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Everything That Was Said About Jonathan Marchessault At Locker Cleanup Day

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At the final media session for the year for the Golden Knights, everyone said the right things about pending UFA Jonathan Marchessault’s place within the organization. Now, it’s up to the team to take action to keep him here.

Here’s everything that was said about his situation from Marchessault himself, Bruce Cassidy, Kelly McCrimmon, and a bunch of his teammates.

I’ve done everything I can to stay here. I know I’m a big part of this organization and team and I’ve proven it along the years. I’m pretty confident. I would love to stay, it’s my home. I’ve been part of the group of guys that started this. It’s the most proud thing I’ve done in my life professionally for sure. I’m just happy to be a Golden Knight and I want to be one the rest of my life but that’s not necessarily in my control. It’s something my agent and Kelly are going to go through. I love it here, I want to stay here for sure, but we’ll see. -Jonathan Marchessault

I had a real good meeting with Marchy this morning. We talked with his representatives. Marchy is an original, he’s a core player, and he had a career year. So he’s done everything humanly possible to put himself in a good position. We really like the player and his value extends beyond what you see on the ice. He’s a really important leader and an important guy in our dressing room. There’s certainly a strong willingness from both sides to have real good discussions. That’s what we’re going to work on. With that said we’re not going to comment on the ongoing commentary of how it’s going or that type of thing, we’ll work diligently and see where we get to. -Kelly McCrimmon

I don’t know when it will happen. I talked to Kelly this morning and he wants me back, he likes me. And obviously the feeling is mutual. I love Vegas, I love my teammates, I love the organization, the coaching staff, all the staff working with us, they are family to me now. I could have had a rough season after doing everything we’ve done as a team and personally, but I had a good one still. So it just shows I left it all out there and things will happen I guess, we will see. -Marchessault

I love coaching Jonathan Marchessault. The progression we’ve made might be one of the best ones I’ve enjoyed from where we started to where we ended up. We started with how will we prepare for games, how will we practice, what do I need out of you, 200-foot player, what does he need, the back-and-forth, we’re both emotional. And then we win the Stanley Cup, he wins the Conn Smythe, he has a career year. For me, those are all rewarding things as a coach to see a player go through and you feel like you’ve done your small part as a coach when that happens. I enjoy my relationship with him talking honestly and openly. I love his energy around the room. He’s had great years as a Golden Knights. I can’t say enough good things about him. As a coach, you hope you can keep everybody together, him included. That’s between his party and Crim to try to get something done. I know the situation he’s in, we’ve got four or five of those guys. That’s my experience from day one til now. Love coaching the guy. Terrific guy for the room. When you see a relationship develop like that it’s nice. I’ve had it with other players where we become a little closer than some other guys, that you end up interacting with more for whatever reason. That’s how it went with Marchy. We’ll see how it leads. -Bruce Cassidy

(Family) is important obviously. The kids have their schools and their sports teams and all that. But if you look around the league not many guys have played seven years in the same spot. It’s pretty satisfying to be in that situation that I’ve been able to give stability to my family for seven years so I’m pretty happy about that. What’s important to me as that the numbers are what they are there’s no one hitting home runs or going way under what they are supposed to have I think. The numbers are what they are and we’ll see if this is important to them or not. What’s important to me is that I want to be in an organization that wants me. I have a couple of years left and I still play the game of hockey not just to play it, I don’t play it to have fun, I want to win. I want to be in a place that will help me win. -Marchessault

He’s been an original guy and he’s obviously got a great personality in terms of bringing energy to our locker room. I don’t like touching on the business side of things because I don’t know, I wish I knew, and I’m sure you guys wish you knew too. But nobody really knows what’s going on behind the scenes with that. Everybody in this organization loves having Marchy around. I go to the person not the player but 42 goals, Conn Smythe last year, we know what he can do on the ice, but he’s a great guy to have around the locker room. You want to talk about coming to work and having fun every day, Marchy leads the way in that department. -Alex Pietrangelo

