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Eichel Must Lift Teammates With Stone Out; He Hasn’t So Far This Season

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

During the month of December, the Golden Knights had to play 13 games without their most expensive player, Jack Eichel. Vegas went 7-5-1 including wins over Boston, Winnipeg, and Colorado.

In that stretch, Mark Stone’s play was incredibly noticeable in all three zones. He posted 16 points (7G, 9A) in the 13 games, helped carry a line including Chandler Stephenson and Michael Amadio, and his pickpocketing superpower was on full display for the month Eichel was out.

Stone averaged 20:24 and was dominant in all phases of the games. He posted three even-strength goals, two on the power play, and two more shorthanded. He also scored a game-winning goal in shootout against St. Louis.

In a time of need, the captain raised his game.

Now, the time has come for Jack Eichel to do the same with Stone sidelined for an unknown length of time. In his first few attempts, that didn’t happen. In losses to Edmonton and Dallas, games in which Stone played just 3:57, Eichel was held pointless, posted a -5 rating, and recorded just two shots in 41 minutes of ice time. He was not on the ice for a single Golden Knights goal at any strength.

Eichel must improve not only his game but the play of those around him if the Golden Knights are going to have success without their captain.

While the numbers are limited that has not happened this season either.

The chart above shows four advanced statistics for the six Golden Knights defensemen with the most time on ice this season. They are all listed as “shares” meaning numbers above 50% are good while numbers below 50% are bad. The stats listed are on-ice Corsi For, Goals For, Expected Goals, and High Danger Chances and are all 5-on-5 only.

The “all” row shows each player’s overall numbers for the season. Then it’s broken down to show how each defenseman has fared with both Stone and Eichel on the ice with them, with just Stone, with just Eichel, and with neither. The colors indicate how far up or down the numbers are from the overall season number.

Unsurprisingly, just about everyone is better in every category while playing with both Stone and Eichel on the ice with them. The flip side is also true that the numbers suffer when they play without either. But the difference between playing just Stone compared to just Eichel is stark.

Five of the six defensemen see their goal share drop when playing with only Eichel. Three see their high-danger chance share drop and three see their expected goal share drop as well. Meanwhile, with Stone, only Martinez and Whitecloud have seen their numbers dip and for Alec his numbers are similar without either and Zach has not been on the ice for a VGK goal with just one or the other.

Of the 24 possible categories, Stone makes a positive impact on 15, or 63%, of his teammate’s stats. Eichel’s impact has been positive on just 10, or 42%. Plus, the two defensemen with the largest sample sizes with each player, Pietrangelo and McNabb, both heavily favor them playing with Stone over Eichel.

It’s important to note that many of these include limited sample sizes and there are clearly other extenuating circumstances including injuries that impact the numbers. So, these numbers could change, and quickly. But, every stat listed has at least 30 minutes of ice time together.

Eichel must find a way to improve these numbers if the Golden Knights are going to survive the weeks or months without Stone.


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  1. THE hockey God

    Jack is a total victim of the bad ice at T Mobile… Bad ice moves around – its not always the entire surface. Jack is always skating on it – there are studies on this !

  2. DeezNutz

    Time to start selling off players and rebuild around Eichel and Pietrangelo. This roster is broken and not gonna get it done. Also, if Eichel can’t be the leader this team needs then no playoffs again for him.

  3. Ken in all do respect and all your stats for a team to depend on any single player to be the spark plug necessary to win is ridiculous. All These guys are paid big bucks to play the game they supposedly love and if they need one or two. Individuals to motivate they to play to their potential they better find another profession.

    • Do you think every player should be paid the same?

      • Yes – I also believe there should be a large incentive attached to winning across the board for all involved in the win. To think for example Eichel at 10 mil a year is any better than say Smith or any other big buck guy on the team is crazy. Ask yourself a very simple question ” why do l want to risk injury being paid “X” for someone making substantially more not carrying their load” . Like l said if any of these guys playing need someone to light their fire they should find another form of work. The $$$ differential in the room is a huge problem concerning winning attitude.

        • THE hockey GOD

          “The $$$ differential in the room is a huge problem concerning winning attitude.”

          it didn’t seem to matter when team was rifling off a massive winning streak on the road earlier in this NHL season.

          Some people like conspiracy theories, that they pull out of their smelly butt with absolutely no back up in form of facts or anything substantial.

          the real Hockey God

          • Why don’t you just mind your own business – I was addressing Ken not you. Since you seem familiar with smelly butts would suggest you have your nose up there the majority of the time.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “Why don’t you just mind your own business ”

            says the guy who trolls me constantly, and then goes crying like a little girl when called out for his stupid posts. Conspiracy theories with no traction.

