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Eichel Sandbags With Spittin’ Chiclets Crew

(Photo Credit: Spittin’ Chiclets)

Yesterday, the boys at Spittin’ Chiclets released footage of their 19th edition of the Sandbagger Invitational from Granite Links golf course in Quincy, MA. The summer round of golf featured Vegas’ Jack Eichel and Calgary’s Noah Hanifin.

While the round of golf was recorded months ago, the fans got an exclusive look into a day at the course with the two current NHL’ers and SC stars Paul Bissonette, Ryan Whitney, and Rear Admiral. It’s incredibly entertaining but make sure to keep the kiddos away, there were more f-bombs on the course than a two-hour SinBin podcast.

From the first tee box, Eichel and Hanifin were struggling to keep up. The Chiclets pair took a two-hole lead after Eichel missed a crucial five-foot putt. It was around then that nips of Pink Whitney were passed around to all four golfers.

The greens are a little faster than I thought, huh? We’re at a public track. I didn’t know we were playing Augusta. – Jack Eichel

It wasn’t until the fourth hole that the tournament began to tighten, and it all began with a superb tee shot by the Golden Knights’ alternate captain.

(Photo Credit: Spittin’ Chiclets)

At one point on the front nine, Eichel was in line to take the hole for his team with an almost impossible long-distance putt. While trying not to distract him, a whispering Bissonette and Whitney wrote VGK’s forward off. Seconds later, they remembered an extremely important detail.

Whitney: If he puts this putt inside of yours from f*cking 40 yards I don’t know what to say.

Bissonette: I’ll be shocked. He is a Stanley Cup champion though. Never doubt a Stanley Cup champion.

Whitney: Yeah but, Barbashev kind of carried him.

Unfortunately, the Stanley Cup hero came up short on the green.

(Photo Credit: Spittin’ Chiclets)

The Cup champion made up for it on the eighth hole when he drove his ball closest to the tee. Surprisingly to the group, Eichel declared golf a summer activity. Even though he resides in Las Vegas and has teammates that live on the course. Come October, the ice sheet is Eichel’s only focus.

Bissonette: You don’t golf a lot in Vegas?

Eichel: No, I don’t play at all during the year. I think it f*cks your hands up.

Bissonette: Oh, does it?

Eichel: I don’t know. All the boys play.

Bissonette: Stoner’s playing…

Eichel: Stoney didn’t play much at all last year because of his back.

Whitney: Isn’t he really good too?

Eichel: Yeah. I played last week with him and Stevie, these guys just play a different game. Stephenson, he’ll go out with a pair of rentals and shoot 60.

Bissonette: Stephenson?

Whitney: He’s that good?

Eichel: Yeah, I think Stevie might be the best on our team. Stevie and Stoney. Stoney’s gross.

After falling four holes behind, Eichel started to show some of his competitive frustration. The Spittin’ Chiclets crew were quick to point it out.

Whitney: I think these guys are pretty good, but the cameras go on and sometimes it’s a different ball game.

Bissonette: Eichel is not ready for the bright lights.

Whitney: He chucked the ball in the goddamn quarry.

Mid-round Eichel took a few questions from a visibly buzzed Rear Admiral.

(Photo Credit: Spittin’ Chiclets)

RA noted the Golden Knights run to the finals was seemingly easier than expected. Being the good sportsman that he is, Eichel credited the teams they eliminated en route to the organization’s first Stanley Cup.

RA: You guys had a nice run to the Stanley Cup Final and weren’t challenged at all. You were never on the verge of losing. What was the toughest part for you guys to get through?

Eichel: Well, Edmonton was good. It was all tough. I think we had a great team, but it was all tough. Every series was hard, every series presented its own challenges. We had a lot of confidence in ourselves. Coming back after losing 4-1 to Edmonton on the road. We knew how important Game 5 was. If we come back and win Game 5 at home, we kind of retake the series. Not saying our asses were on the line because it was only 2-2 at the time but it was still a big moment in the series. I thought that was a big moment for our team. They felt the pressure in Game 6.

RA: 26 points in 22 games, good stuff buddy.

Eichel: Thank you

Even though it was a comfortable, light interview, the nine-year veteran quickly turned off his golfing with buddies’ mode, flipped his in-season switch, and spoke like a modest Golden Knight after a 5-2 victory.

At one point both Massachusetts natives, Eichel and Hanifan were making subtle offers to the Boston Bruins.

Hanifan: I wish we were home in September, it’s so nice here.

