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Engelland, Golden Knights Join Team #JinxesAreForLosers By Picking Up Campbell Bowl

The winner of the NHL’s Western Conference Finals is awarded the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl. There’s a long standing tradition in which players and teams refuse to touch the trophy because the only trophy a winner touches is the Stanley Cup.

I didn’t touch it. I’m a rookie, I follow what they say. If they tell me to touch it, I’ll touch it. If they tell me not to touch it, I won’t touch it. -Alex Tuch

It’s a supersition that’s been followed for many years, and according to some, has jinxed many a team, but the Golden Knights were not afraid.

After winning Game 5, 2-1, and clinching the Western Conference Championship, Deryk Engelland skated over to the trophy, immedeatley put his fingers on the handle, and eventually lifted it and brought it back to his teammates.

We decided as a group to take it because we went through the experience togehter. (Fleury) has been the backbone to our team, so more or less it came down to what he wanted to do. -Deryk Engelland

Prior to the season the Golden Knights announced they were not going to award any player a “C” on their jersey. Instead, they would have a leadership group, and almost every player over the age of 25 has worn an “A” at some point in time during the season. However, when it came to deciding who would be the one to accept the Campbell Bowl from the deputy commssioner of the NHL, it wasn’t a hard choice.

He’s been the guy all year. We didn’t make a big deal, but we talked about it, just in case if we win today, what to do with the trophy. Our team came together and said, ‘he’s the guy.” It wasn’t a big discussion. -Gerard Gallant

The Golden Knights aren’t a team without their superstitions. Fleury mentioned some of his thoughts surrounding the “shutout jinx,” the team follows the same routine at just about every practice and before every game, and if you get a chance to talk to a player, coach, or even the GM, they’ve all got something.

You wouldn’t understand. I don’t even think I understand. -George McPhee on what he does before/during/after games

Yet here they were on the big stage having just won the first real trophy in franchise history, and they were not to let silly superstition get in the way of a moment they eanred.

We talked about it before. We went against the odds all year. -Jonathan Marchessault

Odds are, it won’t make a difference one way or the other, but it’s definitely nice to see the Vegas Golden Knights jumping on board team #JinxesAreForLosers.


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  1. Vgk4life

    I’m digging it. As a longtime professional hockey fan (35+ years now) I’m happy to see the knights go forward and accept everything theyve worked so hard to earn. Good for them and great for us. Congrats Knights, you guys are heroes!

  2. MikeinHenderson

    That jinx is a bunch of horse hockey. I have seen many touch either conference’s trophy and they still won the Cup. A Conference title is a terrific accomplishment that should be enjoyed for a least a night or two. There are many outstanding hockey players who never made it to this stage. Deryk Engelland is 36 and never got out of the second round until this spring.

  3. Jonathan

    I love this narrative. First of all, it doesn’t make any difference, you’re right Ken (PS: so happy you went to Winnipeg to see this, I love watching every video / listening to every Podcast, I feel like we’re friends ha ha). But second, I think it makes it even better if we do win it all — like we’ll touch the thing all we want, NOTHING is going to stop this team, we can’t be denied. I said it months ago, and sports fans hate it, but “Team of Destiny” is a real thing. It’s not based on luck, or superstition, or any nonsense, it’s based on watching a full season of them play against every other team, and dominate the best of teams throughout the season. Every insult, every slight, every media pick against them is just noise in the crowd, totally irrelevant to what they’re accomplishing because the only thing that can stop the Knights IS the Knights. They’re the best team in the NHL and they’re going to prove it.

  4. Brian

    Agreed on all counts. GO KNIGHTS GO !!! #CUPIN1

  5. Joe

    Fleury knew what he was doing. Crosby didn’t touch the Prince of Wales trophy in 08. He did in 09, 16, and 17. You listen to the guy who brought you here.

  6. John Theivagt

    Like this article. Written prior to Nashville making the decision to touch the Campbell Cup.

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