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Even Without The Only Stabilizing Provision An NHL Player Can Have, Robin Lehner Feels Stable In Las Vegas

In his next contract, Robin Lehner put a high priority on stability.

He mentioned it over and over again in his Zoom meeting with the media following the signing of his new 5-year $25 million contract.

It’s clear he believes with the Vegas Golden Knights, he finally has it.

I’ve worked very very hard for this. It’s been a long journey since I moved into the league. I’ve had my bumps and bruises, I’ve battled through a lot of things… I have a 5-year-old son that has five different hockey jerseys. We live a privileged life, but you want to give your family stability as well and I couldn’t find a better opportunity and a better setting than here in Vegas with a great community and fan base. -Robin Lehner

Lehner has bounced around a lot in the last few years of his career. After putting up good numbers on a struggling team in Buffalo, he was not extended a qualifying offer by the Sabres which saw him hit the unrestricted free agent market in the summer of 2018. He bet on himself, signing a one-year deal worth just $1.5 million. That season he turned in a Vezina quality year and appeared to be headed for a payday in the summer of 2019. But, while the pay raise came (he signed for $5 million) term did not. He accepted another one-year deal, this time in Chicago. He split time with Corey Crawford and then at the deadline found himself on a third team inside of two calendar years all while playing out the end of an expiring contract.

He’s about as open and honest a person as you’ll find in the NHL and he has not been shy in sharing his disappointment that he was unable to find a long-term home despite performing at a high level. That’s why when pen hit paper on the deal in Vegas, he was overjoyed to have finally found it.

It’s obviously been a pretty emotional day for me and my family. We are exteremly happy to be here and get this deal done. I have a lot of people to thank but it’s a big win for us. -Lehner

There’s just one problem that remains. Despite committing himself to the Golden Knights for the next five seasons, Lehner’s contract did not come with a full no-trade clause. Instead, he received a modified no-trade which allows him to veto eight teams in the first three seasons and then five in the final two.

That’s not exactly reassuring regarding stability considering this is an organization that signed another goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury, to a similar contract in July 2018 which was scheduled to run through 2022. Vegas will likely cut ties with Fleury with two years still left on the deal and that contract actually had a larger no-trade clause than Lehner’s.

Lehner is well-aware of how the Golden Knights conduct business. He described it as a “no politics team,” clarifying to mean that the best players play no matter the situation. So when I posed the blunt question of, “how do you feel stable in an organization when you do not have a full no-trade clause?” he answered calmly, insightfully, and incredibly confidently.

Because I know what I’m going to do and I know how I’m going to perform. I am a loyal person and I want to play for a team that wants me to be a part of that team so if there would be anything in the future where this team doesn’t want to have me a part of it I don’t think it would be a problem finding a new place. But for now, I feel good because the cards are in my hand and it’s up to me how I play them and that’s all I ever ask for. -Lehner

(Photo Credit: Ken Boehlke,

He doesn’t feel stable because of the length of the contract necessarily as much as he feels stable because of his belief in his own abilities. He knows that if he continues to perform at a level his current coach called “elite” that there will be absolutely no reason to replace him between the Vegas pipes.

Lehner went on to say that he believes the knowledge of having term on his contract and staying with the same organization will make him an even better goalie than he already has been.

Anything can always happen but I’ve bet on myself for a few years now and have had some severe problems in my life. Now I don’t have them and I have stability and I look forward to getting in the best shape that I possibly can and I have changed a few things in my game and keep getting better. I’m 29-years-old, I’ve felt like I’ve grown in the position a lot but there’s a lot in my position I know I can get a lot better with. I look forward to that challenge. -Lehner

This had to be music to the Golden Knights’ front office’s ears, and it should for fans as well.

They just signed a goalie for a fair price with a five-year term that’s consistently preformed among the absolute best at his position for years and he believes he’s only going to get better. And, he’s so confident in that belief that he sees a deal without full trade protection as just as stable as if he had it. That’s the type of self-belief any team would love to have out of any player on their roster.

