mobile Arena, we’ll learn fill in the blanks of the names we don’t find out prior to the big reveal.

During this 72 hour period, Vegas has exclusive negotiating rights with all unrestricted free agents (UFAs) and can make qualifying offers to restricted free agents (RFAs).

June 21 will be an incredible day for the city of Las Vegas and our fans. The anticipation around the Expansion Draft has been building for months and that excitement will continue to grow as we get closer to Draft Day. By combining the draft with the NHL Awards, Golden Knights fans will get to experience a monumental day in our team’s history while enjoying one of the premier NHL events that features the game’s biggest stars. -The Creator

Tickets will be available for season ticket holders to this event “in the coming days” and are NOT free like originally expected when the Expansion Draft and NHL Awards were separate. The arena will likely be set up like a concert, so approximately 15,000-20,000 tickets should be available. Prices have yet to be announced. Brace for impact though cause the NHL Awards Show tickets have ranged from around $100-350 or so a piece. Obviously these will be cheaper due to it being in an arena rather than a theatre, but don’t expect them to be cheap.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public at 10AM PST on May 3rd.

This is also the event in which the team is expected to unveil their home and away jerseys.


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  1. Phisig150

    Was hoping we’d have our own expansion and jersey reveal for free. This is bullshit. I think I’ll opt for a bar instead. Welcome to the new Las Vegas where they nickel and dime you at every turn.

  2. PhiSig 150

    This comes off so unbelievably cheap to me. Sin Bin needs to host a separate draft event that won’t gouge the fans and make us sit through an awards show. Way to sell the game Bettman and connect with the fans Foley. I hope more fans will be in an uproar over this. Can’t this organization do anything right??

  3. Slack

    No uproar here. And yes, this organization has done plenty right.

    • Phisig150

      Hockey end yes. Fan side not so much. Theres no way in hell I’m going to pay to watch an hour long reveal of names and to see the Jersey they took over a year to create. Shame he really could have made it a fun free event for locals. Suprised he didn’t charge people to hear what the name was. Such a bullshit move by all parties involved. Hell the NFL doesn’t even charge for admission to the draft and that’s 1000 times as big as this event will be. Waiting for all the apologists to run to his defense and spin this somehow into something good for the fans.

  4. Phisig150

    I’m curious how much people (suckers) are willing to pay to attend this.

  5. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    ‘The event will take place as expected on June 21st at 5PM PST and will be televised on NBCSN and SportsNet.’

    Will I be able to listen to the Expansion Draft Reveal on the radio? I’m guessing the event won’t be streamed on the internet.

    • I would hope Fox Sports 1340 (the new home for Golden Knights hockey on the radio) would carry it live. Let me look into that.

      • PhiSig 150

        So does the expansion list and jerseys come before the awards show or after? Seems like either way you might have people leaving early or coming late. If I somehow got a free ticket (yes I’ll be that one grumpy fan that refuses to pay) I would come for the Knights stuff then bounce.

  6. Slack

    I understand everybody has a right to their opinion, but that does not mean it is necessary to negatively chime in on every topic. Nobody is forcing you to buy a ticket. If you would rather stay home and watch the event, or not watch at all, that is your choice. I personally think combining the events is very cool and having a chance to see the NHL awards made more readily available in our arena is a great idea. I encourage people to attend and show support for VGK. Let’s not turn all the hard work done by into a piss and moan feedback site.

    • PhiSig 150

      When Foley does something worthy of praise I give it to him. When Foley does something worthy of criticism he should receive that too. From everything I’ve read and listened he deserves an A for the hockey side of things. From a marketing standpoint I give him a D. It’s great to see him start to get kids to try hockey. The open house was decent. Outside of that he’s done little to bring in new fans and engage the community so far. This would have been a great opportunity and is now another opportunity lost. I was fully planning on attending the expansion draft and jersey reveal. I have no desire to watch the awards show. Now I have to pay and probably sit through the awards show first. No thanks. No one is pissing and moaning. The site calls him the creator for Christ’s sake I’m pretty sure his ego will be just fine. So Slack since you love this idea so much how much are you willing to pay. $25? $50? $100?? No way the arena is even half full unless you give away comp tickets to the season ticket holders.

  7. RJ

    I actually think this is pretty cool. All eyes of the Hockey world are going to be focused on Las Vegas for the awards show and now the team gets to capitalize on it. There has been some complaint that the expansion ‘draft’ is a non-event since there is only one team, Las Vegas is essentially just releasing a list. Now, this is part of a bonafide event. Hopefully there will be a local event as part of the reveal.

    • PhiSig 150

      I would have made it a big fan fest. Invite local food vendors, breweries, have games and entertainment for the kids, meet and greets with Foley/McPhee/Duke/Gallant. If I’m Foley I demand from the NHL that Addidas have jerseys ready for sale the day of the reveal. And then I do a promotion that if you have a jersey either from the season ticket purchase or buying one that day you can come into the arena for the expansion reveal as long as you have it on. The 500 million should allow me make a couple of demands. Also I want my own separate special event and not just be an add on to the awards show. Every one seems to really want to pay to see this and the awards so I guess I’m in the minority here. So was there 15 to 20,000 that wanted to go to last years awards show and just everyone couldn’t get tickets? Or are we so thankful that Foley brought us a team we want to throw money his way every chance we get? There is no way we get anywhere close to a full arena unless tickets are given away for free or most of them are incredibly low priced ($5 to $10 range).

  8. PhiSig 150

    So pay for parking and then $20 to get in? Eh I’ll pass. They’re cheap bastards I guess I can be one too. I’m expecting a half empty arena.

  9. A Fan

    Yeah I’ll pass also. If they can fill 20,000 paid seats, more power to them. They don’t even know if the jerseys will be ready then. I signed up for one season ticket in the first minute they were available, so I’ll have to buy my jersey. But since they may not be there, well, just another reason to watch it on NBCsn.

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