No, (I can’t imagine the locker room without Marchessault). Obviously everyone knows how big a part of this team he is. What he means to the team, what he means to the city, what he means to the fan base. He’s done everything. He’s been consistent. He scores consistently. It’s business but we all hope Jon’s back, we love him, and we want him here. -Brayden McNabb

I thought about (it possibly being my final year in Vegas) all year, it’s always in the back of your mind. But when I start a game whether it’s playoffs or regular season I’m always thinking about what can I do to help us win this game. That’s the mentality I have everyday, what can I do to become better? I did think about it all year and I did think about it during my last regular season game against Anaheim and I thought about it Game 6 at home, leaving the rink, coming to the rink, and all the memories come back. It was tough for sure, to be honest, but I tried to manage noy being a distraction for my teammates. Knowing my teammates knew I would perform every night and give the best that I have and that’s something I’m proud of. I’ll always work hard and give my team a chance to win. -Marchessault

He’s been a big part of the core of this team since it started in 2017. He scores goals, brings energy to the locker room, he’s an enjoyable teammate, and he’s competitive. Obviously, stuff happens in our league, players change teams. He’s a guy I think most of us are hoping is in our lineup next year, but that stuff always works itself out. He’s meant a lot to me. I’ve been sitting beside him for the last few years and he brings a smile to my face every single day. Hopefully, he can continue to do that. -Mark Stone

We all know what he does on the ice. He’s a real good guy to have in the locker room as well. I’m still hoping. I don’t know what will happen. That’s just the business but we’ll see what happens. Hopefully we’ll both be skating in a Golden Knights jersey next year. -William Karlsson

I’m proud. Sitting here today and I can tell you what I’ve done for the Golden Knights, I’m proud. I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished. We’ve become a successful organization, we’re in the mix six out of seven years. Am I satisfied? I don’t think I’ll ever be. I want to do it again. The run we had last year, I sometimes listen to the video highlights of when we won or certain games in the playoffs to make me in a good mood and it’s going to be like that for the rest of my life. So I’m always going to work towards winning again. If it’s not as a player I’ll probably stay in the mix somewhere in hockey and work towards winning because that’s the most satisfying to me. -Marchessault


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  1. Please work it out for Marshy to stay not only a team favorite but a fan favorite too

  2. Please work it out for Marshy to stay not only a team favorite but a fan favorite too he is an invaluable player

    • Theodor Serban

      I’ve been watching all 82 games of a regular season plus 7 playoff games. Marci is a constant player, scoring or contributing to most of the goals. I believe, as a coaching professional person for many years, Marci is a big asset for this organization and I don’t think he should be traded. Please keep Marci, I think there are other players that should leave the team.

  3. Jerry Crowell

    81 for life in VGK colors!!

  4. Daniel Foley

    I wouldn’t have expected any negative comments. To me as a fan since preseason in 2017 it’s a no-brainer to keep him but I realize this sport is a business and with the cap and other factors anything can happen. I believe it would be a huge mistake to let him walk but really, as we know, management’s focus is on winning another cup so if they do not keep him it will tell me where their head is at in terms of what they think is needed to win another cup. They’ve earned that trust with last years win so I will trust them to do what is best for the team.

  5. jeffrey m sutton

    why don’t they hand him a briefcase full of gold bars on the down low and sign him cheap?

  6. As much as I’d like to see the &&”@$ MVP in a Golden Knights uniform going forward, there is that part of me that hopes a smart and doable compromise can be reached, one that is beneficial for all parties concerned.

    Coming off a career year, it would quite naturally be assumed he would be highly sought and coveted, but I harken back to him turning 34 in December and a team not wanting to spend prospectively $7-8 million for his services.

    Though some don’t wish to entertain the words ‘hometown discount’, it is very much in play for both sides in my opinion. If a ‘paltry and pedestrian’ $6 million is offered for 3 years both sides will be putting pen to paper immediately, time will tell and we shall see.

