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What If Everything Ever Said About The Las Vegas NHL Team Name Is A Lie

Disclaimer: This post is NOT news. It is just an attempt to put forth a possible explanation as to what is really going on behind the scenes and why the Las Vegas team name process seems so convoluted. This is simply a theory that will make sense to some, and none to others. Deep down, I do not believe this theory to be true, but what fun would the Internet be if we didn’t at least throw it out there. So here goes…


What if everything we’ve been told about the team name since June 22nd, the day Las Vegas was officially awarded a team, was a lie? The gambling name ban, the London Knights fiasco, the Hawks situation, the trademarks, the domains, the color scheme, everything. What if it all were simply a ploy to keep us away from the real name and allow The Creator and his brand new organization to blow our socks off with something completely shocking at the announcement party?

And maybe the more important question, would you care? That’s where this entire concept begins. We’re talking about a team name. In theory the most insignificant piece of information surrounding the team in terms of the on-ice product. It’s a victimless string of lies or maybe we should call them mistruths, and the reason this all makes sense.

Let’s start all the way back before Las Vegas was ever awarded a team. At the time it was clear, if/when the NHL finally awards a franchise to the city, the prospective owner would like to name it Black Knights, in an attempt to pay homage to his alma mater, Army West Point. All other names were secondary, and in a way unacceptable if Black Knights was passable. But apparently it wasn’t.

Here’s the official answer that’s been given as to why.

There were too many objections from my alma mater and then some push-back from some other people. -The Creator

However, one has to wonder if it really came from the NHL, and this is a way to protect the real reasons why it didn’t make the cut.

Remember, before the team was granted, the league was not willing to instruct Las Vegas in any way. They had to remain coy in case the Board of Governor’s pulled a fast one and declined expansion. But once the team was made official, the league was there to help. And it just so happens right around June 22nd, the name Black Knights went from the clear leader to a castoff.

Is it possible the NHL had a problem with it? Is it possible the squeaky clean league was concerned about using the word “black” in 2016? Or even, is it possible an executive finally discovered that Black Knights is a term currently being used by a “well trained sniper assassin group” linked to the Black Lives Matter movement

Whether or not any of these are the actual reason, the fact of the matter remains, prior to the team announcement Black Knights was the one, after, it suddenly wasn’t. Nonetheless, a new name was now needed. So on we go, through the process of selecting a new name, now with three parties working together to choose something that will become synonymous with Las Vegas hockey, all the while protecting it to make sure they make the biggest splash at the unveiling event.

Tall task, but we’re talking about three very powerful organizations working to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  1. The Creator, who is the CEO of one of the world’s largest investment firms, the owner of a winery which bears his name, the developer of a world class resort/lodge in Montana, the chairman of a restaurant group, a trustee on the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, and most importantly the checkbook behind the entire Las Vegas hockey organization.
  2. Adidas, the owner of Reebok, the official provider of athletic equipment to athletes, teams, and leagues all over the world, and an apparel powerhouse that generations a revenue north of $16 billion.
  3. The NHL, one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States, and the undisputed best hockey league in the world.

These are people who have been there, done that. Who understand trademarks, domains, social media, marketing, sales, and everything else that goes along with the process of selecting, securing, and selling a professional sports team name. Are we really supposed to believe these three organizations wouldn’t realize we would discover their domains, unearth their trademarks, and dig until we found their name?

So, what if they gave us false nuggets to dig for? Bought up domain names to give us something to write about? Filed for trademarks to lead us down the wrong path? Utilized everything they knew the Internet savvy world would eventually find as free marketing for a team that refuses to do it themselves?

I have (included fake names as a misdirect). I think it’s irritating a few people. -The Creator

So yes, they have, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously there are fake names in the mix. The only way there aren’t fakes is if the team is called the Las Vegas Golden Silver Desert Knights and their home website is But it must be asked, how much of a misdirection are we talking about?

Since the moment Black Knights was ruled out, two themes have consistently appeared when discussing the Las Vegas team name. First, the rules and regulations surrounding domains and trademarks, something even The Creator has not been afraid to discuss. Second, is the consistent reminder of how much easier this would have been if  “people weren’t filing domain name registrations on previously mentioned names.”

Call me crazy, but those two concepts are literally fighting against each other. On one hand they’re teaching us about domain names and trademarks in an attempt to explain why the process is so difficult, while on the other they wish people weren’t so smart about domain names and trademarks so they could just go about their business.

