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Erik Karlsson And Bobby Ryan React To Possibility Of Being Traded To Vegas

“Our owner bought us a ping pong table. Yours wouldn’t even pay for an Uber ride.” -Probably Luca Sbisa

There were nothing but smiles in the visiting locker room last night at T-Mobile Arena. The Ottawa Senators battled for 60 minutes to beat the Golden Knights 5-4. The victory pushed the Senators to 22 wins and 52 points with just 19 games to play. That is, in a single word, bad. Which is probably why the Sens front office listened to any and all offers at the trade deadline. Including one from Vegas GM George McPhee, who inquired about their Norris winning defenseman.

That’s part of the business. I really didn’t know what really transpired or happened behind the scene. (The Golden Knights) were obviously one of the teams that was thrown out there a lot. They’re a good team and they were pushing for it, so nothing unexpected. -Erik Karlsson, OTT Captain

Karlsson was responding to a question I asked about his reaction when he heard about the Vegas chatter. The superstar Swede went on to discuss why free agents would seriously consider playing in Las Vegas.

It’s a great city and they have a great team. Their general manager McPhee, is a really good general manager and he’s been around for a long time. I think he’s going to build a good team, not only for now but the future as well. It’s definitely an attractive city. -Karlsson

Also rumored to be part of the Karlsson swap was Ottawa forward Bobby Ryan. Senators GM Pierre Dorion was attempting to unload Ryan’s $7.5M per season contract to whomever desired Karlsson. Possibly the reason why a deal with the Golden Knights fell through. I asked Ryan about his trade deadline anxiety.

Ultimately you don’t want to be in the conversation because that means you and your team aren’t doing the right things. -Bobby Ryan, OTT Forward

The negotiations must’ve gotten deep because Ryan reached out to a former teammate to get the 411.

I got some friends over there and Luca Sbisa is one of my closest. So we kinda talked about it. It would be nice to get back together in that regard. -Ryan

Sbisa and Ryan played together in Anaheim from 2009 to 2013. They’ve remained tight friends ever since. Still though, the 30-year-old stressed he’s happy playing in Ottawa.

I’m happy my name didn’t get called on Monday. I’m just happy to stay. -Ryan

Both players spoke highly about the city and the Golden Knights organization. In fact, they almost acted like they would’ve enjoyed playing for Vegas. Karlsson even gave McPhee a shoutout. Maybe they got to know each other in a text thread started by Ottawa’s GM.

Which has now been deleted.




Defense Slipping Majorly At Home



    I’ve think they have lost there magic and I wrote this in a Facebook group and 265 comments later people were so ass hurt.There defense has been leaking for awhile and every one likes to use the injuries excuse but when they lost 4 goalies and were winning I didn’t hear those excuses then.You have to be a realist but I know alot of these people new to hockey sorry just don’t know about it.They get all hurt when you say anything negative and I’m noticing every time they lose at home to a team Oh they have the worst fans.Im a Flyers fan for 40 years you don’t just switch teams.I want the Knights in finals but a true fan doesn’t abandon your team.
    They haven’t beaten a good team since SJ.You ever think maybe the team has gone as far as it can go?Fluery to me is gassed.Hes gonna to be burned out by end of season.The defense gives up way to many turnovers and McNabb and Engleand there’s a reason they have been on so many teams.I mean it’s not the end of the world but don’t be shocked if they don’t win divison.

    • Carmine Sessa

      No excuses, but an injured goalie effects only one position. Injured forwards or d-men changes combinations that reverberate throughout the lineup. When MAF was out, The rest of the lineup was intact and the NHL goaltenders (Subban and Dansk) kept us going. With Lagace we were a .500 team. The bigger issue at this point of the season are the minutes played by players who historically have maxed out their seasonal TOI (Engelland, Miller).

  2. Brian

    See…this is why the Sinbin is the ONLY place to get the REAL information on what’s going on. GREAT stuff, Jason. GMGM isn’t done yet in the EK sweepstakes I hope. Yes, he’ll have more competition this summer, but how crazy would that addition be, Bobby Ryan and all.

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