  7. JB

    Ego can be a negative influence in decisions like this. I don’t imagine he feels to good about making half of what Jack or Stone make. Much less than Petro, etc… But he knows he is loved in this town and I’m sure his wife and kids don’t want to uproot. Six million bucks a year, with no state tax, is a pretty nice living. If he keeps his ego out of it then he will stay here!

    • JB – keep his ego in check – you are asking a guy who plays and score the way he does to do that – it’s what drives a person like that and makes them winners. That won’t or definitely shouldn’t be the deciding factor because if he was to lose that it wouldn’t be beneficial to either he or the Knights. You can’t put a dollar amount on motivation.

      • JB

        Missed my point once again HD. I’m not talking about his hockey playing ego, it’s about the ego we all have about money. Whether we are paid fairly amongst our co-workers, so to speak. And I did not ask him to do anything. I simply pointed out this may be a concern.

        • No problem we are on same page just coming at it on a different angle. While you stated if he can keep his ego in check l realize you were not asking him to do so more like a suggestion and good idea. Probably also a great suggestion is for the knights think what they could be loosing keep smiling l guess we will all get some answers sooner than later. I do think the uncertainty in the playoffs was a determent that should have been avoided

  8. JB

    We will lose another misfit though. I think Will is gone. Love the guy but he has been so injury prone the last 2-3 years. They have Cotter they can plug in that spot. As far as others, we know that Marty is gone and probably Stevie. I would keep Ammo. Mantha never fit in and will not be signed. Plus you can’t count out a trade of some sort knowing our McGMs!

  9. Larry Avila

    Trade # 7 .get rid of over rated and over paid player.

    • NAM

      He has a no trade clause and everyone, good or bad, is literally stuck with him through the 2026-27 season. That is why you don’t over reach for players, not that I think the same as you do about #7, just a general comment. To me the issue the knights have is they give everyone the no trade clause. They just did the same to Hanifin. While he is a great addition, shit happens, and players fall off a ledge sometimes and you can do nothing about it, but suffer the consequences, sometimes for years.

  10. JV

    Marchy already took a discount when he signed the current extension, as he wanted stability for his family.
    Don’t think he will take another one, but I hope I’m wrong.
    Even with the cap going to 87.5M?, they will have to obtain some LTIR cap hit to fit him in. Only 1 year left of Lehner’s 5M.

    • JB

      Marchy didn’t take a discount when he signed the 6 year 30 mil contract. He had actually been making less. At the time he was thrilled to get that type of long term contract.

    • TS

      Jv, we FINALLY get to shed Lehner in a year! That $5 mil will help..
      Maybe an IOU to Marchy, dated a year from now ?? Kidding…

      • knights fan in minny

        i like it iou

        • TS

          Kfim, I can well see a ” graduated step increase” in a contract here, over the yrs of his term. After they shed Lehner, they could step up his salary…makes sense to ME! LOL

  11. Jose

    Boring answer but I’m not even worried about it. Management will take all of the emotion out of it and as usual make the right decision. Thankfully, they don’t listen to the fans.

    I hope Marchy is back but no idea how this will finalize.

    • Jose – be careful with that inclusive statement that management will make the right decision. They will ice a team that will provide the best opportunity to win and draw the crowds – it’s business – money talks and bull shit walks. Marchy’s priority are he, his family then the Knights as it should be. A deal will happen when it is in everyone’s best interest.

  12. ThG

    management making all the correct statements to cover their behinds, when they find they can’t afford no. 81 there will be no crying in vegas ville

    if the do sign him then change the moniker from misfits to the old slow dudes.
    as the team ages, you can see them coming, or maybe the M*H*S*H unit. Mobile hockey surgical hospitol on ice

    • Rashaad

      ThG, I can see why we agree on Marc Andre Fleury being the selfish backstabbing piece of shit that he is. I believe that you and I are able to look at these players objectively without bias. Most fans can’t and fall in love with the players. I’m not criticizing the majority of fans that fall into that category as they are passionate. What is life without joy and passion? However, if the fans ran the team then fan favorites like Nate Schmidt, Ryan Reaves, Reilly Smith and Marc Andre Fluery would never have been moved. Pietrangelo was a large upgrade over Nate Schmidt and Adin Hill provided Stanley Cup winning goaltending that a 40 year old Fluery would never have been able to provide. Sorry people but Barbashev is better then an aging Reilly Smith.

