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Eichel Has Shuttered Any Concerns Over Defensive Willingness

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Coming into the season one of the biggest question marks surrounding the Golden Knights was the 200-foot game of #1 center Jack Eichel. Finally playing on a team expected to play consistent meaningful games, many wondered how Eichel’s commitment to defending would hold up over the course of the regular season and into the playoffs.

82 games, 67 of which he played, later and on the brink of his first postseason appearance, that concern has been put to bed.

He bought into defensive play right away. Any question about Jack only caring about offense or if anything of that came up, I’d say watch the games, just watch the games. He’s one of our best defensive centers. He closes as quickly as any center on our team. He cares about defense and he’s done a good job for us. So that challenge was accepted easily for Jack. -Bruce Cassidy

Eichel finished the regular season with a +26 rating and was on the ice for 56 goals for and only 35 against at 5-on-5. That’s good for a 61.5% goal share, the best of any Golden Knight that played at least 700 minutes (15 players qualify), and top 25 of all forwards in the NHL (301 players qualify).

There have never been issues with backchecking, his defensive positioning has been stellar, and his strength and speed have made him crucial in breaking the puck out of the defensive zone.

The biggest challenge for him was the minutes. He didn’t play as much as he did in Buffalo. He’d like to play more and I don’t blame him. But we have Karlsson, Stephenson, and Roy and we’re building a four line program that can be successful starting Tuesday. That was the tougher sell and I think that’s where Jack’s been really good cause he understands why. -Cassidy

For the first time in his career Eichel averaged less than 19 minutes a night. His final tally of 18:46 is more than three minutes short of his best statistical season, 2019-20, in Buffalo.

His numbers certainly saw the effects of it too. Eichel finished the season with 27 goals and 66 points, both fewer than each of his last two full seasons in Buffalo. But, his points and goals per 60 numbers were fairly similar.

Points Per 60
17-18 BUF – 2.84
18-19 BUF – 3.13
19-20 BUF – 3.11
22-23 VGK – 2.15

Goals Per 60
17-18 BUF – 1.11
18-19 BUF – 1.07
19-20 BUF – 1.44
22-23 VGK – 1.29

However, the playoffs can be a completely different beast, and Eichel recently admitted he’s never played in a seven-game series at any level in his life.

We just have to keep him focused on not getting too high or too low in the playoffs. Things change, just play your game. -Cassidy

Eichel has understandably expressed quite a bit of excitement to be participating in his first postseason, but so far he’s stayed quite level headed.

We’ve always been pretty confident in our group and the type of people we have in this room and this organization. We’ve felt good about ourselves, maybe the outsider didn’t, and maybe we’ve proved a lot of people wrong during the regular season. We want to continue to do that for however long we can. We still feel like we have a lot to prove and we’re looking forward to getting started. -Eichel

Fair or not, everything Eichel and the Golden Knights have done to this point becomes meaningless if he and the team can’t keep it up in the playoffs. The best predictor of the future is the past though, and what he’s done this season should anyone paying attention confident he’ll be up to the challenge.


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  1. knights fan in minny

    first time playoffs time to shine for the former bu star

  2. Brian

    well done Jack

  3. Jay

    I’ll still take Tuch over him, especially his 36 goals and 79 points – and then add in Krebs 9 goals and 26 points. Plus Tuch is a leader!

    • And yet they are not in the playoffs and Tuch loves to disappear during that time.

    • Tim

      Don’t forget the first and second we gave Buffalo. Eichel is OK but lite years away from one go the top players in the league. How many times I see him waltzing around with the puck and losing it drives me crazy. I would venture to say most teams have at least one player better then Eichel and some multiple players better.Here’s here so I hope Cassidy makes the best of it.

    • Emmanuel

      VGK got what they paid for…..a 1st line C.

    • Howard

      Tuch plays 0 defense, so with due respect as wiyh most Vegas fans, you’re ignorant about NHL Hockey.

      • Taro

        LOL talk about ignorant! one of my favorite things last year was when Tuch while playing shorthanded (200′ for sure player) too the puck from Eichel and scored the game winner. Meanwile typical Eichel, he just stood there and watched!!

    • Golden shower

      Good. Enjoy watching Tuch and Krebs in the playoffs.

  4. Richie-Rich


    • No sure he will ever earn or be worth the 10mil a year. I am with Tim about eichel’s waltzing around with the puck like an ice capades skater. Also pav is better with wild Bill and Smith.

