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Evgeni Dadonov Rumor Roundup

The moment the Golden Knights inked Vadim Shipachyov to a contract, the rumor mill began firing linking Shippy’s linemate for both SKA St. Petersburg and Team Russia, Evgeni Dadonov, to Vegas.

It all started way back in early February when SportsNet’s rockstar first mentioned the pair’s names together.

Hearing there is more than the usual amount of scouting going on with KHL players. That league is considering going with fewer teams next season, so NHL clubs are readying for the possibility of some extra players being available. Just like last year, the bigger names are St. Petersburg’s Evgeny Dadonov (56 points in 48 games) and Vadim Shipachev (68 points in 45 games), but it will cost millions to bring them over. –Elliotte Friedman on 2/1/17

Shipachyov and Dadonov’s names appeared next to each other across most publications over the last few months.

Then once Shippy signed on off Vegas, the Golden Knights instantly became the front runner to sign Dadonov as well.

Then, the George McPhee press conference call happened, and even he joined the party.

We’ve certainly had conversations, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to get a deal done there. Until you have a player’s signature on a contract you don’t have anything. I don’t know if he’s coming over, I don’t if he’s going to sign with us or another NHL team. I think it’s logical for people to assume he might want to come here because his teammate and friend is here but we have a lot to work through with other teams and players before the Expansion Draft before we can think about adding another big contract. -George McPhee

Vegas aren’t the only ones vying for his services though… and it’s not just in the NHL, SKA St. Petersburg wants to keep him.

Vegas still appears to be the front runner, and a deal could get done any moment now, but there’s certainly no guarantee Dadonov will be leaving Russia, let alone selecting Vegas.

So what type of player is Evgeny Dadonov?

A small winger with good speed and finishing. Not very good defensively. Needs to get stronger and more physical –EliteProspects

Dadonov is a small player with offensive skill, but he doesn’t shy away from the rough stuff and is willing to go into traffic in pursuit of the puck or scoring chance, or throw a hit on the forecheck. He has been developing his defensive game and has displayed admirable puck possession skills as a rookie at the NHL level against above average competition. –HockeyFuture

**HockeyFuture graded him as a D but doesn’t appear to have updated their ranking since his latest stint in the KHL.**

FYI – Russian translations are not always spot on to English which has led there to be four different spellings of Dadonov’s first name. Evgeni is the one we are going with for now, but you’ll also see Evgeny, Evgenii, and Yevgeni.


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  1. PhiSig 150

    I like it. We’re not going to get much in the way of scoring in the expansion draft so McPhee is getting creative. Putting the Putin in Poutine. The more Ruskies the better. Let’s build the Iron Strip. We beat the other 30 at something and that feels pretty damn good.

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