The Golden Knights have it from the player in the most important position in the sport and they have it through the year 2025. It doesn’t get much better than that.




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  1. Miri

    Ken – In this article you state, that Lehner has “consistently preformed among the absolute best at his position for years.” But when I look at his career stats, other than the great year with the defensively excellent Isles a couple years ago, I don’t understand the basis for this laudatory remark. A decent goaltender, yes. But not the among the “absolute best… for years”. How about a follow up article to make a stronger case to support your statement? Or, alternatively, to give you a chance to ‘fess up and admit that you overstated the case.

    I also have my doubts about the Knights front offices ability to judge goaltending talent. They did well by choosing MAF in the expansion draft, but Pittsburgh essentially bribed the Knights to do so because of their cap issues and their coach’s preference for Murray’s style of play over MAF’s. But the Knights also had the option of choosing the #2 or #3 goaltender from all of the other NHL teams, which includes some who have blossomed into impressive talents. In other words, the Knights really should’ve come away from the draft with a much better goaltending team than they did. Bottom line: this causes me to wonder about the McPhee/McKimmon team’s savvy in this area.

    • He finished 3rd in Vezina voting in 2018-19. He finished 6th in Vezina voting in 2019-20. I rest my case.

      • Ken – in all do respect Miri post was right on – her case is right on and much stronger than yours. You are letting all these people who post stats as the only criteria for great performance to influence your objective thinking. Finishing 3 or 6 doesn’t make him an elite goalie like PDB likes to say – did he win no. Having a good team in front of him speaks more than any voting for Vezina. They had an opportunity this year with FA to pick others who are better. Knowing how they treated MAF after he took them to the Cup finals should make anyone nervous and Lehner thinks he is more stable now than in the the past and this will improve his game – really who’s he kidding???.

        • Finishing as the 3rd or 6th best goalie in the league doesn’t make him elite? What the heck is elite then?

          • You tell me, they are not my words their yours apparently along with PDB. Did Lehner win in those years obviously no – so maybe looking at who did would be a start to define what “elite” is or was.

          • Miri

            Ken – I never disputed that Lehner is a decent – sometimes good, sometimes terrific – goaltender. My issue was with what I believed was excessively laudatory praise by you, which seems to reflect that of the Knights front office. When asked about your reasons for the particular statements you made, the only basis you give is that Lehner finished as the “3rd or 6th best goalie in the league” over the last two years. I looked at the voting for the Vezina on “”. Yes, he finsihed 3rd two years ago. But the reason Lehner finished 6th this past season is that he received one (1) second place vote. That was it. So your case appears to rest largely on that one vote.

            I still believe it is fair to question how Lehner will he do when/if called to carry a heavier workload, along the lines of Fleury in Vegas or Jones in San Jose during PDB’s time there. It’s a legitimate question. The last time he played the “workhorse” was during the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons with Buffalo. Not having paid close attention to Buffalo in those years, I really can’t evaluate how effective Lehner was at helping his team during this period. Evaluating Lehner’s playoff play this past season: he was brilliant at times, but less impressive during many other times. Notwithstanding great overall stats, his SV% was less than 0.900 in more than half the games. One cannot help but wonder whether, had PDB continued with the promised rotation, if Lehner would have been more consistently great in the games he played.

            BTW: if Vezina votes are the be all-end all in reaching conclusions about goalie performance: per the same reference, Fleury finished 4th in the Vezina voting. right after Lehner, for the 2018-19 season, and 5th in 2017-18 (when Lehner wasn’t listed). Fleury’s goalie stats weren’t as impressive as Lehner’s in 2018-19, but he played significantly more and carried the team at times. So much so, that in 2018-19, Fleury finished 17th in the Hart MVP voting; Lehner was not listed in the top 22 for the Hart in that year or in the just concluded season.)

          • I wrote one sentence saying he is “among the best in the league.” No matter which measurement you use, he’s in that group. I have no idea where this argument is coming from.