            Funny how this troll used to get on RL case for the way he played, and doesn’t say a word about LT soft goals. Why? Because he can’t stand that experienced players in the NHL earn their bones and get rewarded. What a putz.

          • Thg – if you were any stupider you would be twins. I guess you missed the remark about smelly butts and how familiar you are with them as that is where your nose is the majority of the time.

  4. Jeff

    No one thinks that the guy may still be injured because I sure do. He doesn’t look right at the moment. I think he is fighting a nagging injury that allows him to play at a reduced capacity.

  5. Sorvino

    I agree that Eichel could be better but I do agree with Hdbiker7851.

    One player can only impact the team so much in hockey. A star player in basketball can be on the floor for 43 of 48 minutes therefore having a huge impact.

    How many minutes can a star forward play in hockey. 18-21 minutes out of 60.

    Mario Lemieux missed the playoffs in 5 of his first 6 years and he is the second best player that I have ever seen. McDavid and Draisatl are phenomenal but the Oilers won’t make the playoffs unless the supporting cast and goaltending do their job,

    Eichel can only have so much impact. The goaltending, special teams and coaching adjustments along with Eichel will all need to step up.

    • Howard

      “One player can only impact the team so much in hockey.”

      Right, did you let the front office know this here before they want to took that exact approach of trading in superior depth for single shiny new toy-stars?

    • Daryl

      Sorry, I disagree…. one player can make a HUGE difference. Not saying it only takes one guy to win a game, but overall, one guy can be the difference between a win and a loss

  6. Tim

    Chemistry in any sport is crucial and I just don’t see that in the Knights. Never an even flow from game to game no consistency. So and so hasn’t scored in so many games and there’s a lot of so and so’s who haven’t scored in many games. What’s interesting to me are the Kraken second year team will out point us. Which makes this amazing is after the Knights fleeced the league in there start up they wouldn’t and didn’t let the Kraken take advantage like the Knights did. My question is in there second year with that disadvantage and the Knights in there sixth year how did they get better then us? Management is the obvious answer.

    • Blitz

      The Kraken have built a pretty solid team. Built up alot of stock at the deadline last year. Made smart moves. No super stars. No top heaviness. Just good solid middle cap guys and even some top youth talent. I said in the off season that they look like they were going to do well this year, a sleeper. Nobody wanted to give them credit and really they still don’t, but if they aren’t ahead of the VGK by the all star break, or sooner, I would be super surprised.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Management is the obvious answer.” Funny, how when the team was injury free and winning, no one here was complaining about management. Management didn’t get the players injured.

      dumbest more clueless fan base in the league.

      • Howard

        Let’s fill you in dingledorf – because management top loaded this team, they have ZERO depth to maintain themselves as a decent team when injuries hit. Now, I know this can’t be too hard for you (maybe it is, hard to say) even if you are part of the race of people called “The Dumbasstrians.”

  7. Herby

    Eichel will never ever be able to carry a team. He has never been able to do it.
    Not in Buffalo and not at the end of last season when the team needed him to make the playoffs. The sample size is now almos 8 yeary!

    I do not get why people think that Eichel should suddenly be able to carry a team???

    Did never happen in his 8 year NHL career and it is crystal clear that it will never happen.

    He has the skills but nut not the personality. He is a follower not a leader.

    • Ts

      Herby, I agree. Eichel is no leader. I also sense the other players aren’t that close with him. No chemistry? No real desire to fit in? The problem is there, just how does the team fix it? Maybe a weekend campout around the fire?

      • knights fan in minny

        with ghost stories

        • Ts

          Kfim, yikes. They have plenty of horror tales to rekindle! The spirit of hockey nightmares past!
          …maybe the campout is a bad idea…..

      • Alex

        Hey bad ice hockey god moron – you pick on TS, you’re picking on me…FU

    • Pistol Pete

      Hopefully Cassidy and others in management can set about making Jack into a leader and winner. I do think the motivator is winning the Cup. Super talented players are probably more prone than others to rely on their individual athletic talent than to lead, being inclined to being prima donnas for example. Obviously that is not always true. Jack is very competitive supposedly. Hopefully his tendency to underperform at times and sulk about rather than to lead while it’s happening is addressable with the right coach and GM. Fwiw I emailed McCrimmon about it today.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    a CAPT obvious article

    and a bunch of loser posters coming out of woodwork, as expected.