      • Pistol Pete

        Think I’d rather a point a game with the waltzing than something less without. Oh don’t forget the backchecking.

    • SMH

      Oh goodie, Defendant Trump’s #1 acolyte Richie Rich is back with another ALL CAPS rant post. To review, Jack Eichel just finished his first full season as a Golden Knight, and led the team in points (66) despite missing 15 games due to injury, finished just 1 point short of averaging a point-per-game (nobody else on the team was anywhere close to this, except Stone), finished with a +26 rating (which was 2nd on the team , and by far the best amongst our forwards), and Ken just writes a well-researched article where Cassidy praises Eichel’s development and buy-in on the defensive end, as well as his willingness to play a few less minutes per game to accommodate Cassidy’s 4-line strategy (i.e. putting the team before self). And what is Bichie’s intelligently considered response to all of this – another crybaby post that Eichel is overpaid. This is because Bichie hates any big acquisition made by the evil front office, and he has been laughed at on this board too many times for his stupid putdowns of Pietrangelo (who was clearly the team’s overall MVP this year), so he has now turned all of his ire onto Eichel. You see, “being right” is much more important to some depraved people than being logical, or setting (and even -oh my god- changing) their opinions based on facts, or presenting a measured response that considers all information (stop me if any of this reminds you of a certain recent indictee). So, Bichie, if you’re trying to tell us that Eichel sucks, then you are a total moron with no credibility. If you are trying to tell us that Eichel is overpaid at $10M, then goodie, he’s still worth $8M or $9M in today’s NHL (and if you think he’s worth less than that, then please see my previous sentence), and it’s just not worth arguing about $1M or $2M in the broad scheme of things, especially when the team is having success. Bottom line is that Eichel has played very well this season, he was the leading scorer on a team that won the Pacific division and had the most points in the western conference, and you seem to be one of the few on this board that can’t accept or enjoy any of that, because Eichel’s success (just like Pietrangelo’s) proves that you were wrong in your earlier opinions & predictions. Seems to me that you have learned well from your Hero – if things don’t go your way, just ignore all of the facts & statistics, and keep whining at the top of your lungs. The next thing you’ll tell us is that when you met Eichel, he saw you and had tears in his eyes…

      • Jay

        and Tuch finished with over a point a game, while playing 74 games…. Tuch much better team player then Eichel ever thought of being…

        • No thanks

          Sorry, I don’t take the opinions of people that don’t know the difference between then and than as anything other than the dribblings of a moron.

          • Howard

            Tuch plays 0 defense, so with due respect as with most Vegas fans, you’re ignorant about NHL Hockey.

        • SMH

          Jay – please tell me which team the Buffalo Sabres are playing against in the playoffs this year? Oops, did they not make the playoffs? Did they only get to 91 points – as in 20 points less than the 111 points achieved by the Vegas Golden Knights? Well, geez, I’m glad that Tuch is so much better of a team player than Eichel. Maybe you can sit on Tuch’s couch in Buffalo and watch the playoffs together over a bucket of wings!

          • Jay

            I am a VGK fan, but the trade for Eichel was stupid. The Sabres are the youngest team in the league and missed the playoffs by 2 points, 91 points in a much tougher division then we play in. They play as a team like we used to and Tuch and Krebs are a big help to that. Plus the first rounder last year and a 2nd this year. We got fleeced and got a good center – but not an elite one. I would def love to have Tuch and the other salary cap caualties (like Pach) that we had to get rid of it fit the $10M in.

        • BT

          Well to be fair, Tuch never put up that type or production in Vegas. Whenever he was given a chance to join the top 6 forwards he never did enough to hold onto the job. When he went to Buffalo they had room to make him a top 6 forward and gave him more minutes and better forwards to play with, it makes sense he elevated his game. Maybe if he played C the Knights would have kept him.
          And if you paid any attention this year, you’d notice that the Knights gave Eichel the puck every chance they got…it stands to reason they expected him to make plays and oh yeah, lose the puck too. That doesn’t outweigh EVERYTHING else he has done with the puck that has helped lead this team to the place they are today. But its already been shown your facts are your opinions.

      • Richie-Rich

        Blah blah blah. That’s fucking right. Jack’s numbers do not warrant $10 million. Bring home the Cup and I shut the fuck up and become an instant fan. I’ll rush right to the armory and get a #9 Jersey.