      • Don Moore

        See but here is the thing ..Trophies Stats mean nothing. When it a boils down to is Wins and Looses and can you rise above and stop the puck from going in the net no matter how out right poorly the skaters in front of you are doing as well as when they are playing great and not letting it in the net .. Because hockey has proven the best stats have not always won the Stanley Cup..

    • Jimi

      Just throwing this out there…

      Reports (via frank seravelli, senior hockey reporter at tsn) today were that Vegas basically offered every team in the league Fleury and a second for… Nothing.

      Nobody bit.

      Because no team in the league believes Fleury is worth 7mil/year, even if you give them a second round pick to take him.

      Does that tell you anything or are you better at evaluating talent and value than an entire league of professionals, and pretty much every fan of every team other than certain knights fans who feel loyal to MAF. I love the guy, but this is a business.

      • Daryl

        MAF stock dropped when VGK decided to make Lehner their starting goalie. There is a good chance someone would have taken that contract if VGK gave the same offer as soon as they took Lehner. If not, it I’m sure they would have considered around $6m. You also have to consider the timing of the trade. VGK wants to remove the money while looking at the draft. After the draft, VGK will have a better chance of dumping MAF and most of his salary

        • Julie

          Hey, Daryl – would that be a normal strategy for other teams to basically wait on the draft to finish and then make a bid for a player? Like a flash sale if sorts? Just asking, not implying any sarcasm or anything. Just curious if that’s how it works.

          • Daryl

            It would take some time to actually research your question but I would say yes. With the draft coming there is no urgency for teams to take someone right away. Not that they can get someone of the same calibre but maybe someone they can use as a trading chip. When VGK gets to the point they need to make a decision, the chances of them offering a more favorable deal is higher. VGK is the ones hurting by holding on to him so the longer a team can wait the better their chances of a better deal

  2. Carol

    He feels safe now, wait, MAF did too and did a lot for the Knights organization and you see how they are treating him now.

    • Very true. FLeury got a raw deal in Pittsburgh. And to this day I have never liked Sully. He blackballed Fleury. Was too old, he gave them Murray. And we all know how Murray turned out. He’s on the market right now. He won 2 Cups in Pittsburgh but he had Fleury on both runs.

  3. Sam b

    I’m happy for Panda, I really am, but the front office have shown they have no loyalty, no character and even the slightest slip up (MAF goes from league leading to below average in a period when his dad dies, his coach is fired and his goal keeping coach is fired, comes back in elite form again and they still don’t give him a chance) and they let you go. So I really hope it works out for him and he’s able to be the player we want/now need/he wants to be, but I just don’t know how any player can feel stable with the clowns in the front office in charge.

    We’re about to either buy out or trade a future hall of fame goalkeeper, for nothing/we have to pay people to take him, because the front office and PDB didn’t have the sense or decency to do what they publicly said they would and play both keepers. Now everyone knows Vegas want rid of him and they’ll play hardball.

    Fleury should be given the option of being bought out and staying on as an assistant coach at the very, very least. He’s been a leader and an inspiration to the team and fans and I’d rather we have a worse team because of cap space and treat him right then shit on him and cause his family to up sticks and move again when he said he didn’t want to do that.

    • Sam b – they didn’t want MAF as their goalie so what in heavens name would make you think they would even consider him for an assistant coach and that is not saying he wouldn’t be a great one. They sh-t on him as their future hall of flame goalie. Yes I know he indicated he would like to remain in Vegas for whatever reason that said having lived all over I can appreciate not wanting to move again it does become old. Being the professional he is I frankly hope he goes where he will be appreciated and he lands up in goal burning VGK as their opponents in the finals assuming Vegas even gets to any finals. By Ken’s article I am not even sure he believes what he is writing – maybe just more fake news.

      • Julie

        Hey, HD – not wanting to jinx anything, but Foley was interviewed about Fleury. He doesn’t want to lose him, his goal is to keep him, but if something has to happen, he will make sure Fleury is the starting goalie somewhere else….not sure if Foley can do either, but it was nice to hear from him on that.

