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The Golden Knights traveled to Edmonton for a Saturday night matchup against the Oilers. Edmonton jumped out to a quick start, taking the 1-0 lead in the opening minutes of the 1st period. Vegas had multiple opportunities on the power play but couldn’t find the back of the net. Late in the period, depth forward Keegan Kolesar evened the score to take a 1-1 tie into the 1st intermission.

The middle period started out great for Vegas when Mark Stone scored the tie-breaking goal on a penalty shot. Unfortunately, six minutes later Leon Draisaitl beat Adin Hill on a goal that could have been stopped. Vegas’ penalty kill worked hard to keep the game tight and locked in a 2-2 tie after 40 minutes of action.

Edmonton began the penalty on the power play and took advantage of the opportunity. The Oilers took a 3-2 lead deep into the period when Stone tied the game once again with his second goal of the game. The contest needed to be decided in overtime. Connor McDavid skated through the defense and flipped one over Adin Hill for the two points.

The Golden Knights record drops to (14-4-1) losing to the Oilers 4-3 in OT. Vegas will take a short trip to Vancouver for a matchup against the Canucks on Monday night. Puck drop is scheduled for 730P PT. (Recap by Jason)

(Analysis/Tweets by Mike McKenna)


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  1. Pistol Pete

    A case of the better team not winning the game imo. Tempting to think Thompson would have won this one however can’t say every thing else is equal had he played. In any case the backup goalie will need to carry some of the load. In fact Hill did make some key saves even if the first two he might have wanted back (especially the second where he lost his footing opening up the net and could have had better rebound control on the first).

  2. Jailbird

    Got a point in a division game so that’s good. McDavid sowed why he’s the best in the world. Love Jack but he’s not close to 97.

  3. knights fan in minny

    tough one to lose a hell of a 3rd period up and down action in both ends hill did a nice job it was nice to see the captain stepping up his game 3on3 going against leon and connor its just not fair but the squad got a valuable point

  4. THE hockey GOD

    Connor McDavid 10 –
    Jack Eichel zero

    23 minutes ice time to 16 minutes ice time

    Oilers completely dominate VGK easily, as coach’s defensive structure collapses for vast swathes of the game.
    Vgk had NO answer for McDavid or Draisalt or Cici or Hyman for most of the game. VGK Goalie looked like LT on his worst game out there.
    VGK 23 and no 8 slow walking, adding no value to the team in this one as only one third of the team showed up to play. Meanwhile for the oilers six players dominated their game, and three players didn’t get a shift in period three. Oilers wanted this one more, and their goalie is at best AHL.


    • Tim

      THG, I have no idea what game you watched if you thought we played like shit. The only true fact in your post was Leon and Conner are light years ahead of Eichel in hockey skill.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ TIM I didn’t say they ” played like shit”. I said they were out played for vast swathes of the game. Big difference.

        And when one of your goals comes off the noggin’ of one of your least skilled players, you know you have some puck luck on your side.

        Do not put words in my post that are not there. Now put your glasses on and slowly put your brain to ON and learn to read English. Look at each word in a sentence one at a time. Then put them all together for a complete understanding.

        Then have an oreo cookie, here comes one now. Yum !

      • Tim

        THG, Read your first sentvnceband then tell me you didn’t write Edmonton vastly outplayed us for large swathes of the game. I think that’s a petty obvious statement vastly outplayed or played like shit tell me the difference? As the song goes ( You Can’t Always Get What You Want ) Twist anyones comment the way you want but it’s not working with me.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ Tim learn to read English.
          The Oilers had majority of high quality scoring chances, and if they hit the net they would have scored five or six more goals easily. The VGK played as best as they could, but didn’t “play like shit”. You obviously don’t know English terms or how to comprehend. Not the first time on this forum either.

          Now have another cookie.

  5. Roger

    You (1) didn’t actually watch the game, and/or (2) know nothing about hockey at all. Dumbest fan base in sports on display yet again

  6. Obvious

    Krebs…. Team needs Krebs.

  7. An unfortunate loss given they were able to tie it up in third and won first draw in OT. Sorry to say that was the last time they touched the puck. Onward and upward. Despite what THg posted the game was better than his description.

    • THE hockey GOD

      >>Hockey Night in Canada<< intermission analysts

      Elliott Friedmen, Kelly Hrudy, and Don Cherry's ex co host would agree with THG, only one to perhaps agree with you would be Kevin Bieska.

      • THE hockey GOD

        All analysts were pouring down accolade after accolade especially on the oiler players.

      • THg – who really gives a shit what all these supposed experts in your opinion say – that suggests to everyone if they said jump off the bridge you would be first in line. Post something original, your own thoughts if you have any which is questionable. Repeating what others say is of zero value and doesn’t justify your opinion or anyone elses. Remember opinions are like assholes and everyone has one. At minimum be original even if you are wrong. Vegas had a chance to win and came up short that’s the bottom line. Stopping McDavid is a tall order for any team once he switches into high gear that is obvious even for someone who really doesn’t understand the game.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Oilers had many more quality changes, easily should have been six or seven more on the board.

          And it doesn’t take an intermission analyst to see that. Anyone with a brain could see that, where is yours ?

          VGK were lucky to when it ended in tie. They should have lost that game because they were out played for most of it.

          • Alex

            The ice is so bad in the VGK end and it shifts each period – bad ice is the problem

          • The- given your take why did they only win by one. Your head is so far up your butt you can’t see the light of day. Give credit where credit is due. They lost yes but not to the extent you would have everyone to believe. If you don’t like the VGKs why not just leave this sight for those who see some light (dim or otherwise) at the end of the tunnel. One point beats zero. I would be the first to admit they are playing much better than l anticipated other wise your negative bull shit would go unchallenged

        • Tim

          The intermission guys were homers I was talking about the two guys calling the game they were excited to have such a good game.

