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Examining The 2024-25 Schedule

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The 2024-25 schedule is here.

The NHL released the Golden Knights’ full schedule for the 2024-25 season and we’re here to break it down. (Scroll to the bottom to see full schedule)

  • Longest Homestand
    • 2024-25: 5 games
      • 2/27-3/9
    • 2023-24:  5 games
      • 1/11-1/20 (4-1-)
    • 2022-23: 7 games
      • 1/5-1/21 (3-4-0)
    • 2021-22: 6 games (twice)
      • 11/9-11/20 (5-1-0)
      • 12/31-1/11 (3-3-2) *This was originally scheduled as a 6-game homestand but a rescheduled away game turned it into 8*
    • 2021: 5 games
      • 1/26-2/11 (3-1-1)
    • 2019-20: 7 games
      • 12/28-1/11 (4-3-0)
    • 2018-19: 5 games
      • 10/16-10/28 (3-1-1)
    • 2017-18: 7 games (twice)
      • 10/10-10/27 (6-1-0)
      • 2/11-2/23 (5-2-0)
  • Longest Road Trip
    • 2024-25: 5 games
      • 11/20-11/27
    • 2023-24: 5 games
      • 11/14-11/22 (2-2-1)
    • 2022-23:  6 games
      • 1/22-2/9 (2-2-2)
    • 2021-22: 5 games
      • 3/8-3/15 (0-5-0)
    • 2021: 6 games
      • 3/5-3/13 (4-2-0)
    • 2019-20: 8 games
      • 1/14-2/6 (4-3-1)
    • 2018-19: 5 games
      • 10/6-10/13 (2-3-0)
    • 2017-18: 6 games (twice)
      • 10/30-11/7 (1-4-1)
      • 1/30-2/8 (4-2-0)

