While the NHL waits, The Creator is making deals in preparation for Las Vegas’ first ever major professional sports franchise.

In a conversation with a high ranking official with Clark County, SinBin.vegas has learned the exact location of the practice facility that will be built for the NHL franchise. The approximately $15 million building will be located on Durango in between Warm Springs and the 215.

According to our source, the deal is completely done and construction will begin within days of an expansion announcement.

The facility will be 100% funded by Clark County money coming out of their “parks” budget. The team will then rent the space for about two hours per day which will offset nearly the entire cost of the building to the county.

Outside of those two hours dedicated to the Las Vegas Rat Pack NHL team, the ice will be available for youth and adult hockey teams and leagues.

There will be two full sized sheets of ice and two locker rooms.

Construction is expected to take about 18 months. NHL training camps typically open about 4 weeks before the season. In the case of the 2017-18 season, that’s 22 months from today, or more importantly 20 months from the date of the NHL All Star Game which appears to be the next legitimate chance at an announcement.

We’ve also learned that The Creator’s team has struck a tentative agreement with the UFC to use their rehab center, which is being built near the Strip. Dana White confirmed in an interview with MMAWeekly.com the facility broke ground in June and we expect an partnership announcement between the two organizations to come shortly after the team is awarded.

Finally, our source indicated that multiple members inside the Clark County Commission have personally reached out to Gary Bettman concerning the practice facility. Their goal was to show the NHL that it’s not only The Creator and AEG who are preparing for a team, but the county is also on board and ready to dump millions of dollars into hockey (and youth hockey) in the valley.

All of this is incredibly important information as it proves that while things appear to be static on the outside, there are in fact many deals going on behind the scenes in order for a team to be ready to hit the ice in 22 months.

Plus, this is likely just the tip of the iceberg.