Let’s try and learn from our short history. Before Las Vegas got a team, every quote from Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, or any member of the Board of Governor’s was non-committal. Every step of the way there was an out. If it didn’t happen, there was nothing ever said that would make anyone look bad. Every word was calculated.

Now, with the team name, there are mentions of Black Knights, Silver Knights, Desert Knights, Red Hawks, Night Hawks, Aces, Blackjacks, Scorpions, and the list goes on and on. Yet all the while we know, this entire process would be so much easier if the name had never been mentioned at all. Was that not calculated as well? Why tell us what to look for, when you clearly don’t want us to find it?

So make the jump, and join the conspiracy. The name has never been mentioned, and everything about the name has been a lie. It had to be, otherwise the ball was in our court, not theirs. And honestly, the lies are okay. The only people who stand to lose anything are those who bought up domain names attempting to exploit the pocketbook of our billionaire owner.

It’s time to re-think it all. No gambling names. Nothing with snakes. “Ken, stop it with the Rat Pack.” The trademarks. The color scheme. The domain names. Teleconferences with Adidas, back up names, the London Knights, the Black Knights, the unveil timeline. Everything! They are all mistruths.


So what is the team name? Great question. I haven’t the slightest clue. And that’s exactly where they want us.


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  1. DB

    Interesting ideas Ken. I often was baffled at his talking out of both sides of his mouth, why mention any names after Black Knights? If the goal was being stealthy about things why even register any domains, just stay tight lipped. Obviously they have not registered any domain or tm associated with any other name so if it was always going to be a last second move, why talk at all?

    In saying all that why TM 3 names in the US and Canada as a decoy, just register nothing! If it is any of those 3 Id bet Desert or Silver as golden makes no sense in a Silver State. To add to it Desert and Silver are the current favorites when polled.

    Time will tell 🙂

  2. Tom

    It’s funny you wrote this column because I was thinking a little along the same lines, except I was thinking, what if Black Knights was never ruled out? We know how bad he wants it, and if he got permission from Westpoint on the sly, then I imagine he wouldn’t need to be in a rush to file the necessary paperwork if he already had a handshake deal with the school. I hope thats not the case because I hate the name, but not as much as I hate Ratpack. Sorry Ken, but there’s nothing intimidating about 5 chain-smoking crooners. Absolutely nothing lol

  3. Michael

    Black Knights would be funny, after everything. On the believable side, I think Foley originally said he had already talked to West Point about it and they were cool, so maybe that never changed. On the unbelievable side, why let the trademark die if you are going to use it?

  4. Ron Murphy

    Still a “Scorpions” man, but have never understood the “Can’t use name because somebody else has it” school…Putting “Las Vegas” in front of “Giants” or “Black Knights” or whatever makes it impossible to copyright as far as suing-wise…I mean, an individual could copyright (or whatever it’s called) the .com name or the name “Las Vegas Black Knights”, but you’d only have to buy out one guy…don’t see how a college or other sports team could do anything, except if there were a “Las Vegas Black Knights” team of any kind here in town

  5. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    ‘Is it possible the NHL had a problem with it? Is it possible the squeaky clean league was concerned about using the word “black” in 2016?’

    I think this is exactly how it went down.

    Also, bear in mind a rebranding plan for Army athletics could have meant the end of “Black Knights” as an official team name, but that just didn’t happen. I’m sure there also were too many objections from his alma mater after they decided to keep the name!

    Bill Foley admitted that he was very naive about the process. In hindsight, he might do things differently now.

    Foley didn’t envision the team being called the Desert Knights, Silver Knights or Golden Knights at the onset. The “Receivers” were covered, so he had to freestyle like a scrambling quarterback. In other words, he made it up as he went along. All’s well that ends well

  6. Las Vegas Legion

    Army to introduce new logo, dropping ‘Black Knights’ for ‘Cadets’
    By Chip Patterson Apr 07, 2015 • 1 min read

    Army will reportedly be dropping the name Black Knights on April 13. (USATSI)
    Army should be getting a new look for the football team in 2015 as part of a department-wide rebranding effort in association with Nike.
    On April 13, the school will reveal the new logos, lettering and numerals that are the result of an 18-month effort to develop “an innovative and consistent athletic identity that pays tribute to the Academy’s legacy and tradition.”
    The biggest change, however, will reportedly be dropping “Black Knights” in favor of “Cadets.”