        • SMH

          Wow – “blah blah blah” – what an intelligent & educated response to my barrage of statistics, facts, and reasoned arguments. Too much education & logic for you, huh? Congratulations on rolling around in your own pig shit. Your education & intelligence level fits in perfectly with your Cult Leader’s voting support base (which is again backed by statistics, which of course are your anathema – look it up, and try to educate yourself). And you just make yourself sound stupider by saying the only way you will admit you are a total moron is if the Knights win the Cup. Because obviously the only possible reason that VGK wins the cup is if Eichel is transcendent, and the only possible reason that they don’t is Eichel is terrible. Why you waste huge amounts of your time posting on a website against a team that you hate, instead of finding another team that you can actually root for, is totally beyond me – but trolls will be trolls, I suppose.

          • Rashaad

            SMH, I didn’t realize Richie Rich was a moron. I thought he was just annoying. I wish he would have led off with his Eichel is only worth his money if they win the cup. If they lose in the finals he is not worth his money. I wish he would’ve led off with that several months ago. I would have stopped paying attention to him a long time ago.

        • Pistol Pete

          In response to Jay above, imo Eichel IS elite because any top 200 ft. forward who gets a point a game is. Would you rather have a top 200 ft. player getting a point a game or a point and a half a game player (you know who) who is not dedicated to defending as Eichel now is. We’ll see how good McDavid and Draisaitl are at playing 200 ft. hockey vs. LA in the postseason where it counts the most!

        • Pistol Pete

          Jay, you need to go back to the 2019-20 and 2020-21 Conference Finals where Statsny and Stephenson were the top line centers respectively, and ask yourself if the team needed a true #1 center heading into 2021-22. The answer is obvious. Then you need to ask yourself how do you get a ready made top line center when you lack a top five draft pick. This answer to this also obvious. The FO has done a credible job in addressing the challenge that comes withn finishing up in the standing their entire history. What will be their round one pick be this upcoming draft? 27 maybe?

      • No

        Thank you! Finally an intelligent comment! I thought I was on Venus with no signs of intelligent life anywhere!

      • Pistol Pete

        SMH I try not to talk world affairs on this board but reading between the lines you and I are on the same page.

        • THE hockey God

          Howard , watch out the resident karen is going to jump all over your case for your honest assessment.

          • TS

            Thg, is that before or after your daily dose of religion, politics and BULLSHIT??

    • John Rogers

      If you watch Alex Tuch this year you are 110% incorrect. I’ve watched every single game this year and have been watching them for 53yrs. You obviously have not. Tuch this year is the guy that is making Buff a contender again. He breaks up more plays in the neutral zone, stealing the puck now times than anyone I’ve ever watched. You really should watch his highlites because you have no idea what you’re talking about. I usually don’t comment but when someone is just talking shit it commands a reply. Sabres are to the youngest team in hockey. You just watch. You just fkin watch what these guys do next yr. They have more young talent than any team in National League. Jack Eichel was a cancer and a spoiled little bitch in his time in Buffalo. There was a time that I loved the guy but when the real Jack came out all he did was ruin the team. Next year they make playoffs and 25′ are a legit contender. I’d take that trade 100 times over. And when all the smoke clears Alex Tuch is a leader and one quality human. You just fkin wait. Remember where you heard it.

  5. Sorvino

    I hope Eichel doesn’t read this shit, the comments above. A couple of these commenters in the past argued that the 2018 team played as a group and not individuals which was vital to their success. Now it seems you want Eichel to play as an individual and be some kind of Messiah to earn his $10 million.

    My hope is that he can keep continuing doing exactly what he is doing which includes embracing the defensive game that Bruce Cassidy has been very vocal about. They are the first seed in the west by the slimmest of margins, and considering that Eichel won some games all by himself with heroics late in games and in overtime I would say he has earned his pay. To the ones who thought that first place in the conference was very crucial, I didn’t think it was crucial to finish first, but some of you did. The ones that did, need to know that that without Eichel, not only do they not finish first, they might not even make the playoffs. I can’t believe I have to come back to this again.

    On the eve of the playoffs Ken writes an article in which Bruce Cassidy is praising Jack Eichel’s contributions this year and it’s met with negative comments. That fucking sickens me.