      Marchessault is a Golden Knights legend and I really hope that he and McCrimmon work this out and I am not surprised that contract term is the issue here. I personally would not entertain anything longer then a 3 year extension. They already have two contracts that are going to age badly and rapidly in Stone and Pietrangelo and you don’t want too many of these.

      As I keep saying I trust management will make the right decision.

  13. What has all posters believing there are no other ways to get Marchy the contract he has earned and deserves. This hometown discount everyone refers to put the onus only on Marchy and the Knights contribute nothing – deals come about when it’s a win, win situation for all concerned, as it should be. Posting about his age as appeared – do I have to remind you all that there are a number of guys with contracts who’ will be closer to 40 when contract is up. I hope for all concerned they can figure it out and believe they will.

    • Yes there are those players still playing at a high level who are in their mid to late 30’s, pavelski, crosby and kopitar to name a few, the other thing that links these players together is they are all certain future Hall of Fame players, the majority of players entering their early to mid30’s have either slowed down or have retired, it’s simply a precautionary tale of spending money without taking in all aspects of a prospective signing, again I am all aboard for $6 million per over a 3 year contract, if Marchy can get more elsewhere more power to him and no hard feelings as bottom line it is a business.

      • Larry – the reference to contracts and players above was on the Golden Knights just so there is on misunderstanding. Being or not being a potential future Hall of Famer has nothing to do with their age mid to late 30s. They established that distinction and potential way before that. Marchy was one of only a few guys on the Knights that played 82 regular season games. There are others on that team with less heart and endurance who they could move to extend his contract. I could name a few but we all know who they are.

        • The more that is posted, the more that opinions are expressed, the more I feel that all roads are like the 215 Beltway in that it is one continuous loop that can end up in the same place one started, Marchy will NOT get the generous offers on the free market some espouse, but will simply sign that $ 6 million contract for 3 years and retire a Golden Knight with all platitudes earned during his 10 years with the team!

  14. Mister G

    81 must go.

    He scores goals.
    So will those who come after him and gets his minutes.

    When was the last time you said, “Wow, look at that speed!”
    “Look at that sick drag!”
    “Wow, Jonathan put that guy on his ass!”
    “Whoa, that was a huge pass by Marchesseault!”
    “81 really got back to help the defense!”
    “Look at Jonathan working hard in the corner!”

    Never is the answer.

    Go back to any game and watch every shift.

    He lets everyone work hard while he heads for open ice 15 feet in front of the net and waits for a hard-working teammate to pass the puck.

    DON’T RE-SIGN 81.
    Put his Summerlin house on Lob Wedge Court up for sale — the one he leaves for the home he built in the country up north, in Lac-Beauport.

    Most of your favorite Golden Knights live here year-round, not 81.
    His best season ever is behind him.

    There are plenty of average players who can hang around 15 feet in front of the net and wait for a pass to land on their tape.

    • TS

      Mister G, did you just ” dox” March’s address?? You really have a dislike for him, as your post shows. Maybe you should support the Minnows or another losing team, instead.

    • knights fan in minny

      g mistr your a nut job

    • Mister G – if there where plenty of average players who can hang around 15 feet in front of the net and wait for a pass to land on their tape Vegas won’t be sitting at home now, they would be playing the AVs. Front net presence isn’t a Vegas strong suit and only happens occasionally which often lands up in a score. Lack of front net presence has been an issue all year and mentioned often on this site. So, not sure where your thoughts are coming from – I could guess but will reframe.