    More details on the inspiration of the new brand, via
    Much of the inspiration for the effort came from the very famous quote by Gen. Douglas McArthur, “Reach into the future, yet never forget the past.” Since its founding in 1802, West Point has produced soldier-scholars and leaders of character for America. The best education in the nation can hones the intellect, while challenging physical and military training creates the warrior. The new athletics brand perfectly portrays the soldier-scholar ideal.
    Maybe part of the reveal will include a helmet that can challenge Navy’s dominance in next season’s Helmet Bracket.

    Black knights to cadets name change could it be the Las Vegas Black Knights

  7. Las Vegas Scorpions

    I think it will be the Las Vegas Black Knights.

    What about Blackhawks or Red skins if worried about political correctness.

    North Dakota University change there name because of this.

  8. Le Magnifique

    Keeping the vast amount of Jersey / Merchandise counterfeiters guessing, could be one of the main reasons for such shenanigans.

    • Oh yeah! For sure. Definitely don’t think this theory is meant to be taken in a bad way at all. I’d lie my ass off too. In a way, if this is true, I think it’s the most brilliant thing ever and I’ll applaud him and his team.

  9. Slap shot

    Hay ill throw something on the table how about calling them something dragons .like blue dragons , red dragons. Or many just dragons .Its just an idea please no nasty comments

  10. Buck Weeks

    No, Foley really is that obtuse. “Las Vegas Suge Knights” would at least have a connection to the city, unlike most of the stupid sh*t that Foley has come up with.

  11. Rob

    Just hope it’s not one of the Knight names all sound out dated to me.

    Be it a Black, Silver, Golden, Red, White, Dark, Night, Neon, Desert or Sand Knight.

    Surprised he has not considered:

    Valiant, Battlers, Battleborn, Fighters, Vanguard, Onslaught, Fearless, Horsemen, Glory, Victory, Sandstorm, Hellfire, Fire, Hellion, Heatwave, Scorchers, Troopers, Burn, Silver, Chargers etc etc etc

    • JV

      Las Vegs Legion? Makes reference to the whole “knights” thing while sounding cool. Also an edgy name “We are called Legion and we are many” ~The Bible
      Also gives a sense of unity as a team. Just a thought.

  12. Tom

    I like Heatwave. That’s a pretty cool name.

    • Rob

      Does sound catchy Tom.

      Navada Heatwave.

      Tried to come up with names associated with Navada’s climate.

      Because it’s Hot has Hell there.

  13. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    I wouldn’t hold it against him. It’s a bit like a general manager talking about prospects before the draft. The press conferences are in order to generate fan interest, but you have to take it with a grain of salt. There’s a possibility that Foley lied about his feelings towards Silver Knights. At that time it could have been the frontrunner.

    I still think that the whole take on Aces is a little far-fetched. It should be the undisputed name, but you’re setting the delusional up for disappointment. It reminds me of the So you’re telling me there’s a chance scene in Dumb and Dumber. I will gladly eat crow if I’m wrong.

  14. Rob

    Should of said eat pie mate bit more taste than a crow.

    Still think it will be Las Vegas Black Knights

    • Tom

      Las Vegas Black Crows! I don’t know why they get such a bad rap, they’re pretty kick ass. We have a few that fly around where I work and they’re actually kinda intimidating.

      • RJ

        Or just LV Crows or Ravens . Heatwave sounds better than an Knight name. LV Dragon good name why do we have to add a color to a name.

  15. James

    Personally, I think Heatwave reeks of a non-traditional hockey market. Most people associate hockey with the cold. The polar opposite of heat. I’m tired of commenting on name suggestions, but this relates to a name in the running (Desert Knights). There’s a scene in the movie Cool Runnings where the four Jamaican bobsledders embrace their own identity instead of trying to act like the Swiss. Las Vegas is a non-traditional hockey market. Perhaps we should stop trying to act like a Canadian Original Six team? I was originally drawn to this team because it feels different from the rest! Las Vegas is a very unique market. Perhaps Desert Knights is the way to go?

    • JAY T

      Four of the six Original teams were American.