    Eichel had about a 10 game span in the middle of the season where he struggled. He is human. I would like him to be the exact player he was in all of the other games this season. A cog in the wheel of what I hope continues to be a team effort.

    The Buffalo Sabres did not even make the playoffs. Who gives a shit about Alex Tuch They are fucking dog shit, garbage.

    The Buffalo Sabres have not even qualified for the playoffs in 12 years. The commenters above or at least a couple of them would have had a hissy fit if Vegas lost on Thursday and didn’t have first place in the Pacific.

    VGK fans are extremely annoying and unappreciative of what they have. I’ve always suspected this, and being a fan of the VGK I desperately tried hard not to become one of those people.

    To top it all off, fuckhead hockey God boy is starting his stupid religious politics shit again. I’m done on this site. What is the point if this stuff is going to agitate me when I am going to be trying to enjoy the NHL playoffs.

    • Rob S.

      Well said, Sorvino, though I hope you will re-think leaving the site. I admit to being one of those who thought it was important to win on Thursday…because I’d much rather play Winnipeg than LA in the first round. However, I have been fine with Eichel’s performance this year. While he hasn’t been Hockey Jesus (McDavid), he has been very strong, has played a 200-foot game, and has done his best to fit into Cassidy’s system–despite being saddled with the Amadios, the Roys, and the Barbashevs. (Yes, I am aware that he and Marchessault and Barbashev looked good together.) But, does anyone remember that the original plan was to have him center Pacioretty and Stone? *That* would have been a Cup-worthy top line.

      While our fans can be “extremely annoying and unappreciative of what they have,” many of them are just new to pro sports fandom, in general, and hockey, in particular. When this run is over and we spend six to ten years in the wilderness, then they will appreciate what they (we) have.

      In the meantime, let’s all kick back, talk hockey, and enjoy what we have as long as it lasts. Thank you, Ken, for your insights, your fandom, and for providing VGK fans a space to congregate. Go Knights Go!

    • TS

      Sorvino, that bully- pulpit crap is KILLING IT for the rest of us, and it’s been that way forever. Defaults to the 1st amendment. I enjoy the comments from most everyone here, because most of us are just trying to enjoy our team’s success and cheer them on. Hang in there, Sorvino. Like your posts! I want to return fire when he attacks me personally, when I know better. I’ve used every tool in my toolbox to try reasoning with him, but he just gets nastier. I guess I am HUMAN. which is more than I can say for him.

      • the hockey God

        you are evil , hater , nasty person here

        you live devoid of realty and what is going on in real world around you

        and you attack people who care about what is going on,


    • Richie-Rich

      You don’t need to announce your departure, just leave and fuck off. Go join The I Love Jack Eichel Fan Page on Facebook if there is one. That’s not to say that I think your posts are nonsense. They’re not. I respect your positivity on VGK just as much as I do PP’s.

      Yeah, “the hockey god” posts have really taken a turn downward and I no longer will comment on those. If everyone simply ignores them he’ll eventually shut the fuck up.

      Oh, and believe me, Jack Eichel isn’t reading SinBin. I would be willing to bet that players and coaches pretty much stay away from all social media during the season.

      • THE hockey God

        he’s announced his ‘departure” at least four times in past because

        some people don’t realize that free speech exists in this country.

        I pity the fools.

    • jay

      They haven’t made the playoffs for years but basically one reason is that Eichel poisoned that whole team and locker room. This year with the youngest team in the league they came within 2 points of the playoffs – even though most people said they wouldn’t be close this year. They are playing as a TEAM! And it took getting rid of the cancer to do that…

      • Pistol Pete

        BUF coaching and management was too misguided to play two way hockey. If they weren’t they would have asked Eichel to play it and he probably would have, possibly making the playoffs.

    • the hockey God

      you done again ? You were done two months ago ? You can’t get enough of this site.

      Meanwhile we have the old time JE haters above stoned out of their gord, making comments that defy common sense. I know JE doesn’t read this shit, most unsophisticated fan base in history.

      JE is one of the hardest working knights, often the last player to leave the practice ice.

      posters above are clueless about his work ethic

      he will do fine

    • Howard

      Most VGK fans are ignorant about The NHL. Tuch is nowhere close the player Eichel is, as Jack is a 200 ft player, Tuch is not.

      • Taro

        Tuch is def a 200′ player!! He does everything for Buffalo, including killing penalties. Remember last year when he stoil the puck from Eichel and scored a short handed game winner? And while Eichel just stood at the blue line watching him like the big baby he is..