Eichel: I was a couple of years ago when I was sitting here waiting to get traded. It was great. I could go watch the Patriots game.

Hanifan: That’s so bizarre that that happened to you.

Eichel: I was here through October. I was just chilling here.

The competition began to heat up in the back nine. Of course, Pink Whitney shots and cuss words were more abundant after the turn.

(Photo Credit: Spittin’ Chiclets)

We won’t spoil the finish for Golden Knights fans because it’s definitely worth the watch. Fans will get a chance to see a looser Eichel having fun and busting chops with friends. Not to mention you’ll get a chance to hear his foul-mouthed Massachusetts accent.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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  1. Jailbird

    Hague out now. Hutton will step in tonight. One day we WILL have our starting D crew back. Time for our top forwards to turn it up a bit. The jets will not be a easy win.

    • knights fan in minny

      what happened to hague here we go again so frustrating

      • THE hockey GOD

        montreal player appeared to slough toe him with swiping move to his lower body

  2. Limbo

    RA on the 15th hole had me dying.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    ok here is final post in comparing the strat o matic 2017/8 team stats to the
    Stanley Cup champs stats. The Goalies.

    here are the stats listed from left to right
    % of time played , based upon two goalies only; not rest of goalies used during the season
    F – fatigue rating, if goalie starts more than listed F rating games in a row they are considered fatigues and extra goalie rating goal turns from faceoff to automatic goal. Usually a roll of ten, which is 3/ 36 chances. Goalie is considered fatigued also if allows 4 or more goals in the game, or in one period.
    Next the goalie “goal’ rating, the lower the better. Based upon strat card.
    The the goalie goal rating adjusted for % of time played

    MAF,,,,,,,, 68%,,,,,,,,F6,,,,, 8.75 ,,,,,,,,,,5.95,,,,,,,,,,Thompson,,,,,,,59%,,,,,F5,,,,,10.3,,,,6.07

    In summary, MAF carried the team for a longer period of time
    with an excellent 8.75 goalie rating.
    Both goalie rating % adjusted tandems are
    MAF/Subban 9.47
    compared to LT/Hill 10.33
    Giving the MAF / Subban tandem nearly a one goal advantage.
    Considering the fatigue rating one would assume that during a short
    series the 17/18 team would have a significant advantage.
    But if series goes longer, MAF would get fatigued (as we all saw in the CAPS/VGK
    finals), and the advantage would go to 2022/23 team.

    Conclusion , considering the all the factors: the 2022/23 team main
    advantage was ability to take puck away with their much higher intimidation rating. Meaning more ice time, leading to more scoring chances.
    However, the goalie factor, much like the pitching factor in baseball is much more of controlling factor. Bottom line: advantage to the 17/18 game.

    When I do the computer simulation models, I will have a more definitive
    analysis and see if the bottom line conclusion holds up.

    Next I can do a comparison for Bruins 22/23 to the VGK 22/23. But I can tell you right now the goalie for the bruins is a monster.


    59% F7 and excellent 5.75 goalie rating and MAF 8.75 rating

    • Emmanuel

      I missed the previous posts. Is this the computer or card version? I thought I was the only one who paid attention to intimidation…..

  4. Emmanuel

    XMAS came early Howden dropped to 4th line:

    Ivan Barbashev — Jack Eichel — Jonathan Marchessault

    Paul Cotter — Chandler Stephenson — Mark Stone

    Pavel Dorofeyev — William Karlsson — Michael Amadio

    William Carrier — Brett Howden — Keegan Kolesar

    • Jailbird

      He’s been playing there for a few games, because Roy is out. Not a demotion, but simply a need as he can play center. I like Howie, he plays hard and is gritty.

      • Emmanuel

        I honestly do not believe he belongs in the NHL.

      • Emmanuel

        My comment was really about whether it’s a permanent placement. Ive always wanted to see Carrier or Roy on the 3rd line.

  5. knights fan in minny

    roy needs to stay on the 4th line they are a big factor when thy play together they can stir it up they can score they set the tone

    • Jailbird

      Agree minny. I don’t see why anyone would want to breakup our 4th line?. The best in the league!

  6. THE hockey GOD

    i copied the second post ,subject matter doing the comparison

    Ok, I finished the inaugural VGK season to Stanley Cup winning season team to team comparison based upon strat o matic stats for each of these seasons.

    For non goalies Strat uses a myriad of factors from shooting tendencies to passing to pass assists to outside/inside/rebound & breakaway/ penetration abilities, penalty ratings, intimidation (puck take away), defense, to offense/defense ratings.

