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Eichel To Star In New NHL Documentary From Producers Of Drive To Survive

Jack Eichel is about to join the ranks of Max Verstappen, Jordan Spieth, Lewis Hamilton, and Scottie Scheffler as a star in a sports documentary.

The NHL announced today the launch of a new docuseries coming to Prime Video that will follow the lives of Eichel along with other stars like Connor McDavid, William Nylander, Filip Forsberg, and Matt Tkachuk. The series is produced by the same people behind the smash hits Drive To Survive and Full Swing.

This is so meaningful for our league. Box To Box has revolutionized modern storytelling for Formula 1, golf and tennis. With the full support of the League, players, coaches and owners, we welcome the opportunity to showcase our stars and the greatest season and postseason in sports – the Stanley Cup Playoffs – to a global audience. -Steve Mayer, NHL Chief Content Officer & Senior Executive Vice President in press release

Here’s the full trailer.

There is no official name or debut date for the show but it is expected to premier this fall.


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  1. jeffrey m sutton

    i hope they show his 3rd period hat trick in Buffalo

  2. ThG

    talk about a major, unnecessary distraction

    • Thg – well we agree on something after all. I hope you decided to cheer for the Oilers – it would be the best situation for Lord Stanley to return to Canada at least for a year.

      • ThG

        i am cheering for the alberta wildcatters !!

        a team in the northern realms adjacent to the unknown, well now known, territories changed to native indians, which seem to populate the area . But every one knows the seals and bears number more in population

        Wildcatters , akin, to the gold scrappers in the Yukon. You won’t find
        a TV series about them on discovery channel.

        I see Timmah found Trailer Park Boys, I think Bubbles is his favorite character. Next to South Park, I loathe this show and every time someone in household happens upon it , TURN THE CHANNEL WE Don’t watch that crap in this house !!! Rrrrrrrr! Yeah !

  3. Carl

    If they want a really great show they’ll feature Marchessault

    • NAM

      He will be too busy moving and trying to get his kids in a new school and hockey program.

    • Emmanuel

      I remember when his off ice shenanigans were derisively posted on these boards by the Vegas locals, but I guess a trophy winning playoff run granted him a pardon or maybe its a short memory by the fans….

  4. Pistol Pete

    If Eichel is in it I’m all the more interested. He really stepped up to win the Cup. IMO that run, he was as good a player as there is on the planet all considered. McCrimmon won that gamble.

  5. JB

    The Drive to Survive is excellent ! So this should be good. Go Florida! Ha

  6. JB

    There’s more Canadian players playing in the US cities than onCanada based NHL teams. So who gives a shit about a franchise in Canada winning the cup? Not me!

  7. Alex

    They should have a show called Getting Rid Of Minor League Goalies

    • knights fan in minny

      there should be a site only for dumb fuck losers like you to be on

  8. ThG

    Hunter Biden laptop re-emerges as media embarrassment as it becomes key evidence at gun trial
    CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo were among the news outlets that peddled the ‘Russian disinformation’ narrative

    • alex

      And trump is a rapist, a defamer, and a convicted felon x34! HAHAHAHAW

      • knights fan in minny

        your to fucking stupid to see nothing will happen to the next prez of the united states

        • Rasheed

          It’s “you’re “ you trailer park moron – sheesh VGK fake fans are so dumb

          • knights fan in minny

            fuck off you piece of shit porch monkey loser

      • ThG

        yeah by women wearing a dress that didn’t exist at time, in year and place she couldn’t remember

        Bragg made up all the charges, and no one in history of new york has ever been charged with same crime of “falsifying business records”. Btw Bill Clinton did it over half dozen times in 90s, where are DAs going after him. Many legal expenses. This will be over turned. And so will the bogus one above.

    • knights fan in minny

      how about mush head joe apologizing to the shyster zelensky what a pussy veggie jo is

    • TS

      Oh, SNAP. a man used drugs and bought a gun when he MIGHT have been using drugs. Now THAT is TREASON!! YUP, the son of a POTUS used drugs. Now that equals TRUMP’S CRIMES, CORRUPTION AND TREASON, by golly!! LOCK HIM UP!! …Oh wait, that’s not J-O-E BIDEN ?? OOPS. WRONG BIDEN, FOLKS!! YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG BIDEN!!