      • THE hockey God

        tuch is also a fully tatted , his failure to learn how to elevate the puck cost the VGK a potential momentum swing in the finals against the CAPS when he had a glorious opportunity. Since then, he still hasn’t learned to elevate (his game)

        Watch out, insulting the posters here will draw the ire of the resident karen .

        • TS

          Thg, nope. Only you. You’re the resident CRAZY Man, spewing your hate and insults . Stop embarrassing yourself with your childish attacks! Just how CHILDISH can you be???? GROW UP, OLD MAN!!

    • John Rogers

      You’re a ignorant fkin moron who knows nothing about the National League. You just watch what these Sabres do. You just fkin wait. Talk shit now, They were most exciting team in the league this yr!! Ask Biss, HE KNOWS! Fkin nitwit!

  6. Sorvino

    Thanks Rob S.

    I actually like Richie Rich and Tim. I’m done on the site because of the hockey god. The last thing I want to read after Nik Roy scores a goal in overtime in game three is a retard spewing out politics and Hosanna in the highest religious shit and arguing with a retired teacher.

    Ken, great job on providing information and your hard work. You really failed on moderating the comment section on this site though.

    • Roberto

      Get where you’re coming from. Just as with conversations with brainwashed family members at holiday gathers, with comments that are of no use, I just tune them out.

      I do enjoy quite a bit of what’s shared here, though, and check in to look for what’s good. Your thoughts on Eichel hit that mark. Appreciate it. And, really am looking forward to the playoffs as well.

    • Pistol Pete

      Don’t leave Sorvino, all you have to do is not read or respond to ThG’s off topic posts. This board does not have an ignore feature but could use one.

    • THE hockey God

      i don’t argue with anyone , who doesn’t pick a fight with me in first place. Call me names and insults the whole intelligence of people with common sense, high morals, and values. Respects our children, family values, and have ethics. Not a double standard.

      This is now the fifth time you are done with this site.

      What part of American and free speech don’t you people want? Maybe you would like Russia, Cuba, or North Korea better ??

      • TS

        Thg, you are a BULLY. you get on your BULLY PULPIT and preach, screech, and embarrass yourself. You dominate by your 1000 word Tyrades. I pity you, old man.

  7. Sorvino – just an observation but it is pretty sad you can’t seem to handle opinions that don’t align with your way of thinking. Whether you accept the fact or not just because there is some criticism of this or that doesn’t equate to not being an avid supporter of the Knights. Being a realist doesn’t imply you are any less a fan that supports the team as those who view it all thru rose colored glasses. Comments like “They are fucking dog shit, garbage” concerning buffalo and the likes of Tuch \” sounds like pretty vulgar criticism to me. Not sure your shuffling off to somewhere is the answer. I was going to say shuffle off to buffalo as figure you could stand a smile of laugh. Hang in we have the playoff to deal with but don’t get upset when other opinions or criticisms don’t agree with yours. LOL

    • Sorvino

      I know you are a supportive fan. I hope it’s a long playoff run.

    • TS

      Hdbiker, great advice to Sorvino…
      He is a decent fan. I, too, react poorly to JUST ONE poster–the God guy. It’s not his HOCKEY’s all the OTHER hateful crap. Otherwise, I appreciate all the opinions. We all have a diff take on the team, but we ALSO support their success. Thanks for your reasonable attitude!

  8. Sorvino

    I know you are a supportive fan hdbiker. I hope it’s a long playoff run.

    • S orvinp -i am looking forward to a long playoff run – .not certain of the distance at this point. As long as they give it everything they have night in night out that’s really all that matters. iF they do that we all might be totally surprised at the ultimate results. IF they don’t we will be equally disappointed

  9. Jailbird

    So much drama . This place is like a high school click. I get annoyed at having to scroll Thru those long posts, but I don’t read them, so am not affected by the content. It’s playoff time, what we live for all year. I’m just going to enjoy watching the boys. We have a very good TEAM. May not be stocked with big name flashy players, but so what. We have lots of guys that can rise up in any given game and play great.

    • TS

      Jailbird, always the most positive poster! You give me a reason to TRY to ignore the “God” BS that takes up so much space on sinbin. I am an emotional person, so I react to his personal attacks. Total strangers should NOT affect me so much, but I’m not used to the HATE.