  • Back-to-Backs
    • 2024-25: 15
      • Road/Road: 7
      • Home/Home: 5
      • Road/Home: 0
      • Home/Road: 1
    • 2023-24: 11
      • Road/Road: 5
        • 3 Points – 2
        • 2 Points – 2
        • 0 Points – 1
      • Home/Home: 0
      • Road/Home: 4
        • 4 Points – 1
        • 2 Points – 3
      • Home/Road: 2
        • 4 Points – 1
        • 2 Points – 1
    • 2022-23: 7
      • Road/Road: 4
        • 4 points – 1
        • 3 points – 1
        • 1 point – 2
      • Home/Home: 1
        • 0 points – 1
      • Road/Home: 0
      • Home/Road: 2
        • 4 points – 1
        • 2 points – 1
    • 2021-22: 13 *Due to the NHL not going to the Olympics, many were rescheduled*
      • Road/Road: 9
        • 4 points – 2
        • 2 Points – 4
        • 0 Points – 2
      • Home/Home:
      • Road/Home: 1
        • 0 Points – 1
      • Home/Road: 3
        • 2 Points – 1
    • 2021: 8
      • Road/Road: 3
        • 4 points – 2
        • 2 points – 1
      • Home/Home: 1
        • 1 point – 1
      • Road/Home: 2
        • 2 points – 2
      • Home/Road: 2
        • 4 points – 2
    • 2019-20: 12
      • Road/Road: 6
        • 4 points – 3
        • 2 points – 2
        • 0 points – 1
      • Home/Home: 0
      • Road/Home: 3
        • 2 points – 3
      • Home/Road: 3
        • 4 points – 2
        • Cancelled – 1
    • 2018-19: 13
      • Road/Road: 7
        • 4 points – 1
        • 2 points – 3
        • 0 points – 3
      • Home/Home:2
        • 4 points – 1
        • 2 points – 1
      • Road/Home: 1
        • 2 points – 1
      • Home/Road: 3
        • 4 points – 2
        • 1 point – 1
    • 2017-18: 12
      • Road/Road: 9
        • 4 points – 3
        • 3 points – 1
        • 2 points – 2
        • 1 point – 1
        • 0 points – 2
      • Home/Home: 1
        • 4 points – 1
      • Road/Home: 1
        • 1 point – 1
      • Home/Road: 1
        • 4 points – 1
  • Longest Time Away From T-Mobile Arena
    • 2024-25: 23 Days (1/30-2/22)
    • 2023-24: 16 Days (1/21-2/5)
    • 2022-23: 21 Days (1/22-2/11)
    • 2021-22: 24 Days (2/2-2/26)
    • 2021: – 12 Days (3/4-3/15)
    • 2019-20 – 28 Days (1/11-2/8)
    • 2018-19 – 16 Days (1/23-2/9)
    • 2017-18 – 16 Days (1/25-2/11)
  • Bye Week
    • 2024-25: Feb 9 – Feb 22 *Includes 4 Nations Face-Off*
    • 2023-24: Jan. 28 – Feb 5 *Includes All Star Game*
    • 2022-23: Jan. 29 – Feb 6 *Includes All Star Game*
    • 2021-22: Feb. 2nd – Feb. 25th *Olympic Break
    • 2021: N/A
    • 2019-20: Jan. 22 – Jan. 26
    • 2018-19: Jan. 27 – Jan. 31
    • 2017-18: Jan. 8 – Jan. 12
  • Division Games in March/April
    • 2024-25: 6
    • 2023-24: 8 (3-5-0)
    • 2022-23: 9 (5-2-2)
    • 2021-22: 13 (8-2-2) *1 rescheduled
    • 2021: 32 (23-8-1)
    • 2019-20: 9 (3-0-0) *6 cancelled
    • 2018-19: 11 (7-3-1)
    • 2017-18: 8 (4-3-1)
  • Games by Day
    • Monday
      • 2024-25: 6
      • 2023-24: 11 (3-4-3)
      • 2022-23: 9 (6-3-0)
      • 2021-22: 6 (1-4-0) *1 rescheduled
      • 2021: 12 (9-3-0)
      • 2019-20: 7 (3-3-0) *1 cancelled
      • 2018-19: 8 (2-6-0)
      • 2017-18: 6 (3-1-2)
    • Tuesday
      • 2024-25: 13
      • 2023-24: 16 (9-4-3)
      • 2022-23: 17 (9-5-3)
      • 2021-22: 18 (8-7-4) *1 added due to reschedule
      • 2021: 3 (1-1-1)
      • 2019-20: 17 (7-7-0) *3 cancelled
      • 2018-19: 11 (7-4-0)
      • 2017-18: 20 (12-7-1)
    • Wednesday
      • 2024-25: 9
      • 2023-24: 6 (3-3-0)
      • 2022-23: 5 (3-1-1)
      • 2021-22: 9 (5-5-1) *2 added due to reschedule
      • 2021: 11 (8-3-0)
      • 2019-20: 6 (4-0-0) *2 cancelled
      • 2018-19: 9 (4-3-2)
      • 2017-18: 5 (3-2-0)
    • Thursday
      • 2024-25: 14
      • 2023-24: 18 (11-7-0)
      • 2022-23: 19 (15-3-1)
      • 2021-22: 14 (9-4-0) *1 rescheduled
      • 2021: 4 (2-1-1)
      • 2019-20: 16 (6-3-5) *2 cancelled
      • 2018-19: 14 (8-6-0)
      • 2017-18: 14 (7-6-1)
    • Friday
      • 2024-25: 11
      • 2023-24: 6 (3-2-1)
      • 2022-23: 6 (2-2-2)
      • 2021-22: 13 (7-4-1) *1 rescheduled
      • 2021: 9 (7-2-0)
      • 2019-20: 8 (5-3-0)
      • 2018-19: 10 (4-5-1)
      • 2017-18: 14 (8-5-1)
    • Saturday
      • 2024-25: 17
      • 2023-24: 19 (10-6-3)
      • 2022-23: 20 (9-6-4)
      • 2021-22: 11 (7-4-0)
      • 2021: 11 (9-2-0)
      • 2019-20: 16 (7-4-3) *2 cancelled
      • 2018-19: 19 (10-6-3)
      • 2017-18: 12 (9-1-2)
    • Sunday
      • 2024-25: 12
      • 2023-24: 6 (3-2-1)
      • 2022-23: 7 (5-2-0)
      • 2021-22: 11 (6-3-2)
      • 2021: 6 (5-1-0)
      • 2019-20: 12 (7-3-0) *2 cancelled
      • 2018-19: 11 (8-2-1)
      • 2017-18: 11 (10-1-0)


