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Early And Late Period Goals Sign Of A Championship Drive

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last night in Boston the Golden Knights performed like a Stanley Cup contender. Jonathan Marchessault’s late score with 0.6 seconds left in the opening period fueled a multi-goal period and eventually win.

Late goals are starting to become a trend this year for the Golden Knights. Along with scoring early, last night was the 23rd time in which either Vegas or their opponent scored in the first two minutes of a period or the last two minutes of a period. Most coaches would call them back breakers, goals that shouldn’t have happened with little time off the clock or remaining.

Vegas earned 25 goals in those situations this season and it’s positively effected their record. The Golden Knights are 13-5 when scoring in the first or last two minutes of a period. Excluding empty netters, this season the Golden Knights have scored 21 early or late period goals.

Early/Late Period Goals

  • First Two Minutes: 8 Goals
  • Last Two Minutes: 13 Goals
  • Last Two Minutes Empty Net: 4 Goals

Scoring early can deflate an opponent in lengthy competitive periods and a late goal can carry momentum through an intermission. Naturally, Vegas has been the victim as well. Some opponents have been fortunate to come back to win games because of early/late period scoring situations. Overall, Vegas is 13-10-0 when a goal occurs by either team in the first two or last two minutes of a 20 minute frame.

VGK’s Record Scoring Early/Late Period Goals

  • Scoring First Two Minutes: 4-3-0
  • Scoring Last Two Minutes: 10-2-0 (4 ENG)

In cases like yesterday’s game in Boston, one late goal at the end of the 1st period essentially sealed the game. The Golden Knights used every second in the opening 20 minutes to put them in a position to wisely run out the remaining 40. By no means did Vegas let their foot off the gas but being up 3-0 after the first intermission allowed them to play differently. Plus it crushed any confidence the Bruins had to catch up.

In several games these timely goals helped shift momentum towards Vegas’ direction. Here’s how situational goals have earned Vegas two points. Earlier this season the raveling Vancouver Canucks came to T-Mobile Arena and took a quick two goal lead. With :14 seconds remaining in the first period, Vegas scored on the power play completely turning the game around. That one goal propelled the home team to a 7-4 victory. A similar occurrence happened in Vegas’ second ever matchup against Seattle. The Kraken gave up three early/late goals and handed the Golden Knights another two points. And earlier this month against Dallas, Mark Stone tied the game :19 ticks into the 2nd period sparking his team to a 5-4 victory.

Early or late goals have bitten the Golden Knights this season on a few occasions. Carolina, St. Louis and LA all scored important goals to start or finish a period and went on to win by two or more goals. Being scored on at unexpected times impaired Vegas’ ability to control those games at any moment.

Giving up a goal early or late in a period is unacceptable to a coach. In their eyes players should be disciplined in the early or later stages. Inside of a frame is when most goals happen. Turnovers, long shifts and unpredictable deflections tend to happen as the clock ticks, so scoring or allowing a goal in the first two minutes can easily snowball into a flurry of chances. On the other hand, finishing periods with buzzer beaters will tend to settle or negate any upper hands.

Luckily, the Golden Knights are alert in those situations and regularly steal two points away from other clubs. You can normally spot these robberies when Stone turns red and lets out his emotions.




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  1. THE hockey GOD

    i wonder what mark stone eats for brunch

  2. Richie-Rich

    For the first time this year, a complete game in all categories including goal tending.

    Special shout out to Chandler for piling up the points. Eichel? #20 is playing top 1C!
    Enough said.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yeah but he’s not a mucker.

    • T

      If they break up the Stephensen line with Eichel, they are clueless! Our first two lines are rock solid (when healthy) so much chemistry. Throw a couple of the young kids on the line with Eichel and we could potentially have the best 3 lines in hockey!

      • Blitz

        I agree. I think having Stone and Eichel on the same line is redundant. I mean maybe once in a while or if you are down a bunch and need your eggs in one basket etc, power play probably.

        The problem though, is who do you put with Eichel, if you roll with the stone/steve/patch line and misfit line? Dadinov could be the shooter and historically he is great with a great feed guy, but then who? Roy? Amadio? Janmark? The 3rd guy falls off and you have a C grade player playing with your elite center. Now you are stuck with your best center without a strong line. Roy is a better center than wing. Jury is out on Patrick and don’t know his wing skills.

        Also to keep the current top two lines you have to get rid of Theodore (and then others like Janmark and Carrier, 7mil). To pull it off you have to keep Dadinov/Smith/etc.

        I like the concept, but not sure a 10 million dollar guy is going to be elite with 3rd line players. Seems like a waste of cap and elite abilities.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    it’s way to early to use term “championship”, did someone just jinx the franchise? Yet again ?

    When I move to LA area should I continue to root for the Knights, or switch to the LA KINGS ???

  4. THE hockey GOD

    “Zach Dean:
    Vegas’ 2021 first-round pick got his season started in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL). In nine games played, he has recorded a point-per-game (4 G, 5 A) with the Gatineau Olympiques. With Dean joining the Gatineau lineup, he will look to be a key contributor for the team on both sides of the puck as a top player in the league.”

    from vgk december newsletter. Will Dean be another Glass and maynerd c. krebs ?

  5. THE hockey GOD

    Lukas Cormier:
    Cormier continues to find himself on scoresheets night in and night out for Charlottetown of the QMJHL. He is currently third on his team in scoring through 26 games with 36 points (13 G, 23 A). This includes his five game-winning goals, which is tied for first in the QMJHL.

    The young defenseman is joining Zach Dean as he was recently named to Team Canada’s selection camp for the World Junior Championships.”

    continuing from newsletter

  6. Tim

    I remember when Cody Glass played for the Portland Winter Hawks and had 100 points I said WOW how did that turn out. Obviously a lot of teams have zero goalies and the numbers are in flawed. Hopefully Cormier and Dean can carry on through the system and be productive Golden Knights but don’t hold your breath. There’s a lot that fail.

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