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Eichel Keeping Pace With League Hardware Favorites

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Currently on the William Hill sports app the favorites to win the 2023-24 Hart Trophy are Connor McDavid (+340), Jack Hughes (+400), David Pastranak (+550) and several other NHL stars. However, if you’re looking for a value candidate then look no further than Golden Knights center Jack Eichel.

Top 2023-24 MVP Candidates

  1. Connor McDavid (+340): 1.45 Points Per Game, 29 Points (8 Goals, 21 Assists), 14 Power Play Points
  2. Jack Hughes (+400): 1.76 Points Per Game, 30 Points (9 Goals, 21 Assists), 14 Power Play Points
  3. David Pastranak (+550): 1.50 Points Per Game, 36 Points (14 Goals, 22 Assists), 15 Power Play Points
  4. Nikita Kucherov (+600): 1.68 Points Per Game, 42 Points (16 Goals, 26 Assists), 20 Power Play Points
  5. Auston Matthews (+900): 1.14 Points Per Game, 25 Points (16 Goals, 9 Assists)
    ***30. Jack Eichel (+6500): 1.08 Points Per Game, 28 Points (11 Goals, 17 Assists) 9 Power Play Points

This season Eichel has far and away become the Golden Knights leading player on the ice. He tops the team in points, assists, goals, power play goals, shots on net and time on ice for a forward. Eichel is contributing 1.08 points per game this season which ranks 30th among all NHL skaters. He’s notched 11 goals through 26 games, including five on the power play. Of course, Mark Stone remains the heart and soul of the team but #9 has become the likely hero to assist or score a game altering goal.

Vegas’ centerpiece has slowly rebuilt his national presence across the league after years of being ignored in Buffalo. Outside of upstate New York, Eichel was rarely spotlighted or featured on countrywide advertisements. After his 2023 postseason performance, the Stanley Cup champion is more marketable to fans out of market. National Gatorade commercials and two memorable ‘This is Sportscenter’ promos only elevate Eichel’s profile. Add in the top liner’s on ice impact and presto, you have a viable Hart Trophy candidate. Unfortunately, there are a dozen other qualified hopefuls in line ahead of him.

The Frank J. Selke Trophy is an annual award given “to the forward who best excels in the defensive aspects of the game.” The winner is selected in a poll of the Professional Hockey Writers Association at the end of the regular season. -NHL

Not only will Eichel be in the discussion for the Hart, he’ll likely receive Selke award consideration as well. Since the start of the season, the top line center has been a key player in all three zones and on all three units. Obviously, teams are well aware how dangerous he is on 5-on-5 and on man-advantages but this season Eichel’s proven to be more balanced.

Two months into 2023-24, Vegas’ offensive-minded star has camouflaged into a neutral zone nuisance and a steady shorthanded contributor. Now his elite skills are influencing outcomes in all situations. This season Eichel is averaging over four minutes of power play time and two minutes killing penalties per game. For scorekeeping he’ll need to boost his 45.3% Face Off Percentage before votes are cast.

Last 5 Selke Trophy Winners

  • 2023: Patrice Bergeron (BOS)
  • 2022: Patrice Bergeron (BOS)
  • 2021: Aleksander Barkov (FLA)
  • 2020: Sean Courturier (PHI)
  • 2019: Ryan O’Reilly (STL)

The Selke trophy voting process has unofficially become a way to award the NHL’s best two-way center. Secondly, Patrice Bergeron, possibly the greatest two-way centers retired last season. His exit puts the Selke up for grabs for the first time in a few seasons.

Now for the bad news. It’s a crowded field. Nico Hischier, Anze Kopitar, Mitch Marner and Elias Pettersson are some of the names being discussed as future candidates. It’s possible Eichel’s newfound balance this season could change the minds of voters in the spring.

Realistically, there are too many standout players ahead of Eichel in both award races. As well as he’s playing, the voters tend to stick with the raw numbers. Most likely he won’t outpace Pastranak in goals or collect as many points as Kucherov. Let’s not forget that many voters will consider Eichel a product of his team’s success. That could and will hurt Eichel’s chances. However, and most importantly, the Conn Smythe Trophy will be up for grabs again next June. There’s a real argument to be made that Eichel should be considered the favorite to win. Doesn’t that sound better than any of that other crummy hardware?




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  1. Pistol Pete

    Love it. I have been an Eichel proponent through thick and thin. Seeing him come out of his first playoffs with a Cup more than validated my bullishness. Love his combination of speed, agility, strength, stick handling, passing, shooting, ability to hang onto the puck and hockey IQ. To see him apply his gifts to all areas of the ice, all the special teams is most rewarding. It would be wonderful to see his offense explode but meanwhile I’ll take his point a game.

  2. alex

    If shooting wide, blowing 90% of his breakawas and making one too many passes were factors for a trophy, he’d be the far and away winner

    • knights fan in minny

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  3. DeezNutz

    If he had some linemates who could shoot he’d have a much easier time hitting 100 points.

  4. Alex

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  7. Emmanuel

    I dont think he has a realistic chance to be a finalist for either trophy. Hes clearly a top 32 player but hes not a top 10….and theres nothing wrong with that.

    • alex

      He has earned that inflated salary for about half the time.he has been here

    • Pistol Pete

      Notice how the trophies often go to losers. Those that don’t win the Cup. Eichel is a better all zone player than most all the candidates. Importantly he chips in in areas of the ice to help his team win. I really respect the guy for buying into what Cassidy does. His doing so was a major reason Vegas went all the way. As an Eichel fan I will take that over an individual trophy all day long. Sure he feels the same.

      • Emmanuel

        YES! Even the Selke is about “two-way” not defense. He’s (kinda) having an Yzerman career trajectory.

  8. ThG

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