Free Agency Periscope

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  1. Pistol Pete

    I was at the development camp skate Tuesday July 2. This Trevor Connelly is gifted. Speedy, aggressive and a great stick. Best player on the ice by far. Would not surprise me if he does well over a point a game as a freshman at Providence. If he does he could up end up next season (2025-26) right into the NHL which happens from time to time with the strongest prospects.”

  2. Pistol Pete

    “We expect in the case of Pavel to really continue to blossom and the opportunity that he’s going to now have on our team,” McCrimmon said. “Kaeden Korczak will be a full-time NHL player this year based on what we saw in his time with our team last year. We think he’s more than ready to step into an NHL lineup.”

    The above from a recent article. “Korczak will be a full-time NHL player this year”. If that does not telegraph the departure of Theodore or even Pietrangelo as part of deal to replace Marchy I don’t know what would.

    • Pistol Pete

      Typos correction:

      as part of a deal to replace Marchy

    • knights fan in minny

      if korczak is ready to step in time to put 27 on the wing who the hell is wild bill going to have as his wingers

  3. Pistol Pete

    Had the pleasure of a brief chat with Kelly McCrimmon outside the Arsenal at CNA. I told him I liked what I have seen (regarding the events around the draft and free agency) and reminded him of his excellent track record when it comes to key acquisitions and how they lead to winning a Cup. With respect to the current situation he just said “trust us”.

  4. ThG

    Victor Olofsson signed a 1 year, $1,075,000 contract with the Vegas Golden Knights on Jul. 2, 2024. The contract has a cap hit of $1,075,000.

    • Pistol Pete

      Potential depth forward. Not heavy but at .58 pts/game much higher offensive production than the historical VGK bottom six forward. Can he be made to forecheck and backcheck is the question. -63 leaves a lot of room for improvement but then most every Sabres forward including Eichel sucked defensively. This is where Cassidy comes in. Another astute acquisition by the scouting team imo. There was a team of 15-20 of them attending the development camp today.

      • Emmanuel

        VO is a perennial 20G scorer, both seasons he didnt he was hurt.

  5. vgk21

    don’t like the 15 back to back games this season. they had 11 last season and look at all the injuries.

    this 15 back to back schedule is going to create injuries once again this year for Vgk.

  6. vgk21

    one thing for sure about Olofsson……he has a blistering slapper one timer from the right circle on the PP…just what the Vgk need in that situation.

    • Pistol Pete

      His production really fell off last season but then BUF must be a shit place to be. Three of first four full seasons he did 20 or more goals. Must stronger than the historical VGK bottom six forward. Let’s see what Cassidy can do for him here in Vegas as with Holtz. Sometimes a change of scenery and coach makes a difference.

      • ThG

        as usual showing no hockey acumen, Eichel had a lot of chemistry with Ole. He will likely take marchy’s spot on the line up starting off.

        I bet ike had a lot of input into signing ole.

        • Pistol Pete

          I was a hockey player ThG. Glad you posted this. Did not realize Olofsson had that level of success with Eichel. No guarantee he replaces Marchy but it is possible if and only if he can perform at that level now five years later. A bit doubtful however he could be an excellent depth player at the minimum. Am inclined to think McCrimmon is engineering a deal involving Theodore. Note he mentions he expects Korczak to be full-time. That is only possible if Theodore or Pietrangelo are traded.