    And one troll who is no more than an idiot who never skated a day in his/her life, and think hockey skates are a jock strap. Useless troll, stupidest person on planet.

    • Blitz

      Don’t worry dude. You are still the biggest troll on the site. That crown is firmly planted

      • THE hockey GOD

        another loser poster who only comes out of woodwork when the team is in a slump. Pathetic.

        • Blitz

          Nope not true at all. I just don’t post here much any more cause retards like you troll constantly. How many accounts you have now THG? You literally have conversations with yourself. If someone attacks you, you defend your honor with your other accounts. Talk about fucking pathetic. That is a loser on Doc’s level.

          • Alex

            Only the Minnie mouse pedo is worse than the bad ice idiot

          • THE hockey GOD

            only one account Blitz, and people who imitate me (i guess imitation is like flattery) are abundant. Mostly this clown Alex, who goes by name of TS alex, obvious, oblivious, among others.

            Don’t confuse me with someone else. However, I don’t buy your “i don’t post here much” as an excuse against my comment that only losers post here when team is in slump. So you only come out of woodwork when you want to complain, and troll.

            Ok got it.

            the REAL hockey GOD

  9. TS

    I know some here will attack me for saying this, but IT TAKES THE ENTIRE VILLAGE TO BE A SUCCESS. ONE MAN CAN’T FIX IT. Not a political statement, people. Just the way it is…in a family, in a community, in a business, or on a team. That is missing. Many players are missing, therefore cohesive play is missing. Until we get our starters back, it will continue, I fear. No one to blame, here. Just bad injury luck.

    • THE hockey GOD

      VGK , nhl hockey teams are not villages, not even close.

      you are repeating that idiot Hillary’s statement, which is political. And it’s roots are in communism. Everyone knows that.

      • THE hockey GOD

        hockey teams can trade players – villages can’t
        hockey teams can move players to minor league affiliate – villages can’t
        hockey teams have a salary cap – villages don’t
        hockey teams have owners = villages don’t
        hockey teams have strict managerial structure decided by owners = villages have mostly elected officials
        hockey teams have to abide by rules of NHL = villages don’t
        hockey teams perform before a paying public – villages don’t
        hockey teams have regularly scheduled dates to play – villages don’t
        hockey teams play in a ice rink – villages don’t
        hockey teams have idiot, loser fans who are clueless about the sport – villages have idiot liberals running them into the ground

        I can go on and on.
        But the spirit of your post is that team play is needed , regardless the VGK right now have a flux of players from the AHL , combined with a rash of injuries (from their top goalie being out all year, to their captain likely sidelined for months, to one of their top young d men out, to shea theodore who was playing very well out, all in all 8 players out). And people have the inkling that their is no chemistry ? Doh, hello, how do you have chemistry with a revolving door made up of non qualified AHL minor league players? When the team gets the majority of their injured players back, they will do better. So be patient and stop your incessant whining. Loser posters above have been put on notice. Again.

        • TS

          Thg, we AGREE on the WHY. and my Village comment implies exactly what you yourself implied— that it takes the WHOLE TEAM to win games. That was my OWN observation, and you’ll just have to bury your skewed feelings about the VILLAGE analogy. That is what I imply when I use the word. It’s not a DIRTY WORD. So, peace out, thg!!

          • THE hockey GOD

            your village analogy points out your left wing communist leaning tendencies, and falls flat

            as I pointed out above with the many examples that show that it falls far , far , far short.

            Just like it fell flat when Hillary tried to use it. It’s a commie analogy and has nothing to do with team work at all.

            deal with it

        • TS

          Thg, btw: you have NO imagination!! Come on, I know you’re a smart guy….try to expand your narrow views of things…it’s NOT ALWAYS ABOUT POLITICS! JEEZ……

      • TS

        Thg, I call BULL on your Hillary HATE! I could care less about her…I didn’t even vote for her. But my analogy stands. Forget your DUMBASS POLITICS AND COMMUNISM BULL AND BE NICE.

        • TS

          I will thank you for actually understanding the ” spirit of my post”! Good start to understanding. Try to enjoy the day…

      • Alex

        This guy is by far the biggest doucher on here save the pedo in the trailer park in Minnesota… And most of the 11 posters on this site know it

      • TS

        Thg: ” it takes a village” originated in Africa, true. It originally referred to the raising of children in their villages. In current terms, it is an idiom for the idea that it takes EVERYBODY to make ANYTHING a SUCCESS. Implying that NO ONE PERSON CAN BRING SUCCESS TO THE WHOLE. IT TAKES EVERYONE, WORKING TOGETHER TOWARD COMMON GOALS.
        That is what I refer to when I mention “village”. Nothing more. No COMMIES here. I am as loyal and proud an American as you. Just felt the need to clarify my comment.
        No harm, no foul, NO PENALTY!!
        PEACE, THG….