        • Joshua Kacik

          You mean the owner of the Vegas Golden Knights organization is a Marc Andre Fleury supporter you mean he likes Fleury that surprises me I thought he didn’t want or like Marc Andre Fleury.

          • Julie

            Hey, Joshua, there is an article on it, dated Oct 5, 2020, with a local tv station 8 newsnow.

    • Joshua Kacik

      I agree with you wholeheartedly the Vegas Golden Knights organization and the cruelest most ignorant disrespectful to Marc Andre Fleury the face of the franchise people can believe it or not but karma is real and how you treat others will always always always always comeback and how the Vegas Golden Knights organization GM and owner treated Marc Andre Fleury will happen and they will be punished with lose of fanbase lose of revenue retribution is coming believe it or not everyone thinks Robin Lehner is going to win a Stanley Cup and is way better in all honesty he is not he has never done anything close to Marc Andre Fleury was in 5 Stanley Cups won 3 Marc Andre Fleury has never missed the playoffs he has been in the playoffs every year his entire career that says a lot of how great Marc Andre Fleury really is Fleury is an amazing incredible elite goalie but most importantly he is the nicest kindness caring compassionate humble loyal honest person you could possibly ever meet and that’s why people love and respect adore him so much so the Vegas Golden Knights organization will be punished for this for years to come believe it or not and it’s all justified.

  4. Tim

    Lehner is our #1 goalie get over it. Did they treat Fleury bad Yes so you have a choice accept it or follow another team. Have the Splash Brothers made other mistakes Yes but in there defense one trip to the finals, one year lost on a bad call but lets dig in deeper on that San Jose series. Were we up 3 games to one Yes was Fleury the goaltender Yes, did he give up 4 goals in the 5 minute penalty Yes, and when we tied it did he give up the goal in overtime to put us out of the tournament Yes. We all love Fleury and he did a lot of great things for the team and city but don’t ignore some big games that he let us down in. I’m looking forward to trades and the draft so let’s stay positive even though we all question some of their moves.

    • joshua kacik

      The Vegas Golden Knights organization just signed a person that is a liability and has mental issues that there is no guarantee that he will be able to fulfill his contract a person that could not find a permanent home for reason he caused problems with every team he was on he is not a team first kind of person he is a selfish asshole jerk and everyone knows it the Vegas Golden Knights organization went from having an elite goalie Marc Andre Fleury that has been in 5 Stanley Cups and won 3 and is the nicest kindness caring compassionate humble human being that you could ever want on your team and is very very well liked and respected and honored and loved to Robin Lehner that has mental health issues and is a drug addict and alcoholic and can and mostly likely will relapse the Vegas Golden Knights organization and GM and owner are the biggest pieces of shit in the NHL and the Vegas Golden Knights organization will regret signing Robin Lehner and they will surely suffer and that will be sweet retribution for Marc Andre Fleury and for the fans that supposed Marc Andre Fleury.

      • Julie

        The irony of this situation is that Lehner, who sought stability, signed with a club that is anything but.

        Pushing Lehner as the new love of our lives is to me like being urged to eat that green jello dish served at Thanksgiving that has fruit cocktail, marshmallows and mayonnaise. I know SinBin never seemed to care for Fleury, and if they are as integrated with the team as they claim, they will be spooning this stuff even if Lehner stumbles.

      • EK

        Wow, that’s very judgmental of all parties involved on your part. . I’ll judge you now. You are a dick and a world class narcissist. Just the kind of person we don’t need as a VGK fan.

        • Joshua Kacik

          The Vegas Golden Knights organization and the owner are the biggest pieces of shit in the NHL and believe it or not the organization will lose a lot of their fanbase I can be a fan of the Vegas Golden Knights organization or not be one I don’t give a flying fuck what you say you mother fucker douche bag asshole jerk the one’s who defend Robin Lehner are the ones who have mental health issues and that are drug addicts and alcoholics so please just do everyone a favor go fuck yourself and go to hell because no one cares if you want fans like me or not because I will root for any team I want but I will never stop showing my discontent for Robin Lehner and the Vegas Golden Knights organization for signing this pathetic piece of shit that will falter and relapse because once a drug addict always one once a alcoholic always one you douche bag mother fuckers that defend this asshole there is a reason he could never find a permanent home he is not a team first kind of person he causes problems ever team he has been on he thinks he is an elite goalie he is not he thinks he deserves a lot money and longterm contract well one thing he did not get the kind of money he thought he would Robin Lehner is lucky some team signed his sorry pathetic ass can’t wait until he relapses and is out of the Vegas Golden Knights organization and out of the NHL.