          • vgk21

            Petro has a NMC, no move clause

            Theodore is tradeable, as he has just a five team no trade clause. iow, 26 teams are available to trade him to.

          • vgk21

            I like the trade proposal from yesterday by Jim…

            Theodore to Canes for Necas

            Korzcak already replaced Theo for 2 months last season when he was injured, and he was about +12 or so playing with McNabb.

          • ThG

            we shall see, but expect to see Eichel and Olo teamed at some point in season, maybe on PP ?

            Olo had flu most of past season, probably due to Covid complications. If he can get healthy he can be a top six. His strat O is a 4 and his D is a 2, so like BARBY he’s no defensive specialist, but neither was Marchy last season. Waiting on final Strat rating but win they won cup Marchy was a 4/2 also.

          • Emmanuel

            Even with Hanifin the D would collapse w/out Pietrangelo. HARD NO even if you could trade him.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Most recent CapFriendly including all contract extensions and recent acquisitions. Thirteen forwards, eight D, two G (23 total). With Lehner on LTIR cap space = $1.31m.

  8. ThG

    update forwards, current roster, no fantasy conjecture

    with olo (ole ) signing today. move him to Eichel’s line due to prior chemistry in Buffalo.

    O lines as it stands now
    Stone – Eichel – Olo
    Doro – Hertyl- barby
    howden – karlson – Holtz
    kolesar- roy – Brisson
    bench –rondberg, still have room for another acquisiton

    • Pistol Pete

      Olofsson is listed as a LW. Stone is an RW.


      Obviously interchanging Olofsson and Barbashev is one of many options.


      This assumes a Marner deal involves at a minimum
      Theodore and Roy. When McCrimmon remarked to me today “trust us” I doubt he was referencing just the Olofsson acquisition though that is possible.

      • ThG

        i don’t see STone and Hertyl on same line , for long, too slow.
        you left out Brisson, he has to be on team this year, even if on bench.


      • ThG

        if you watched olo’s highlight I posted above, he was scoring mostly from the RW, and on PP at top of Circle, blasting the puck into the net.

        I would put him LW/RW.

      • Pistol Pete

        Good point I did forget Brisson when I never did on my previous fantasy rosters. Scratch Rondbjerg.

      • Emmanuel

        I like your lines/pairings.
        VGK should consider flipping mcnabb and hanifin

      • knights fan in minny

        roy has to stay to valuable

  9. vgk21

    Good news!

    the development camp prospects scrimmage game today at 1:45 pm will be streamed live on Xtwitter, facebook, youtube

  10. Achilles

    Nice to see Krebs in so many of Olofsson’s highlight video doing good things. Oloffson had a few back checks for turnovers, too. At the very least, he should help the PP.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Necas is a right shot:

    Barbashev-Eichel-Necas (or switch Necas with Olofsson)

    I would expect us to get something more than Necas for Theodore however Necas would be a far distant second to Marner however given our cap situation beggars can’t be choosers and we would hang onto Roy and anything else that would go to a Marner deal and yeah Olofsson might even work with Eichel.

  12. Rashaad

    Some thoughts on the outrage this weekend. For those of you that wanted to keep everybody, you are idiots and can’t do math as it is not possible in a hard cap system. I will give my opinions on each departing free agent and if any of their deals made sense for Vegas. I am happy for them signing big contracts elsewhere in their declining years.

    Anthony Mantha – who cares, irrelevant.

    William Carrier – As with most departing VGK free agents his contract expired at the right time. An all time great Golden Knight on one of the great 4th lines of the past decade. Did not excel moving up in the lineup when given the opportunity. We all knew exactly what he was and he was worth every penny up until about one year ago. He always gets hurt. He literally is now a part timer. He has only played 207 of the last 320 games which is only 65% of the games. You can’t count on him anymore. He is turning 30 this season and the injuries will likely escalate. I would not bring him back at any cost for this reason. He signed a 6 year contract. Ridiculous! Good for him but ridiculous.