    I will focus only on what I consider the major factors in non goalie comparisons: intimidation, offense , defense, defense (on pk), and pass assist factor ratings.

    There is no overall individual power play “rating”, this is reflected on individual drill down on individual player cards but this factor is reflected in offense rating. So the players name will be listed below for each season, on the left is the inaugural season and on the right is last seasons player ratings. In parenthesis will be the I rating on scale of 1 to 20). O/D (1 to 5), (D aka pk D rating if different from D rating) and passing assists (higher number the better).

    Player name (I rating, O/D ratings, (D pk rating if different than D, Pass Assist rating).

    As you can see with Marchy his o/d rating went from 4/4 to 4/2 this past year and his intimidation rating went from 6 to 5.

    I don’t have ratings for players that were injured and missed more games
    than other players (e.g. Carrier, Whitecloud, and some of the season 1 players
    names who escape me at this point, like Hunt, sbsisa, etc.)

    Let’s start with forwards

    Marchy (6 4/4 (1) 6) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Marchy (5 4/2 (1) 4)
    Karlsson (1 4/4 4),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Karl (3 4/2 (3) 4)
    Smith ….. (4 4/4 5),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Smith (4 4/4 (3) 4)

    Neal ……(3 4/4 (2) 2),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Stephson ( 5 3/4 (3) 6)
    Haula (4 4/2 (1) 3),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Eichel (3 4/2 (1) 6)
    Perron (7 3/2 (1) 6),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Stone (10 4/4 (2) 5)

    Tuch (5 4/2 (1) 3)…………………………Barby (6 3/1 (2) 3)
    Eakin (4 2/2 (3) 2),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Roy (6 3/2 2)
    Tatar (4 4/1 2),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,amadio (5 3/2 (1) 2)

    Reeves (12 1/1 1),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kolesar (14 1/1 1)
    Bellemar (4 2/4 1),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Phil the Thrill (0 3/2 2)

    Season 2017-8
    intimidation 54 offense rating 36 defense rating 28
    adjusted for PK defense rating 15 passing/assists rating 35

    Season 2022-3
    intimidation 62 offense rating 36 defense rating 26
    adjusted for PK defense rating 21 passing/assists rating 40

    So comparing now to then: intimidation improved dramatically, offense same, defense,PK improved, and passing assist rating improved. Slight advantage
    to 22-23 team.

    Will do Defense pairs next.
    When I get the computer ratings I will adjust for
    missing players
    October 26, 2023

    THE hockey GOD

    error Neal o/d is 4/2 not 4/4 as listed
    take aways
    note kolesar is rated as higher intimidator than reeves was

    Eichel over the entire year was just about as good as haula,but eichel
    is much better as pass assister.

    as top six forward Barby, as we have seen this year, needs
    to improve his defensive skills being rated as a 1, hardly
    a step up from Smith. So the other PK need to fill Smith’s role on
    forward position. Cotter ??

  7. THE hockey GOD

    i copied the post from defense here, made a few days ago. So all three posts (1) forwards 2) defense and 3) goalies are all on this page

    Now is good time to compare the 2017 -18 d men strat o matic stats to last year Stanley Cup champs. Whitecloud was injured for some part of the season so d men with most stats got carded. When I get the computer version he will show up.
    The players on left are from 2017-18, if that is not obvious to some.

    For definition of ratings see prior post from over a week ago. The ratings
    are from left to right for each player (intimidation, offense/defense, (pk) -if changed from defense, and pass assist rating)

    Schmidt (3 2/4 (3) 4) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Petro (7 4/4 (3) 5)
    Engelland (7 2/3 2),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Marty (7 1/3 1)

    McNabb ….. (11 2/3 1),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,McNabb (10 2/4 (3) 2)
    Theo ……(1 4/2 (1) 3),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Theo ( 1 4/2 (1) 5)

    Miller (8 4/2 3),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hague (5 2/2 (1) 2)

    Intimidation 30 to 29
    offense 14 to 13
    defense 14 to 15
    pk 11 and 11
    pass assist 13 to 15
    overall pass assist rating edge to Stanley Cup team.

    To date, from prior post, the intimidation factor from the forward lines
    was most drastic change favoring the Stanley Cup team.

    Last post on this subject matter will compare the goalies !
    Then a summary statement of findings.

    same bat time, same bat channel.


    • Emmanuel

      I forgot the term SOM uses but the off and def rating is gold, it kinda explains a players value when not scoring.

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