Backhand, wrister, deflection, empty netter, you name it, Wild Bill did it. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

We all fondly remember William Karlsson’s 43 goal season as a glorious collection of one-timers, diving empty netters, and between the legs dandies, but now thanks to TSN’s Travis Yost we know exactly how #71 put all 43 goals into the back of the net on the way to one of the most incredible breakthrough seasons in NHL history.

The numbers are fascinating to read, especially when you look at Lady Byng winner William Karlsson’s chart.

The Golden Knights star center will probably forever be known for this, but according to Yost’s research, Karlsson scored the majority of his goals by wrist shot. Yost found the goal percentages by shot type; backhand, deflection, slap shot, snap shot, tipped shot, wraparound, and wrist shot. As you can see on TSN’s chart, Karlsson has an incredibly lethal wrist shot. The top line center scored 41.9%, or 18 of 43 goals off his wrister.

Karlsson’s Full Shot Type Chart
Wrist shot: 41.9% (18 Goals)
Snap shot: 20.9% (9 Goals)
Backhand shot: 11.6% (5 Goals)
Slap shot: 9.3% (4 Goals)
Deflection: 7.0% (3 Goals)
Tip in: 7.0% (3 Goals)
Wraparound: 2.3% (1 Goal)

Karlsson’s wrist shot percentage is among some of the NHL’s best. Hart trophy winner Taylor Hall, Islanders forward Anders Lee, and Philadelphia captain Claude Giroux all scored 40-42% of their goals by wrist shot. Colorado’s Nathan McKinnon led all scorers with whopping 71.8% scored by his wrist shot.

Karlsson’s second best weapon was his snap shot. Nine times, the Swede frustrated opposing goaltenders with his quick hands. Same goes for #71’s backhand. Karlsson’s puck control and swift decisions made for open net space. Even in traffic.

According to TSN’s shot type percentages, there is something Karlsson needs to work on. Only one wraparound goal is unacceptable. Though if he keeps doing stuff like this one from the Final, we won’t complain.