    Michael Amadio – A nice player who was very good value. A shrewd waiver pick up by the best front office in the business. A bit inconsistent at times and Cassidy had to constantly be on his ass. For $762,500 he more then delivered. Ottawa gave him a 340% raise on a three year deal. $2,600,000 per year. Lets be honest here. Amadio’s career high in points is 27. He is 28 years old. He has peaked. McCrimmon would have to be out of his mind to give him the contract that he got from Ottawa.

    Chandler Stephenson – The contract he got from Seattle might be the worst contract signed on Saturday. Stephenson is 30 and the decline might have already begun. He had 51 points last year after consecutive years of 64 and 65. No issue with the 6.25 million AAV if it came with a 3 year term. He got seven years!!! SEVEN!!! Do I really need to elaborate. Also, how good will he be without Stone.

    Alec Martinez – Unlike Carrier his contract didn’t expire at the exact ideal time. His expiry date was one year too late. He was a beast for Vegas. I’m not sure I would entertain bringing him back for one year even at the minimum. Moot point because he got a great deal from the Blackhawks.

    Do you see where I am going here? Makes no sense to have brought any of these guys back.

    Logan Thompson – I believe this could be the one mistake of the weekend. In spite of Logan’s request to be traded I wish they would have declined his request and had him play out his contract. At the end of the day Logan did not want to be here anyways so if he were not traded he would be gone after this season anyways.

    Jonathan Marchessault – I do not believe that anybody can make a logical argument in signing any of the above free agents to the deals that they ended up getting signed for. Marchessault is a different story. I think they did the right thing in not giving him a 5 year term but I can accept an argument for anyone who would disagree. We already have Stone, Pietrangelo, Karlsson and Hertl signed to long term deals that will still be active in their declining years. I believe that adding a 5th long term contract to an aging veteran would be too much. They had to draw the line and they did at Marchessault. I think you all might feel differently when Marchessault is in years 4 and 5 of his contract and in his late 30’s struggling to score 15 goals.

    It’s ironic how how so many classify McCrimmon’s weekend as a bad weekend when I actually think he did a great job exercising restraint, self control and logic. We are lucky to have him.

    We may have a couple of down years (maybe not) but being smart this weekend has ensured that we don’t become what San Jose has become.

    I’m excited to see what Dorofeyev, Holtz and Brisson can do with actual opportunities.

    • ThG

      you left out all the pick ups KM brought in

    • Emmanuel

      You are correct SIR!

      Right on all counts. Kraken and Sens will rue those contracts.

      A little rough on Mantha though…..

  13. Rashaad

    Pistol Pete, I respect your opinions on Necas and Marner but strongly disagree. Marner wants 12.5 million per year. That’s a non starter. Not one single player earning more then $10,000,000 has ever won the Stanley Cup. Bobrovsky and Eichel are at the top earning exactly $10,000,000. Marner would completely destroy any chance at having a balanced lineup. As for Necas, I love the guy but I think you are undervaluing him. It would take much more then a soon to be 29 year old Shea Theodore on an expiring contract to acquire Martin Necas who is just 25 years old and blossoming into a star.

    • ThG

      it’s only a “starter” if team took some sal cap back, what is chance of that happening?

      • Pistol Pete

        If McCrimmon can swing Marner it would almost have to involve salary retention.

  14. Pistol Pete

    I defer to you Rashaad however we still need to wait and see McCrimmon’s final move. Sure you agree we defer to him!

    • Pistol Pete

      Rashaad I would like to add the salary cap will continue to go up ushering an era where multiple $12.5m salaries will be possible. What do you think Eichel will get? Well north of $10m for sure. Cups can still be won with these salaries it’s a question of balancing them with depth and the ability to defend. This is what Toronto has not been able to do thus far.

  15. trade

    btw, how about those chickenshit Washington Crapitals.