      • THE hockey God

        you are the one destroying this site with your constant personal attacks, people here don’t care if you don’t agree with someone, and can’t see their point of view

        stuff your hate in suitcase KAREN

        • THE hockey God

          the only hater here is you TS,
          constantly hating on people that don’t align with life in your fantasy land.

          You obviously don’t have to deal with all the hate , sinister evil, that is surrounding our children this days.

          When you are called on about your apathy, you cry and whine like a typical karen, Twisting, spinning, marginalizing. Wake up the world is spinning faster than you can keep up with. Get a clue.

          • TS

            Thg, only you. Only you. There is no other who behaves as you do.

          • TS

            Thg, yet here you are, whining like a child. Hmmmmm…curious…

        • TS

          Thg, Are you talking about yourself again??? You are hilarious!!

  10. Jailbird

    Way to go USA women, gold!

    • THE hockey God

      excuse me retard, i mean retired “teacher” look above at posts from Rasshaad, SMH and others. Bashing each other to bits. You want to play moderator yet you are part of problem not the solution.

      The haters are all , like you, lefty evil creeps.

      take your double standard , hypocrisy and stick it up your fat smelly butt, before you get your fat girdle all twisted in big fat whale sized wad.

      • TS

        Thg, You are certainly FIXATED on Butts, which itself us pretty disturbing. Your fixation with SEXUAL PERVERSION and the like is CREEPY, dude. Are you SURE you’re not a Closet PERV??

  11. Jailbird – not sure l share your joy about the Gold – stupid penalties ruined the game in the third. It was headed to extra time. Canada pp reminded me a little of Vegas pp. LOL

    • SMH

      There is only 1 poster (OK, maybe 2, if Nazi Richie-Rich gets his panties in a twist – he wishes that Russia could have won) who would try to denigrate the amazing U.S. women’s hockey team for winning the IIHF World Championships, 6-3 over Canada. If you simply hate the United States, then please be man (or woman) enough to admit it, HdMisterMiserableShitInEverySinglePost7851. But regardless, Hilary Knight and her friends say to you “suck on our gold medal, loser”!!

      • SMH – if l wasn’t a gentleman l would respond to your vulgar remarks in kind but that would lower myself down to your level. The post had nothing to do with hating the US or the women’s team. You obviously have your head up somewhere or someplace where the sun doesn’t shine. I am equally certain Hilary Knight and her friends have more class than your last remark – l would assume you meant silver medal moron.

  12. Jailbird

    Gee hd, that really bothers me that you can’t share my joy on us ladies winning the gold. Who gives a shit HOW they won it! Way to go ladies, good job!

    • Jailbird – nothing to do with sharing the joy – they were very evenly matched teams and playing very good hockey and thought additional time would be more meaningful to all and fun to watch regardless who won. They were all very good skaters and in some respect better than many men. I just hate to see stupid penalties change the course of the game – that was my point which apparently l didn’t make clear. My error.

  13. Tim

    I rarely look up stats usually I use the eye test to evaluate players but the Jack Eichel debate and is he worth 10 million a year per performance. To me goals are important assists can be fabricated. I just took the top 25 goal scores and here we go. Conner McDavid #1, 64 goals # 25 Ryan Nugent Hopkins 37 goals. Now for goals scored how many more players will be ahead of Jack Eichels 27 goals. I’d venture to say a lot. So we like Jack but if you look at the league scores we are definitely over paying Jack for his production. You computer geeks can get more specific because I’m 78 and by no means a computer geek.

    • THE hockey God

      stats tell you were you have been, not where you are going. They are useless in today’s fast moving world.

  14. THE hockey God

    Mathew 516

    Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

    You, people of faith, are the light of the world. Like A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.

    15Don;t be like men who light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but be the light like on on a candlestick; so that it gives light unto all that are in the house.

    Be the light, not the darkness.


  15. THE hockey God

    related article content, breaking story

    It’s no surprise when a big tech giant like Twitter gets called out for being a platform of ‘hate speech’. But it’s downright painful when a prominent figure such as Elon Musk is forced to put the accuser in their place.
    BBC North America technology reporter James Clayton recently tried to accuse Twitter of being plagued by a rise in “hate speech” during an April 11 Twitter Spaces interview with Musk. Unsurprisingly, the Twitter owner wasn’t having any of it and pressed him to be more specific. When Clayton couldn’t name a single example, Musk quickly shut him down: “I say sir that you don’t know what you’re talking about.” (this applies to the twist and spin spittle coming forth from the hater karen here, it’s apples to apples. )

    Clayton tried to backpedal and cited the Soros-funded Institute for Strategic Dialogue as one of the organizations supposedly accusing Twitter of hate speech. But Musk wouldn’t let him off the hook that easily and asked for an example. Of course, Clayton wasn’t able to provide one, so Musk continued to press him on the matter: “Give me one example!”