  15. Tim

    After what Kelly said about Marshy if he doesn’t resign him he’ll look like a horses ass. If they took on Hertl’s 8 or 9 million contract surely a cornerstone of our team needs to be signed. In fact I think Hertl may have been a big mistake. I didn’t know he has had other knee issues through his career. We need another walking wounded like we need a hole in the head. I think were deep in defense and not resigning Martinez and trading Theadore for offense would make sense. Anyway you cut it game in game out we do not score enough. Would Mitch Marner work I don’t know but they want to run him out of Toronto but there would be cap issues.

    • TS

      Tim, Mgmt has a (knack) for picking up the walking wounded, don’t they? It’s a real gamble, and we’ve been both rewarded and burned for doing it. Eichel is the reward
      Others, not so much. We aren’t the Recovery Ward…or ARE we??

    • ThG

      timmah, no , wrong management is covering their a$$. If marchy takes an offer above the cap salary that vGK can not pay and they can’t sign him due to the stupid socialist NHL cap salary limit; then your post will look like a horse’s a$$

      now get back up on that lazy boy, here comes a replay of old time hockey bruins- cats from last night. Wait you are watching the Marlins game shame.

      If it were me running the team I would try to keep the four younger players, gutting a team of three players for an older player that just put up big numbers and is unlikely to do so again, is just not right in looking out for the best interest of the franchise, IMHO.

    • NAM

      Hertl isn’t 8 or 9 million, he is 6.75 million and I think he will be fine next year after some healing and some development into the system. VGK probably need to build a line around him at center. I guess only time will tell. Regardless, the money has been spent and what is left is tight. The more money Marchessault requires the less that can go to other needs and there are many. So in other words the more you pay for him the worse the team will be. I can’t imagine the team without him, but I also don’t want the Vegas Sharks in a few seasons.

  16. NAM

    The one thing I don’t like about this media locker room clean up day and this article, in general, is the posturing. It’s like saying, here is a mic, go send your fan army to help you get the money you want. I don’t like GMKM at all, but all of this is going to end in either paying too much, and hurting the overall team, or letting your *2nd* face of the franchise player walk, pissing off the fan base once again. This whole thing is a circus.

    • ThG

      how is saying “we are working to sign” one of the fan’s base’s favorite all time player, “pissing off the fan base” and being a “circus” >?

      That “illogic” eludes most people with a brain, your twist and spin would be interesting.
      “I don’t like”. Too bad, you sound like one of those whiny lib tards with TDS.
      Emotionally bankrupt.

      GMKM is saying the right things to cover FO a$$. Regardless of fan base whiners like yourself.

      • NAM

        Do you even read posts? Your comments don’t seem like you do. It’s almost like your schizophrenia and your dyslexia collided.

        • ThG

          i read yours and “dyslexia” was all over that last one above

          and you still haven’t explained your convoluted “logic’.

          still waiting

          chirp chirp

  17. NAM, agreed and agreed. Hertl will be fine next year as he further acclimates himself into Cassidy’s system and hopefully has 2 linemates he can call his own as the center iceman, not to mention fully healing his knees which obviously was rushed along into playing. As far as Marchy I have stated what I think should happen and why, but if it doesn’t, retaining some of our other pieces or adding new ones is simply life in the NHL with a relatively low cap ceiling even if it is raised this year.

  18. JB

    Not much left to say on Marchy. Pretty much covered here. As a fan, want them to keep him. As a hockey realist , might be better team wise if we use money elsewhere. Who knows? Will be interesting. Last nite Nucks with big comeback win over the Oilers. Edmonton does ONE thing well, the PP, other than that, nope! Big fight nite in Florida. Credit to Pasta for fighting the bigger KaFuck. Only his second ever fight.

    • knights fan in minny

      ka fuck is a punk loved it when kolly put him on the shelf did you see the hit the other punk marchand put on kafuck

  19. Robert

    The comment “I want to stay in hockey after I’m done playing.” Is that a step in the Engelland direction where he steps off the ice and into the front office or has a mic in his hand for the next 10-12 years. Not that you can put that on paper.

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