    I am referring, of course, to the fact that SOB owner Leonsis bought the Capfriendly website, and he is soon going to make it private for his team only, and fans are left out in the dark.

    and yes, I know that Puckpedia has added some things to their website, but compare the 2 sites, and it is clearly Capfriendly that is far superior in almost every way, including layout and ease of use.

    • Emmanuel

      Yeah thats a lowdown move…..

      I respect how he had Ovie’s back when he was pressured to “denounce” Vlad P.

  16. Pistol Pete

    The more I chew on ThG’s find on the Eichel/Olofssun chemistry the more intrigued I am.

    The Eichel factor?

    Just look how good Marchy was with Eichel on the team beginning Feb. 16, 2022 (not that he was on Eichel’s line every game):

    Regular season 158 pts/192 games = .82 pts/game

    Pre-Eichel (incl. pre-VGK): 329 pts/446 games = .74 pts/game

    Obviously it can’t be claimed that Eichel was solely responsible for the uptick in Marchy’s production of for that matter it was even a factor however I would claim he may not have won the CS or the Cup if not for Eichel.

    After Marchy has time to digest the deal NSH gave him I am not expecting any further talk by him around Vegas failing to extend him. With the cap crunch created by Hertl and Hanifin he had to know there was just no way Vegas goes more than $4m and nowhere near the five year term he got. Marchy did very well for himself indeed and if anything should be grateful for the opportunity he got here. He’s just in great shape over there with Stamkos, Forsberg and the rest of that roster.

    • Pistol Pete

      I mean he will be turning 39 December the last year of his contract. No way should McCrimmon had gone anywhere near a deal like that. No wonder he did not get extended. Marchy you did about as well for yourself as you could have and we could not have won the Cup without you. Thank you and good look with the Preds. You have five more years at $458,333 per month. Life is good. You deserve/earned it!

  17. Tim

    I must say it was a pleasure reading all the Sin Bin post today. It was maybe the only time in all the years that everyone posted objective hockey thoughts Bravo my hats off to all of you. Lets keep it up it’s so much better then all the cheap shots people take at one another.

  18. Pistol Pete

    Ken tweeted this lineup, no further acquisitions, Stone as 1RW. McCrimmon may be done, only time will tell. Stone’s health is always a concern though. What then? May/probably makes sense to acquire one more top six forward.

  19. knights fan in minny


  20. Nice move to pick up Olfsson Mc Crimmon is one piece away from putting a good team on the ice. Still need a number one winger. Him, Doro and Holtz will add to depth to lineup also younger and less costly than going free agents.

  21. Rashaad

    I’m loving all the optimism here. There’s been a lot of bitching and crying by others on X (twitter)

  22. JV

    Most of the ire at McCrimmon is over Marchessault. I wouldn’t have paid those other guys what they got either. I better not hear any Bettman, the Owners, and GM’s griping about any more salary cap crap after this off season.
    The argument I could make is Pietrangelo will be 37 when his is up. He’s missed significant time on and off, unlike Marchy who has remained relatively heathy. Maybe a 6M x4 could have gotten it done, or structured a 5 yr. where max allowed was paid out first 3 seasons. Guess it’s moot now.

  23. knights fan in minny

    vegas signs robert hagg d-man never heard of him

  24. knights fan in minny

    signs callahan burke a nobody

  25. knights fan in minny

    offer tarasenko a million

  26. Hagg is a quality defensive d man another quality pick up must have a d man going out.

  27. Leonard Wise

    Hagg is still a backup on this team probably AHL but will give us experienced depth.

  28. ThG

    did anyone go to scrimmage yesterday and see how the no. 1 looked?

    I wasn’t there, please update !

    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      Watch it on YouTube, I think it looked good. Fast and I think the VGK have some up and coming talent. Connelly looks like he will be dangerous and I am hoping Swick will beef up and develop more as a D man, dude is 6’7.5″ and not afraid to drop the gloves.