          • Mason

            Wow, you’re a piece of work. You do not understand the game of hockey in the slightest bit. If you’re really that in love with a player you’ll never make it as a hockey fan as players move yearly. No team is loyal to players, they’re loyal to winning and that’s all. If anything you should be happy to have an organization that will do absolutely anything to win. We are square in the middle of a Stanley Cup contending window. You can’t keep relying on a goaltender who is past his prime and had a very average season. You just can’t. They’ve invested a lot of money in high end talent all in the same window of opportunity. The goaltender position was a real weak position for the team long term. Right now it’s a strength for the foreseeable future. Now go ahead and go on your 6 year old type rant filled with profanity and stupidity about addiction, clearly something you know nothing about.

    • Hi Tim – he’s our goalie not sure #1 belongs in front of it. WE all know it’s business and their is no loyalty as well so like you said onward and upward. Next few days should be interesting as they go from speed to whatever to accommodate PDB’s style of hockey. You were all for keeping both MAF and the walrus as I recall which makes to much sense and beyond the capacity thinking of the brass. Keep smiling brighter days ahead – I hope.

      • Tim

        Hdbiker I’m still for keeping both but it looks like that ship has sailed. As I said above when Fleury blew up in the San Jose playoffs we won’t know but I think they made there decision then that Fleury wasn’t the guy. Let’s face it he stunk up the joint in that playoff. To have both is the best of both worlds as I said to avoid Colorado until the Western finals was my thought. We’ll see how the trades and draft go and maybe they can do a good job but anymore my confidence in the Splash Brother has waned.

        • Julie

          Tim, isn’t that the San Jose game with the awful call by the ref against Vegas that the NHL apologized for later? I could be wrong, but it was around then, I believe. I will double check.

          • Tim

            Julie what does an awful call have to do with Fleury giving up 4 goals in the 5 minute penalty. Has that ever happened in NHL history?

  5. THE hockey GOD

    T H E

    W A L R U S !!!!!!!

  6. Joshua Kacik

    Robin Lehner will falter in the playoffs he is not built to shoulder being a number one goalie and he is not an elite goalie and is drug addiction and alcohol addiction will comeback they always relapse and he will most surely will and that will be sweet retribution for Marc Andre Fleury can’t wait to see this piece of shit team and this piece of shit goalie fall.

    • Tim

      Joshua, Boy your really on a rant. If you look up Fleury who I like don’t get me wrong but Pittsburgh wanted to get rid of him why you ask? They say Fleury cost them probably 2 Cups hence why they replaced him with Matt Murray. If you check your facts before it would help. In fairness he did reinvent himself in Vegas.

      • Come on Tim where do you find that type of info. Just more fake news like most and only getting worse these days. What are you going to think when the Pens take him back or he goes to Colorado and they kick Vegas’ ass. You are above all this negative stuff and normally quite logical. Don’t get suckered into all this BS despite the fact someone has to call them out. Some posts are just hateful and do no one any good at all. Being raised a number of years ago your mother like most of our mothers always said if you can’t say something nice about someone say nothing at all – do you remember those days?? The world has sure forgotten it. Smile things will work out probably not for the good but who knows. Always enjoy your wisdom.