      • James

        @JAY T
        I’m aware of that, but the Canadian Original Six teams have a different feel to them. Hockey is the national pastime in Canada. Baseball was the national pastime in America during the Original Six era

    • Tom

      I don’t know, If Heatwave sounds out of place, then Desert Knights sounds way out of place in my opinion. It sounds like an oxymoron. We never had Knights here, and if we did, it would be pretty idiotic to wear a metal suit in the middle of the desert. That’s all I think of when I hear Desert Knights. I just picture some fool sweating his balls off in a metal suit in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

  16. James

    I am totally convinced I won’t be tasting crow.

    I think Foley was paying the hockey fan sparky chewbarky a compliment. sparky chewbarky deserved to be publicly acknowledged for those jersey designs. But it’s not going to happen.

    Foley gave the impression that he is listening to the fans by commenting on the non-gambling themed Aces and Scorpions amongst others. He might have a one-track mind, but he is listening to the fans.

    P.S. I will also eat crow if Las Vegas Black Knights is the name

    • Michael

      I agree on sparkychewbarky. That Aces design deserved to be adopted in its entirety (not that the NHL or Adidas would have allowed it). At least he won the ESPN competition, so there was some national exposure.

    • sparky chewbarky

      Thank you James.

  17. Le Magnifique

    In regards to Canada’s national pastime – it is actually Lacrosse. Hard to believe, but true. Makes for a good trivia question.

  18. James

    I came across this comment on DetroitHockey.Net.

    ‘Cappy says:
    September 3, 2016 at 3:50 PM

    Sand Knights and Desert Knights are too Crusades-ish. Might not be the best idea.’

    The first of the Crusades began in 1095, when armies of Christians from Western Europe responded to Pope Urban II’s plea to go to war against Muslim forces in the Holy Land.

    Do you think Mr. Foley is making a faux pas with Desert Knights?

  19. James

    I wrote that most people associate hockey with the cold, but I forgot about the Calgary Flames who originated from Atlanta. Obviously, making a fire generates heat.

    I prefer Las Vegas Heat to Las Vegas Heatwave, but Miami would have something to say about that.

  20. DB

    If we assume it is one of the TM names Desert/Silver/Golden then my vote is Silver or Desert because NV deserves a nod or our landscape deserves one.

    Foley claims to listen to what fans say, well NO Golden Knights, it means nothing to us, SILVER state, Desert landscape…Golden ?????

    If he goes Golden I won;t buy a jersey because he doesn’t listen to fans.

  21. James

    What if I said

    Gold mining in Nevada, a state of the United States, is a major industry, and one of the largest sources of gold in the world. In 2014 Nevada produced 4,940,540 troy ounces (153.668 t), representing 73% of gold in the United States and 6% of the world’s production.[1][2] Total gold production recorded from Nevada from 1835 to 2008 totals 152,000,000 troy ounces (4,700 t), worth over US $228 billion at 2011 prices.[3] Almost all the gold mined in Nevada comes from large open pit mining using cyanide heap leaching recovery.

    The Nevada mining industry supported an average of 14,413 direct employees in 2014, with about 65,000 additional jobs related to providing goods and services needed by the mining industry. The average pay for mining industry employees during this time was $88,634 per year, the highest for any employment sector in Nevada.[2][1]

    A number of major mining companies, such as Newmont Mining, Goldcorp and Barrick Gold Corporation, operate gold mines in the state. Active gold mines include those at Jerritt Canyon and Carlin Trend.

    Although Nevada was known much more for silver in the 19th century, many of the early silver-mining districts also produced considerable quantities of gold.

    • Tom

      True, bit the average person doesn’t know that. They just know that Nevada is the Silver State and California is the Golden State.

  22. James

    I associate gold with San Francisco more than the state of Nevada, but in 2014 Nevada produced 73% of the gold in the United States. Gold has more to do with the state of Nevada than Knights in shining Armour. The common nighthawk bird isn’t even very common in the state of Nevada.

    • Tom

      Yep, we barely have nighthawks and we have no Knights. We got Peregrines, but why beat a dead Mustang.

      • A Fan

        I’ve been saying here for a long time that Mr. Foley was feeding us false information so he could actually have his $500M surprise name announcement. Oh, and the name will be the Las Vegas MUSTANGS.

  23. DB

    I hear you both but it is the Silver State, digging up stats while may be true and a weight are moot consider we are the Silver State. Golden wold be a let down, jmo.