      • ThG

        fishstock, stockfish looked good, but I think he’s bigger and older than others? Well he’s 22.

        Didn’t know they had a Dineen on the invite. I guess his grandpa is the NHL player who played for Flyers in 90s ! > ?

        • trade

          Connelly, Van Vliet, Cataford, and Lindbom in goal are future VGK players, but they are obviously a couple years away.

  29. ThG

    O lines as it stands now
    Stone – Eichel – Olo
    Doro – Hertyl- barby
    howden – karlson – Holtz
    kolesar- roy – Brisson

    think Butch will put kid line together , ever?
    olo=doro-Brisson-holtz ?
    stone – eichel-0lo
    howden hertyl-barby

    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      Trying put the “Kid Line” would be good preseason fun, get them some time together where it doesn’t count and see how they start gelling. Just a thought.

  30. ThG

    looks like all the HATER writers in VGK orbit, including the one who wrote a scathing article about FO, didn’t do their homework. As usual, spinning, and stirring click bait.

    Take a look at this, and they all should be ashamed of themselves. Arrogance here in drafting this player, too ? I don’t think so.

    Lucas Van Vliet
    July 02, 2024

    The last few days have been really weird. Weird in the coolest way possible. It’s crazy to finally be able to be a part of an NHL team and represent a team like the Golden Knights. I was at home with my family watching the draft only four days ago when it cut to a commercial and suddenly, I got a call from my agent. He told me that Vegas had chosen me and when I looked up at the TV, I saw my name and my family just started screaming. We went crazy, we were so excited.

    My whole life, I dreamed of this moment but never really thought it would happen. My dad and I always talked about how we hoped for a day like that. When you first hear your name, it’s weird. It doesn’t feel like it’s real and you want to pinch yourself. But once you get that call, you just soak it all in. It’s a moment I’ll never forget and it’s something I’ll have with me forever. I’m super humble to be chosen by an organization like Vegas. Being drafted is something I never thought would happen. I think it’s something that kids can learn from, and I want people to know that even when you think you can’t do it, you can.

    Now that I’m here in Vegas, this place is unreal. It’s my first time here and I don’t ever want to leave. I want to stay here forever, I want to live here. I mean, every day it’s perfect weather to golf. Can’t beat that, right? It’s just really amazing. Also, I think it’s really special being drafted to a place that isn’t a typical hockey market and that’s something that I think the Golden Knights have done a really good job of building it into one. One thing I have to get used to is this heat. In Michigan, I’m used to it being 60 degrees in the morning but here it’s already 90. I’m getting a good tan before I go on summer vacation.

    Growing up, I’ve known the Golden Knights to be a well-respected organization. I can see why. Like tomorrow, we’re going to feed the homeless and I think it’s really special that this program does that and gives back to the community. That’s something I like to do. I’m looking forward to doing that. Not a lot of teams incorporate charity into their camps like Vegas and it’s really special that they’ve done it every year for the last seven seasons. I’m excited to be with the team and help others together. People help you throughout your entire life and I think it’s really important to give back to people who need it. I want to be a part of an organization that prioritizes giving back to its community.

    Not only does this team take care of the community, but it also really takes care of its players. I feel like I’ve gotten so close with Director of Player Development Wil Nichol already, I just feel like he’s looking out for me. He’s so supportive and has such positive things to say about me. I can tell Wil is someone that cares for me both on and off the ice and that’s something I don’t take for granted. He not only wants me to be the best player but also the best human which I think is what’s made us connect so quickly.

    Watching this team win the Stanley Cup in just six years shows how well-managed it is and how knowledgeable the staff is. That’s something I want to be a part of and that’s something I’m excited to be a part of. I’ve had so much fun just getting to know the other guys here, we’re all different ages and from different places. At the NTDP, we’re all Americans so this is my first time having this kind of opportunity to hang out with guys who speak different languages and come from different backgrounds. My roommate is Carl Lindbom who’s from Sweden and he’s such a cool guy, I love living with him. There’s a lot I can learn from these guys.