          • THE hockey GOD


            i never said in my posts that I didn’t like the VGK. Your LT and FO posts are more like VGK hate than my observations on this last game.

            I just called the game as I saw it, and others saw it. The Oilers had vast majority of quality chances. Every time VGK were in position, the oilers blocked or rushed the shot so that it wasn’t even close. When puck bounces in off a players head that says a lot about their scoring chances.

            Furthermore if LT was in the net, this site would have exploded with LT hate like you never seen before. The VGK were extremely lucky to come out of that rink with a single point. The ice was great, it was fast, but tilted more often than not in one direction.

            The FIFTH LINE- tonight they play another tough game, and I hope they dont’ have a let down because in the past they haven’t shown up against weaker teams. Especially last year’s team.

  8. Canada

    Great hockey game , agree we didn’t have our best goalie in and i think the Cassidy will wish he had put different players out in the OT. Stevenson had his worst game in a while, im a big fan but he is falling back into his default ,coasting through the action and not engaging , Petros thinking continues to be 1/4 step behind particularly at this speed of game ,he shouldn’t have been out in OT in my opinion where was Theodore ? What a game for Kolesar and Stone loved them both . In the end you don’t ever want to go 3 on 3 with McJesus. Reality is we all knew the game was all but lost as did our players when the clock ran out . We cant beat that nobody can.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Oh Canada
      No. 20 was sleep walking until his last two or three shift when he turned it on, and in OT I don’t know he didn’t take out the front of net. I guess he got deked out by Conner McDavid. I still think he’s second best behind Colorado player. But don’t tell that to fans in Toronto or Edmonton. Elliot Freidman worships the guy.

      • Alex

        In a sea of the most ignorant fans in the league, this THG idiot stands out. Other than moronic low pension Nevada public employee pension recipients who post their entire true identity on here (which is a new low of stupidity when they finally realize that doxxing is not illegal), this moron actually criticized VGK for earning a point on the road in a come from behind manner against one of the best teams in the league. What a dumb fan base!

        • knights fan in minny

          look the shit for brains malt liquor boy alex is back are you at the library using the free internet

  9. Tim

    Great game both teams gave a 60 minute effort and ending in a tie was only fitting because neither team needed to be skunked after that entertaining of a game. Like I’ve said before yes your going to lose X amount of games but don’t give me the bullshit excuses that Sin Bin and management comes up with. We had a similar game with Toronto where both teams played hard for 60 minutes that’s the hockey I expect every game. This no legs, just got back from a road trip, took a period off, no jump, this nonsense has never and will never fly with me. I was streaming the game and had the Edmonton feed and there announcers were very objective. Throughout the game they keep saying what a great hockey game and they can’t wait until we play Vegas again because the game has been so entertaining. Those Edmonton fans got there monies worth last night.

    • THE hockey GOD

      The Edmonton analysts were all homers , except for one guy, in between periods.

      It was pretty obvious they were giving the same four Edmonton players praise after praise for their play. There was no doubt the oilers would prevail. Their intensity level was up 100% for 100% of game. While VGK was not at 100%, too many bad shifts, with no puck control. Edmonton could easily scored 7 or more goals if they hit the net on all their high quality scoring chances. The had a lot more high quality chances than VGK did . That was pretty evident.

  10. Blitz

    Had VGK on the money line, last night, at -120. Thought there was an ok chance VGK would win out right. Then I about shit when the game started and Hill was the goalie. F#%K! I truly didn’t believe they would bench LT for this game. That was the difference in my opinion.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ blitz, I saw the same thing, don’t know why they didn’t start Hill against the yotes and save Hill for this game. I guess that is on the coach. Plus Hill is from the area, wait, so is LT.

      Yes the goalie’s was part of difference in this game, I agree. If that was LT out there instead of Hill, you would hear the never ending LT hate from the LT hate posters on this forum.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Going in with LT as an unproven NHL starter, Cassidy’s stated approach was 60% LT and 40% Hill (LT 12/19 = 63% Hill 7/19 = 37%). LT has achieved the better stats so far. Looks like Cassidy will now put Hill into a more typical backup rotation like 30/70? I find Hill and Brossoit (pre-injury) to be pretty equal,

    Hopefully LT is up to it.

    Even with Hill in net the Oilers game could have gone either way. VGK is the better team with the better defending. If Cassidy had the OT to do again he might have put Eichel on the first shift with McDavid rather than save him for the next one.

  12. Julie

    My husband is happy of course about the Oilers winning. Sometimes it clicks for them this season so far. VGK overall is winning a lot, no? Or have they just had a slightly easier schedule? I hope if it’s the latter, they are gaining strength for the long haul.

    I heard some analyst say that we have a good sense of teams by Thanksgiving. Is that true/the norm?

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Julie
      “I heard some analyst say that we have a good sense of teams by Thanksgiving. Is that true/the norm?” Your husband is an oiler fan. Typically, the word is typically based upon a significant representative sample size; by the end of November if team is in good shape in the standings they have an excellent chance of making the playoffs. Especially in BETTMAN’s NHL of balance and socialism giving every team a chance to beat every other team on any night (like children who play sports in which the parents don’t let them keep score). Of course there are outlier teams like VGK last year (mainly due to injury bug), and the St .Louis blues a few years back.

      hope that helps.

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