  24. James

    I totally see where you’re coming from.

    The thing I don’t like about Silver Knights is that you can’t make silver your primary colour due to the existence of the LA Kings. Despite being the Silver State the team could be predominantly playing in blue. I need more convincing. I would need to see the finished logo and jersey before passing judgement.

    • Tom

      Yeah that was always my biggest argument to the Black Knights or Silver Knights…too much like L.A. And maybe it doesn’t help that I’m a huge Kings fan. I liked the original color scheme of the Silver Knights concept jersey, or maybe Silver and red or silver and basically any color but black.

  25. James

    The Detroit Red Wings play in red, the Columbus Blue Jackets play in blue and the St. Louis Blues play in blue. The Chicago Blackhawks are the exception to the rule. They play in red.

    Not sure if the silver state reference loses it’s impact if navy blue is the primary colour, white is the secondary colour and silver is the tertiary colour. I guess it could work if we wore silver helmets and pants akin to the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots. I just talked myself into Silver Knights!

    • Tom

      You had me at silver helmets. That would actually be badass.

      • Dave

        Silver helmets crap why not go chrome or is that out now? Was big in football if I recall a while back.

        • Tom

          I wonder if they could do chrome. Maybe the league would say it’s reflective properties would make it a distraction to opposing players or something. All I know is if they had chrome helmets they would truly be the most badass looking team on the ice.

  26. Navada Onslaught

    How about naming team after the reason people moved to Navada for its minerals.

    Las Vegas Miners
    Las Vegas Sappers
    Las Vegas Gold rush (Rush for short )
    Las Vegas Seekers

    I know he wants his Knights name

    Las Vegas Black Knights
    Las Vegas Silver Knights
    Las Vegas Golden Knights
    Las Vegas Desert Knights
    Lad Vegas Sand Knights
    Las Vegas Night Knights

    All out dated names. I personally would not be impressed and protest.

    He has ruled out Scorpions.

    He has back up names with Hawks in it.

    Ruled out anything to do with Gambling or Crime even the popular names Aces, Outlaws, Enforcers, Wranglers.

    Ruled out Military names which I was expecting him to consider like Battleborn, Legion, Troopers, Cavalry ++++

    Plus other areas he could look at like Nature, Elements, Demons, Myth, plus more .

    I think he has tunnel vision and I he will go with Black Knights.

  27. James

    It puts a greater emphasis on the colour silver. Come to think of it maybe you could wear red jerseys, silver pants and silver helmets akin to the Ohio State Buckeyes football team. The silver pants are a must have.

    The Predators wear a yellow helmet in Nashville once a week. Perhaps Las Vegas could do the same?

    There exists a Golden Helmet (Kultainen kypärä). The top point producer for each team in Finland wears a shiny gold helmet that looks akin to C3PO.

    Not sure about chrome. I’m sure the league would say it’s reflective properties would make it a distraction to opposing players or something.

  28. James

    If you listen to Podcast #35: Murray Craven brings up the Oregon Ducks who have always been on the cutting edge of new trends. Initially I thought neon, but he dismissed neon. I got the impression that Adidas were being given artistic licence with the team. You may recall a similar scenario when Nike replaced Reebok in the NFL. The uniforms barely changed, but the Seattle Seahawks gave Nike artistic licence to design their uniforms. A Montreal Canadians jersey is considered to be a sacred thing in the eyes of hockey fans. You could spoil something which is valued or respected if you add the signature Adidas three stripes. Las Vegas is a blank canvas. The pants won’t be desecrated if you add the Adidas three stripes down the sides. Ditto for the jersey.

    It will be interesting to see how far Adidas push the boundaries. Not sure how much influence they have on helmet colour. The product isn’t made by Adidas. Murray Craven brought up the Oregon Ducks, but on the other hand sounded very conservative in the interview. I thought he sounded very old-school in his approach to things such as possible names and logos.

  29. BD Krauss

    As a 61-year-old lifelong hockey fan who actually played the game, I would think they would honor a long-time hockey name of “Aces.” That name is an acronym for Anglo- Canadian Employees for the team was founded by English-speaking players in Quebec. That said, I am sick and tired of hearing the word :Knights” and all variations. Sarcastically speaking, maybe they should think “Nighty-Knights” because I have a feeling the team will be putting their fans to sleep.

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