        • Tim

          hdbiker , it’s true about Fleury why do you think they Matt Murrey took over and he became the backup. At 75 I’ve got nothing but time to read these type of things. Not fake news

  7. The knights were a horrible defensive team for the most part of 3 seasons. They would have been the laughing stock of the league without Flower or Gallant, and amazing fan energy and loyalty. They treated the heart and soul of the original knights like garbage. The fans know and the team will see support dwindle immediately. Jersey sales will drop off a cliff and the stadium will become more and more empty. The assumption was after firing Gallant and benching Flower that they were all in for the cup, but they didn’t even come close and would have been dominated by Tampa had they made the finals. If they don’t win the cup next year the team will be dismantled and then you will see if Lehner is worth his weight in salt, when he has horrible defense in front of him like flower did when he took us to the finals. I don’t think it is coincidence that he has 5 jerseys for past 5 years. I think signing Lehner makes Foley look like a fraud. He has his Folded Flag Foundation and says he supports and loves police but then pays a guy 5 mill per that kneels during the anthem? I will never root for a player who kneels during the anthem. I don’t think Foley is a fraud but I think he has let the organization start from his core values of loyalty, patriotism, family and resoect. My respect for the organization has dropped steadily over this year and is now at all time low….near zero.
    Hiring PDB is, IMO, a mistake that will set this team back years. What kind of business organization thinks hiring the hated rival is going to be good for fan support? The nemesis of the beloved previous coach? The organization thinks they will always have fan support regardless of their actions and how they treat fan favorite players. 75% of Vegas fans likely had a team they rooted for long before the knights arrived and I would not be surprised if many of them put Vegas as their new number two team.
    This team was amazing and special right from day one. The chemistry between players and fans, the electricity in the area, the relationships between players and coaches lifted this team far above its potential.
    They are now just another team playing is a weak conference. The west has gotten much better in past 2 years , with a lot of excellent young talent, ie Vancouver, Colorado, Stars and Edmonton, unless one of the knights recent draft picks turns into an elite player as we have seen in those cities we will fall behind. It will be a hole tough to get out of after moving so many draft picks and so much young talent.
    How many of the big trades to the knights thought they would be playing for a guy like PDB? How many of them expected to be with Gallant a few more years? Everything is a question, of course, the future is unpredictable, but imo it appears the knights have gone 2 steps forward and 3 or 4 steps backwards.

    • Daryl

      I quite watching football because of the kneeling. I quit watching basketball because of the thuggery. I have hockey one chance after the canceled games before I gave up on them. What upsets me more about Reaves is he isn’t worth the contract he got. Don’t get me wrong I’m pissed over the kneeling, but that aside, he isn’t worth the money he got. And for a team that is hurting under the cap, I just don’t understand his contract.

      Now comes PDB. There is nothing I really need to say. I completely agree you don’t hire your enemy. But on top of that, he isn’t even a good coach. Twice he led new teams only to falter drastically the years follow. The Pacific is a very weak conference but even so I would not be surprised to see VGK miss the playoffs next season

      • nebadabum

        Daryl, couldn’t agree more. Reeves is highly overrated. PDB is a joke of a coach.

  8. Julie

    Tim, it was just a question. But I did look it up and those goals were scored in the power play resulting from the controversial call. So, I guess you are saying that was all Fleury’s fault. You’re entitled to think that.

    • Coyote

      Not to make excuses, because I think Fleury let one or two go by that he’d like back. But circumstances also worked against us. Belly was out that game, and Eakin was DQ’d. Two of our best PKers. Putting it all on Fleury isn’t realistic; I agree with you.

      • Miri

        Great point, Coyote, that far too many people overlook: Belly wasn’t playing that game, as he was out injured. The lineup what it was, but to this day, I’m convinced that if Belly had been in the lineup, the Knights would have turned things around. I also thought that letting Belly go after the 2018-2019 season was a huge mistake for the Knights. He was great when playing shorthanded, and he knew how to get the most from his 4th-line wingers when playing in the offensive zone. No knock against those that played 4th line center this last year, but the Knights should have found a way to keep Belly.