    It’s no secret that the left has been trying to push their agenda of censorship and political correctness onto platforms like Twitter. But thanks to people like Elon Musk, we can rest assured that free speech is still alive and well. (and as well some karen’s here on this site who live in fantasyland and ignores buttflick day in pantyhose bettman’s nhl)

    It’s ironic that the left is so quick to accuse others of hate speech when they’re the ones attempting to censor any opinion that goes against their narrative. We need more people like Musk, and ThG to stand up against these kinds of accusations and defend the right to free speech.

    • TS


  16. Frank

    Eichel had a nice, steady season – injuries and a bit of a midseason slump notwithstanding. $10 million dollars good? Probably not. We’ll see what he does in the playoffs. Hopefully for the VGK faithful, he performs up to his contract – he has all the talent in the world to do so. Time for Eichel to shine starts tomorrow.

  17. Jailbird

    If we win the cup, then we probably under-paid for Jack ! 🙂

  18. Jailbird – If the team is fortunate enough to raise the Cup it will only happen if TEAM “A” shows up for every game. While Eichel is a good hockey player he is not elite by any stretch of imagination and not worth 10 mill a year whether they win or not. That is not knocking the guy or putting you down for your opinion so please don’t take offense. It is just reality and business which has everything to do with ROI.

    • THE hockey God

      hd biker
      still waiting for you to define ROI


      (hint it doesn’t apply to nhl hockey limited by sal cap and other constraints, like injuries, among others, or concession sales, or filling the seats based upon rainbow coalition day, or what color pantyhose bettman wears, or size of a self proclaimed retired teachers girdle)

      • TS

        Thg, did I strike a nerve? You’ve got your OWN panties in quite a bunch, huh? Every comment you posted here includes an attack on me, I see. More INFANTILE BEHAVIOR?? Yes. Yes, it is. Be proud, dude. All your repeated attempts to slander and discredit me is only making you look like the CHILD you are. But, you just be you. We all know who the RESIDENT CRAZY CRACKER is.

      • Thg – you are absolute wrong it is even more important because of the salary cap. Apparently, if I have to explain ROI to you why bother as you obviously have no understanding in that regard. If you are under the illusion that filling the seats at T-Mobile and all the other babble you listed above is because of Eichel you must be missing something upstairs. Here’s to a win tonight to get started on a playoff run regardless of distance.

    • Pistol Pete

      How do you define “elite forward”. To guess I would say 100 points a season. That’s great but one has to consider the two way game because when push comes to shove 5 man defense is what wins games especially in the postseason. Did you hear the story that had Cassidy right after being hired meeting with Eichel over the summer and suggesting Patrice Bergeron as a model for the 200 ft. game? Eichel buying in on that is what Ken’s article is all about. Anyways, apparently you had a better plan for acquiring a top line center for less than what Buffalo was paying Eichel? Perhaps for you Stastny and Stephenson were Cup winning top line centers?

      • Pistol Pete

        Also for $500K less is Stone, the fragile Mark Stone, is he that much better a value than Eichel? More effective on the PP (at least than Eichel this season) and a more seasoned two way player (Eichel is still learning). Don’t great me wrong Stone is a great player, arguably the best on the team until Eichel goes to an even higher level, but nitpicking over Eichel’s $10m when Stone’s at $9.5m is not exactly the big picture.

  19. knights fan in minny

    stoner was on nhl network about 20 minutes ago he said he feels great and cant wait to play again cross are fingers

    • THE hockey God


      we will all know how he feels after his first shift

      he was pussy footing around in practice, that style of game wont win playoff hockey.

      I fear that he is not 100%, and you need 1000% to win in playoff hockey games.

      • Rob S.