        • Alex

          Moronic bad ice/bad wood/bad rubber ignorant hockey god (who knows nothing about actual NHL hockey) is the village idiot of the 11 posters on here (of which 3 he is responsible for with fake accounts who “agree” with his asinine views)

    • knights fan in minny

      you are right about the village ts its just frustrating about the injuries but 2 years in a row is crazy is there something in the water in vegas

      • TS

        Kfim, so glad you get it. As a 30- year educator, I always think in community terms. Working together as a school, neighborhood, church, etc..thus my take on things…even Hockey and sports. No harm, no foul, no penalty! Thnx.

        • knights fan in minny

          no problem TS you are always the rock on this site a reference from the temptations movie

        • TS

          Kfim:Wow! That comment really impacts me. I have always tried to be a positive fan, and try to keep peace amongst us all, diverse and opinionated as we all are. Condemning others’ opinions, when we live in the country where we value free speech by ALL, is un- American, as I see it.

  10. Tim

    Alex haven’t seen you post much but you are so right it seems like THG and minny just want to pull someones chain. Although I think THG is intelligent I’m just not sure why he fucks with his posts but that’s his trip. minny on the other hand as a term we used 60 years ago when I was in the Army would be ( She’s Stone Fucking Crazy ) and that’s being polite.

    • knights fan in minny

      wake up tim alex is fake poster obvious and fake thg fake ts and fake minnie try to keep up and stop worshiping the piece of shit

      • knights fan in minny

        look out timmy I’m crazy your worst nightmare

        • Tim

          Like I’ve said your one sick mother fucker. Last time I’ll comment on your stupidity not worth the energy,

          • knights fan in minny

            and you buy all of this you are dumber then i thought you and alex the piece of shit should hang out together two of a kind

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ tim
      I FUCK with his posts because he trolls this site using multiple aliases and has NO ADDED VALUE. All he does is spew HATE, and troll. He’s Alex, North Vegas Alex, TS ALEX (he was hating on TS for the longest time), oblivious, and knight’s fan in minnie picking all the time on the real Knight Fanny in Minny (who I have NO issue with, never did, and likely never will).. The guy is clueless about hockey, bad ice, and has yet to post anything of real added value ever on this site.

      PAY ATTENTION. I know you are old, but wake up!!

      and have an oreo cookie while you are at it

  11. Tim

    Back to hockey who’s in sick bay today that is the question. I assume Alex Martinez may be taking his mid season hiatus. Interesting were barely over 50% at home and the way players are dropping like flies coincidentally it won’t be long before we have 50% of the team AHL players. So put your money on the over under. If Jack Sprat goes down that will be the icing on the cake. He’s already missed 13 games and he wonders why he’s never been in a playoff. Edmonton should hold a Visual before every game thanking the Gods they had the first pick and took Conner McDavid then #2 getting Jack Sprat. There is no comparison not even close.

  12. Mark Thomas

    Chemistry is the issue. The players traded away for Eichel were all liked. Hardworking guys on the ice. Good guys off the ice. Eichel’s not completely disliked but he’s not everyone’s favorite either. Visit the Players Lounge when he’s around. It’s obvious. And the money difference is an issue. Multiple guys have earned their money playing in Vegas. Eichel has not. Is he 100% right now? No he’s not. Does he some work ethic maturity issues? Well that’s the whisper around the team. He’s got elite talent, no doubt about it. But he also needs to love hockey, and love winning. And in no part of his career has he shown that.

  13. Victor_Golf_Kilo

    Love watching the VGK fan base come to the realization that they were duped and their new toy is defective… Keep up the entertainment!

  14. Dan

    You were warned about what you were getting!! But you chose to make fun of the Buffalo team and fans instead. Meanwhile, Since the trade…

    Jack Eichel:
    67 GP, 29 G, 30 A, 59 P, 0.88 P/GP

    Alex Tuch:
    94 GP, 34 G, 52 A, 86 PTS, 0.91 P/GP

  15. David Lee

    Eichel won’t lift his linemates, that’s one of the many issues you’ll have to accept with Eichel, Vegas. Maybe he’s a top 30 player in the league in terms of his own point production. He’s not a complete player, and not even close to what he could have been with a good head on his shoulders.

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