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Election Day: Las Vegas Hockey Fan Ballot

Now that you are done voting for the two worst candidates in the history of the United States Presidency, it’s time to do your real civic duty. It’s the Las Vegas Hockey Fan Ballot. All polls are being conducted on Twitter, but if you don’t have Twitter, what’s wrong with you? use the comments section to cast your vote.i-voted-sinbin

All write-in votes will be shown below each poll when voting is over, so be sure to check back tomorrow for the results.

Be sure to RT the “I VOTED” badge when you’ve punched your vote on all 10 questions.

Write-Ins: Quebec (@Bischoff_Tyler)

Write-Ins: Sin City Superman by Flooding (@rngrfan01), Ding Ding Ding from Slot Machines (@ShopDeVegas and @keithfries), Customized Song from Five Finger Death Punch (@symracer13), Luck Be a Lady by Frank Sinatra (@RyanTerrana)

Write-Ins: The Cell (@Bull_Moose716), T-Mobile (@848ty), T-Mob (@ShopDeVegas), The Castle (@keithfries)

Write-Ins: Knights Knights Knights (@me_so_hungy), Fight Knights (@keithfries)

Write-Ins: Food (@randangler), Little Kid Scrimmage (@ScottyHockey), Ice Girls (@TristateDamsels)

Write-Ins: Claude Giroux (@Rampa19), Zach Bogosian (@randangler), Alexander Ovechkin (@kadbrand), Boone Jenner (@Boones_Goons)


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  1. Michael

    1 – Arizona Coyotes
    2 – Viva Las Vegas
    3 – The Castle
    4 – First game of 2017
    5 – Opening day 2017!
    6 – “Joust! Joust! Joust!”
    7 – Chuck a puck
    8 – Patrick Kane
    9 – Yes!
    10 – 2032

  2. James

    1 – Kings
    2 – Viva Las Vegas (Elvis)
    3 – The Fortress
    4 – First Goal
    5 – Name Unveil
    6 – Go Knights Go
    7 – The Organ
    8 – Connor McDavid
    9 – Out of Towner
    10 – After Year 15

  3. Timothy Pietrzak

    1# Coyotes… (the Ducks and Kings have their thing, let’s make our own)
    2# Viva Las Vegas….but get the Killers to cover it
    3#Castle Black
    4#Puck Drop
    5#Expansion draft
    6#Go Knights Go.. even though London uses it
    7#PEE WEE- Let the kids play.. this is how to get more kids into the sport.. they see kids playing, “Mom, can I play too?”
    8#Max Domi… google him dropping Kesler in one punch
    9#Of Course.. work permitting
    10# After year 15…probably when I’m dead and gone.. none of my teams in any sport have won anything ever.. sorry to be the jinx.

  4. Slack

    1- Kings (its personal)
    2- Something original (Sin City for the PP)
    3- The Moat
    4- Into Ceremony
    5- Jersey Unveil
    6-“‘Tis But A Scratch!” clap, clap, clap. “‘Tis But A Scratch!” clap, clap, clap. ( ok, I’ll work on that one)
    7- Local Kids Shootout
    8- My Kid Scoring On Above Shootout ( Ha!)
    9- Would But Can’t
    10- Year 6-10 ( 2024 Stanley Cup Champs to be exact)

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