    The scrimmage today was a lot of fun. It was fast paced. I think at first, everyone was a little nervous but eventually, I think we settled in. Trevor Connelly and I played together growing up and when we got to play at World Juniors together, he became one of my best friends. Trevor actually texted me right after I was drafted. and he said he was super excited to play together again. I’m really looking forward to playing together and to keep growing with him.

    It’s been a great start to the week and I can’t wait for what’s next!

    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      I know I am excited to see how some of these younger guys develop.

      People have to hate, and they are they worst kind of fans. Ya know they are like Canadian fans, players don’t like playing g in some towns because of how critical the fans are, and how they think they know hockey better because they’ve been armchairing it for so long.

      I am curious to see how Samsonov will do, Burke had input on acquiring him just like Hilly. Maybe he wasn’t getting the right coaching? I am going to trust the FO, I mean the fact that they made the trades and acquisitions to get Vegas a Cup in 6 speaks volumes. There was something they know that we don’t when it comes to trading Thompson.

  31. ThG

    Will Dineen, son of former NHL star Kevin Dineen, has been voted captain of the Yale men’s hockey team for the 2024-25 season. He s 23,

  32. Walt

    Barbashev-Eichel-Olofsson (Necas)

  33. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    I believe that two of the most important players this season will be Zach Whitecloud and Nic Hague. Dorofeyev, Holtz and Brisson playing well as full time NHLers is important too as they need to fill in what we lost upfront.

    Did you guys notice that Brayden McNabb wasn’t quite as physical last year? He was still good but that lethal hit he would execute along the boards every two or three games was missing last year. Pietrangelo dropped off a little bit, just a bit. The two are getting older. In the case of Hague and Whitecloud being just 25 and 27 years old respectively, they really had no excuse last year for dropping off. These weren’t massive concerning drop offs but they should never fall lower then Ben Hutton on the depth charts. Progression isn’t always lineal. It is my hope that they both progress to being top 4 studs next year. I would love a scenario in which Pietranagelo, Hanifin, Whitecloud and Hague occupy the top 4 spots all season and McNabb, Korczak and Hutton fill ou spots 5-7.

    • ThG

      hague didn’t drop off, he played better last season and was often paired on top line.

      Whitecloud had too many injuries to make accurate assessment, and missed to manny games

      Hutton is too old, and didn’t play enough, inconsistent to say he played better than hague or whitecloud, if he did coach would have played him more; but coach didn’t do so. That says it all, Hutton is probably, most likely, odd man out this year. Assuming no trade or injury. Whitecloud is too, if they lay kayden , or rotate kayden and whitey in lineup.

      Marty played a lot worse.

      Agree with petro and mcnab on hitting people. Petro made too many bad penalties, and hot head like Marchy.

  34. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    You are right about Hague.

  35. Rashaad, i totally agree with most of your post!

    Amadio…good for him , hes a good guy

    Carrier…good for him , hes a good guy…however i disagree with the moving up in the lineup part….he was on pace for around 25 goals!! 2 years ago before he got hurt and when he returned he was never the same including this year.

    Mantha…you were kind to label him as irreleavant lol

    Martinez…good for him…hes a good guy and best of luck

    Stephenson….good guy but his production had slacked off…refused to shoot the puck…and perhaps his speed is in decline because his breakaway opportunities were dew and far between all season…vastly vastly vastly overpaid by kraken who will rue the signing.

    Marchy…nothing but love and admiration for his time here…whether he or Macrimmon are being totally truthful we wont know…he got the deal he wanted…the years he wanted….a preds team that looks very dangerous on paper…how will he do there remains the question…how will he like being a small fish in the big pond there …he will need to defer to Josi Stamkos Sarros Forsberg and O’reilly…and Cody Glass haha…rather than being a big fish in the small pond here…will be interesting how the soon to be 34 year reacts and acclimates.

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