We all know video game companies can do whatever they want with their games. Remember that cheat code to play as Bill and Hillary Clinton in NBA Jam?  The 42nd POTUS could drain three’s, Boomshakalaka. So when the news hit that EA Sports added an option to relocate NHL teams I hit up the hockey boards. I love reading the hockey community’s take on daily issues. I couldn’t believe how many comments suggested EA tipped the NHLs hand on relocation. It was like listening to “Conspiracy Theory Thursdays” on KXNT Radio.

EA Sports know gamers like more interaction than just playing the game. With the updated ‘Be a GM’ mode, NHL gamers can move teams to other cities. You want a team in Quebec? Move the Hurricanes to Quebec. Or maybe back to Hartford. How about Portland, Milwaukee or another team in Toronto? Well, EA Sports says have at it. It’s been an option in EA Sport’s Madden Football games for years. I’m sure someone has already moved the Raiders to Las Vegas.

We at the SinBin.vegas are 99.99999% confident that the NHL will award Las Vegas a franchise. I guess there’s still a very small chance The Creator buys a team and moves it to Southern Nevada.  We have heard dozens of rumors about the Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes, and Arizona Coyotes. Although, things are looking up in Arizona right?

Maybe, EA is simply covering all of their bases by adding the relocation option. This way they’re covered if Quebecor buys the Canes this summer. EA has heard the rumors, they read the SinBin.vegas. They’re aware of the ongoing expansion/relocation debate. Is EA tipping off anything? Nah, but either way it’s a cool option. Just watch the trailer, you’ll want to play.

Other cool features EA added are; crease battles, custom arenas, and World Cup rosters. EA releases NHL games in mid-September. So you’ll have to wait before relocating a custom team to Vegas.