      • Miri

        Just adding a note regarding “the power play” under discussion: While I was and remain a huge fan of Gerard Gallant, the ONLY coaching decision of his that I believed was an unqualified mistake was his failure to call for a time-out after the Sharks scored their first or second goal of the PP. The NBC commentators were talking about this at the time and speculating that Gallant was trying to save his time-out, which he would need if he wanted to issue a challenge later in the game. While this was a fair consideration, I still believe he should have called the time-out to let the team — skaters and Fleury — settle down and regroup.

        But apart from this, Gallant and Jon Cooper are still my two favorite coaches, mainly because of the overall fairness with which they seem to handle their players, and their generally sound coaching decisions. (And speaking of Cooper, just wondering if Kelly M was the Bolts’ GM, if Cooper would have been fired long ago, instead of winning the Cup this year.).

    • Tim

      Julie so your saying it wasn’t Fleury’s fault just some bad breaks. Ok I’ve been nice about that playoff when your up 3 – 1 we should have never got to game 7 and when the monies on the line the cream comes to the top and Fleury didn’t. Sorry but that’s a fact and you can spin it anyway you want but we lost 3 in a row to the Sharks or was I watching the wrong series. Where’s the hate for Fleury after that debacle but Lehner is a drug addicted loser. Please post facts not with your heart.

      • Julie

        Tim, I didn’t say that at all. Please re-read my post. You are jumping to an argument. I said you’re entitled to think that, many people do. I saw the same game. Of course Fleury made mistakes. I also never called Lehner a drug addicted loser, that was someone else. So, get your facts straight before jumping on people or ignore them. I understand now you don’t to engage in any normal conversation. Lesson learned with you. Moving on.

        • Tim

          Julie I always get my facts right and no you didn’t call Lehner a drug addict it was a reference but you’ve been a Fleury apologist for months the man who can do no wrong. I like Fleury as I’ve mentioned many times but please take off the blinders he chocked against San Jose for 3 games in a row or we may have made it last year. I think that’s when the decision was made to explore another goalie. No hard feelings Julie

          • Julie

            No, Tim, no hard feelings. I think Fleury is better than Lehner, and I don’t apologize for thinking that. Never said he could do no wrong either. No one is perfect. I know he played 61 games in the regular season that year, more than year 1 when he had his highest SV%. So, that seems like a lot and several articles have referenced that fact. He played 7 more games in the playoffs that year and lost 4. Perhaps because he and the team exceeded all expectations that first year, that anything less is a huge disappointment to everyone in year 2. That could also be a “blinder” to anyone thinking he choked in year 2. And, yes, I have said they worked him hard. I believe they did. He could take it in his earlier years, but it’s harder with age and little relief. You might be right about when a decision was made about Fleury. I don’t think we’ll know for years to come.

  9. Tim

    Chris, touchy touchy looks like your in the tank. I quit watching basketball and football for personal reasons it looks like you should pack it in on the Knights it will save you a lot of grief.

  10. Don Moore

    See but here is the thing ..Trophies Stats mean nothing. When it a boils down to is Wins and Looses and can you rise above and stop the puck from going in the net no matter how out right poorly the skaters in front of you are doing as well as when they are playing great and not letting it in the net .. Because hockey has proven the best stats have not always won the Stanley Cup..

  11. Don Moore

    See but here is the thing ..Trophies Stats mean nothing. When it a boils down to is Wins and Looses and can you rise above and stop the puck from going in the net no matter how out right poorly the skaters in front of you are doing as well as when they are playing great and not letting it in the net .. Because hockey has proven the best stats have not always won the Stanley Cup..

  12. James

    Is he keeping #90?

  13. THE hockey GOD

    no take NHL draft today ? sinbin peeps ?

  14. Joshua Kacik

    Who cares what number Robin Lehner this mental reject assholes drug addict and alcoholic keeps can’t wait until he relapses and he will they all do and then he will be out of the Vegas Golden Knights organization and out of the NHL can’t wait can’t stand this asshole mother fucker.

    • D moore

      Really..Really. so if some one thinks differently from you or is seeing things differently wether they are right or wrong and thats without saying yor ideology is correct or best. .The Best You can do is attach some one verbally like a child. GET A CLUE AND grow up

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