      • TS

        I find it curious that the DEMS had YEARS to go after all of TRUMP’S KIDS who were complicit in all of TRUMP’S corruption, fraud, and crimes?? The DEMS could have..they SHOULD have. But they did not. Yet, here the Repubs are, holding their Kangaroo ” oversight” hearings, desperately reaching for the non- existent dirt on whoever they can get their hands on, EVIDENCE and FACTS OR NOT. Curious, yes?? Just to review: HUNTER was not POTUS. JOE is. You are forgiven for the misunderstanding.

      • TS

        I find it curious that the DEMS had YEARS to go after all of TRUMP’S KIDS who were complicit in all of TRUMP’S corruption, fraud, and crimes?? The DEMS could have..they SHOULD have. But they did not. Yet, here the Repubs are, holding their Kangaroo ” oversight” hearings, desperately reaching for the non- existent dirt on whoever they can get their hands on, EVIDENCE and FACTS OR NOT. Curious, yes?? Just to review: HUNTER was not POTUS. JOE is. Did I clear things up??

      • knights fan in minny

        cocaine in the white house one of the most secure buildings in the world cameras everywhere and no one knows who the blow belongs to such a failure administration

        • TS

          Just what does THAT have to do with Hunter Biden??

          • knights fan in minny

            maybe it was scumbag hunters how come we have not been told who it belongs to if this happened when trump was in the whit house you looney lefts would have wanted him in jail but dems just sweep it under the rug

      • knights fan in minny

        scum family father of the year veggie joe

  9. TS

    I look forward to watching it! Any program that highlights HOCKEY is a GOOD thing!! And yet, posters are bitching about it already? Come on, people. Be better than that.

    • TS

      MTG hugely embarrassed herself, as she slandered Dr. FAUCI at the oversight hearing. She was spittin’ fireworks, so true to her form!! The DISRUPTOR was on her game, wasn’t she?? Unfortunately for Repubs, she is the most hated, reviled, sickening sorry excuse for a CONGRESSWOMAN
      Her ONLY objective in Congress is to Disrupt and FUCK our Democrasy. I recall how she STALKED survivors of MASS SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, accusing them.of MAKINGNIT ALL UP. She made her dirty name early on, and thanks to the Deal with the Devil that Speaker Johnson made with her, she is now on KEY committees, Attacking at WILL. One of Trump’s most detestable ATTACK DOGS. Her conduct as she attacked Dr Fauci was SICKENING.

      • knights fan in minny

        just think in a few short months you won’t have to complain about this when a ral prez is elected again

  10. ThG

    biden drops first bomb on Normandy in 80 years!

    FRANCE — In a solemn and moving ceremony of remembrance on the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, President Biden marked the occasion by dropping the first bomb on Normandy in 80 years.

    “Help me out Jill, I’m having a bit of a D-Day of my own in my Depends here,” the President was overheard saying to the first lady as he bent over slowly and deposited a massive load of fecal matter in his pants. “Oh, boy, this is a big one. Get me out of here and help me clean this up before President Macron smells it! Not a joke!”

    The President was then seen shuffling off in the middle of the ceremony, led by his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, who is a real doctor.

    “This was a moving and completely on-purpose gesture from the President,” said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in a statement. “Biden loaded his drawers with dookie in solidarity with the thousands of German and Allied soldiers who also likely did the same thing on D-Day. That’s how much the President cares about our veterans.”

    Sources say Biden was quickly cleaned up by a crew of staffers who are specially trained for the task. “We are proud of Biden and his unwavering commitment to identifying with the struggles of our nation’s heroes,” concluded Jean-Pierre.

    At publishing time, Biden had returned to the ceremony and quickly gone to sleep in solidarity with the honored dead.

    babylon bee reporting news as it drops !!

  11. TS

    I find it so ODD that some posters are OBSESSED with BM’s and Depends. So very reveing..

  12. ThG

    NHL drawing out SC schedule this year

    what a joke, lots of days of rest in between for resting. Bettman is making a joke of this. He really want McDavid to win. They did the same in 2009 season when the Wings played the Pens, they really wanted Mario to win the Cup that year against a much better Wings team. They immediately jacked up the schedule. Instead of giving the Wings a rest after coming off a grueling series. The NHL immediately scheduled the SC series, with back to back games in Detroit. Unheard of. Then in the second game Malscrum , aka Malkin, initiates a fight in last minute. That is automatic game misconduct. But NHL throws that game out. Pens barely squeak out 4 to 3 win as somehow MAF blindly stops a last second Lidstrom bomb, that MAF never saw. NHL and bettman suck.

    Hockey in middle of summer is just plain stupid, the season should end in April at the most. When Baseball starts to give the Cleveland Indians time to watch their favorite movie Major League, starring Bob Eucker.

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