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Even The Usually Home Dominant VGK Have Seen Losing Skids Like This

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Since entering the league, the Golden Knights are an astounding 108-48-15 when playing at T-Mobile Arena. But this year, they’ve stumbled to just a 12-10-2 record and are experiencing one of the worst home slides in franchise history.

The point of this article is to highlight the phrase “one of” as opposed to simply calling it, the worst home slide in franchise history.

The Golden Knights have lost each of the last three games, they’ve dropped five of six, and have lost seven of their last 10 games at home. Despite the insane .675 points percentage at home, Vegas has experienced streaks at least as bad as all three of the instances mentioned in the last sentence.

We’ll start with the first one, losing three in a row. This is actually the 7th time the Golden Knights have been on at least a three-game losing streak at home. They did it once earlier this season in the three home games following the season opener against the Kraken. Losses to St. Louis, Edmonton, and the New York Islanders sent the Golden Knights off to a 1-4-0 record to start the year.

But three games isn’t even one away from the longest home losing streak. Vegas has lost four straight three different times including once in each of their first three seasons in the league. Even the magical 2017-18 Misfits fell four straight times at home, losing to Los Angeles, Ottawa, New Jersey, and Minnesota and being outscored 21 to 10 along the way. The worst home losing streak ever came the following season, in 2018-19. That year, VGK dropped five straight at home as part of a run that still holds all the records for worst home stretch in team history.

That stretch is the only other time the Golden Knights have suffered losses of five of six and/or seven of 10 inside T-Mobile Arena, and trust me, that collection of games was much worse than this one.

You can find a collection of five losses in six games on either end of the five-game losing streak that ran from January 21st to February 14th of 2019. The Golden Knights beat the Penguins 7-3 at home before dropping five in a row to Minnesota, Nashville, Columbus, Arizona, and Toronto. Then, they beat the Predators 5-1 at T-Mobile Arena before dropping two more at home to Boston and Winnipeg.

All in all, VGK lost eight home games out of 10 and watched themselves go from just two points behind the division-leading Calgary Flames to 14 points behind in the matter of five weeks.

What all of this is meant to show is that home success throughout the entirety of a regular season is rare. Even a team that consistently wins upwards of 65% of their games at home goes through rough patches just like the one the Golden Knights are on right now.

That being said, it would be really nice if they put an end to the home losing tomorrow against a terrible Montreal team.


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    flames have five games to make up, that is 10 possible points. They have 42 points and are six points behind 48 point leading VGK. Winning three of those five puts them at a tie with VGK.

    the VID is whacking the NHL hard again , like it did last year

  2. If you saw the Montreal /Dallas game last night you will notice I am sure Vegas will have their hands full if they come out thinking they can get away with a 20 minute effort – in fact anything less than 60 and they will be lucky to win and yes very possibly could lose. I hope losing is not the case, but they better get their act together otherwise that will be the result.

    • Pistol Pete

      I really doubt VGK thinks they can glide through MTL. Not saying you implied that, just saying.

  3. Tim

    How many times have I said your professions and you need to give a 60 minute effort every night. Many of you say that’s not possible so why complain when we lose and the effort isn’t there. Our home ice advantage is long gone if you recall last year Montreal series game 4 Fleury Bill Buckner move which hurt big time. Game 5 in Vegas one of the most must win games in our history and we take it in the shorts. In my mind that was the end of home ice advantage and this year has just proved my point. I know you have to hype the team but the eye test doesn’t lie we have weaknesses.

  4. knights fan in minny

    reaves the scoring machine with 2 markers tonight

  5. Pistol Pete

    Caps recently lost 5 of 6 including 2 in a row at home.

    Canes recently lost 2 in a row at home including 0-6 vs. CBJ.

    Ken and I are not making excuses for the recent VGK failures, just emphasizing that teams having a good season e.g., win 51/lose 31 equates to losing 31/82 = lose 38%. Games will be lost and it will come in different ways.

    • Pistol Pete

      Win 50:

      Win 50/lose 32: allowing for some number of OTL equates to 100+ pts—a decent season

      32/82 = lose 39%

      VGK slump has not reached critical mass as has EDM who slid from one of their best starts ever and first in the division to a mere one game over 500.

  6. Pistol Pete

    I predict Eichel’s first game at home will be Avs 2/16 followed by LAK 2/18 for which I have tickets. I may get a ticket for Avs. Eichel’s first home game should be a big draw!

    • Pistol Pete

      VividSeats tickets for LAK are much cheaper than for COL two days earlier. Could be the COL rivalry and that they are higher ranked than LAK, however it could also be the Eichel factor—although it’s undetermined, it’s a reasonable hunch Avs will be his first VGK home game.

      • THE hockey GOD

        after the october massacre, LA fans do not come to vegas any more

        • THE hockey GOD

          especially the hot girls, I can’t tell you how many say the same thing over and over.

          They have a long memory, maybe that’s why the rink is only filled with fat people eating cheese covered nachos with jalapenos.

  7. Tim

    I love how you always compare some other teams losing streak with ours to make you feel better. Facts don’t bare that out there are 32 teams in the league and the only two teams with a worse home record are Seattle and Arizona. Please tell me how you can candy coat that stat. When you look at that stat how can you not see that were a struggling team and with Lehner our goalie we can not compare to the better teams in the league. Latest power rankings have us 13th and that’s being kind. In the Pacific division they’ll have 3 teams make the playoffs probably 5 from the Central will we be one of the 3? It’s unthinkable that we wouldn’t make the playoffs but as these other teams make trades and smell blood in the water it’s conceivable we may not be one of the top 3 teams. Needless to say if DeBoer doesn’t make it to the finals he’ll be gone. The real kick in the ass is Gallant and the New York Rangers may go father then us in the much tougher Eastern division.

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