        So we (VGK) really *are* going to try this? There is no way in hell that Mark Stone is 100% (or, likely, anywhere close to it). Do none of you remember him gliding around the ice at the end of *last* season after being hurried back from surgery (by the same doctors some of you seem to have a mystical faith in) unable to reach, to stretch, to use his stick, and to bat the puck into the net from right in front? And, remember, that wasn’t playoff hockey; that was just a futile attempt to get to the playoffs.

        Teams are going to take runs at him. He is going to get crushed into the boards whenever possible because that is playoff hockey. (And it’s not like we have anyone on the roster who will retaliate. Nor are we going to be able to make them pay on the Powerless Play.) If he gets badly hurt being rushed back (Two back surgeries in nine months? Really?) and is unable to ever play again, how is that good for the franchise?

        Moreover, it doesn’t even make any sense in terms of this year. When he gets creamed tomorrow night in his first game back and they have to carry him off the ice, the VGK are likely to deflate and they just may get swept. This decision is stupid: it’s not fair to Stone, it’s not fair to the guys who aren’t going to get to play because we’re going to play a weakened Stone, and it’s not fair to the team. (Yes, I know I shouldn’t talk about “fair” in professional sports.) Please, VGK, for once be smart about a player. Let him heal and get ready to go next year.

        By the way, I’ve never hoped more to be completely wrong about a post than I am about this one, but I can’t believe they haven’t thought this through any better.

        Having said all this, I’m a VGK fan and I’m pulling hard for them. I don’t think this is our year in any event (see our “not-so” special teams and rebound-prone goalies)–thus my concern with why you’d even take a chance with Stone’s career–but Go Knights Go!

        • THE hockey God

          rob s,
          short response, i hear you, we all hear you.

          we REMEMBER.

        • Rob S – I have voiced those same concerns about Stone. With what he has gone thru with the back issues he could very well land up an invalid the rest of his life and he is a young man. He is a potential liability to the team at this point and more importantly to himself despite all the hoop la about his return. You may as well paint a target on his back as he will be more than fair game to all the minute, he sets foot on the ice. I sincerely pray I am wrong but having lived years with back issues it’s a huge risk subjecting him to that that possibility. I noticed the interview with him the other day it seemed he had difficulty in speaking. for whatever reason. I would like to see him back at 100% for sure, anything less than that is unacceptable for him and the team. IMO

    • Dan

      Can’t wait for the NHL to close up this salary cap loophole. TB and LVK have used it far too long. A salary cap should be a salary cap period!! It’s just plain cheating the cap.

  20. THE hockey God


    University indoctrinates 5 year olds in “radical playdate”; promoting leftist ideology

    The University of Pennsylvania seems to be on a mission to spread leftist indoctrination to even the youngest and most impressionable members of our society. The Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies program is hosting a “radical playdate” on April 15 for 5-through-9-year-olds to explore social justice, according to reports.

    The university has announced a partnership with Colorful Stories, an organization that seeks to educate students about social justice through literature, to provide two child-care sessions focused on “skin color exploration” and “gender identity exploration.” This “radical playdate” aims to instill in children a positive self-image and a respectful attitude towards others to help them navigate a diverse and intricate world. However, some may interpret this as the university’s attempt to impose its left-leaning beliefs on impressionable young children.

    The university’s Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies program appears to be a closed community for adherents of left-wing ideology. While they assert their inclusivity, they only welcome those who share their beliefs regarding “gender and sexuality.” This raises questions about the state of intellectual diversity and free expression in academic institutions.

    It’s appalling that they’re focusing on children who are too young to comprehend socialism and leftism, and attempting to indoctrinate them with their left-leaning beliefs. What happened to the fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy? It appears that universities such as the University of Pennsylvania are solely interested in propagating their extremist political views among the upcoming generation, which is absolutely unacceptable.

    Our children need to kept away from these creeps, anyone who says otherwise is full of dog doo doo

    • TS

      THG, Our children need to be kept away from crazies like YOU. Any man who constantly screeches about Sexual Perversion and blames those ” evil, baby- killing,satan- worshipping PEDO teachers is a SICK MAN. You really should be in a facility where you have no access to others, ESPECIALLY children! Who can I call for you???

  21. Rashaad

    Golden Knights projected lineup for Game 1:




    It’s pretty impressive that they have William Carrier, Paul Cotter, Pavel Dorofeyev and Teddy Blueger as depth pieces at the moment.

  22. Richie-Rich

    Any word as to who will back up Brossoit?


  23. Rashaad

    Jonathan Quick is the back up tonight. Confirmed.

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