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Dylan Coghlan’s Debut Extra Special For Lifelong Friend Of William Karlsson

Photo Credit: @filipsoriano on Twitter

Dylan Coghlan made his NHL debut last night, racking up 13 minutes of ice-time in a 5-2 Golden Knights win. The undrafted 22-year-old finally broke through after spending four years in the Golden Knights organization, including an appearance at their first Development Camp at the Las Vegas Ice Center.

Coghlan has racked up more than 130 AHL games with the Chicago Wolves and has been on the Golden Knights taxi squad for the first month of this season. His wait to finally be able to call himself an NHL player was long, but he wasn’t going through it alone.

Meet Filip Andreason, a member of the team at Newport Sports who has worked closely with Coghlan since early in Dylan’s time with the Chicago Wolves.

Photo Credit: @Fandreason on Instagram

I started watching him in Chicago and really liked what I saw. So I had a meeting with him and I felt like from that day on we both really wanted to work towards the same goal. Since that day he’s been putting in so much work to make his NHL debut. -Andreason

Photo Credit: @jallert on Instagram

Andreason is a former hockey player from Sweden who has recently launched a career on the management side of the game and Coghlan’s debut represents one for him as well.

In his hometown of Märsta, Sweden beginning at the age of four, Andreason played on a team called the Arlanda Wings. His teammate on the Wings, who also lived a few doors down in the same neighborhood was William Karlsson. The two have been lifelong friends and a huge reason why Andreason watched the NHL debut of a player he represents hit the ice as a Golden Knights last night.

I was working with an agency in Sweden, but did most of my work in soccer, not hockey. I knew nothing about soccer, so I was trying to help out but I was really just waiting until they put me back on hockey. It was Will that called me and said, ‘You should quit and work in hockey. Come here (to Vegas) and try to get your name out there.’ So, I went into the office, quit, packed up, and moved to Las Vegas. -Andreason

He lived with Karlsson during the entire 2017-18 season and was there in person for William’s first goal, first hat trick, and the magical between the legs goal to clinch the Pacific Division. It wasn’t until the following summer that he really started to make in-roads in the business.

Photo Credit: @Fandreason on Instagram

That summer Henrik Lundqvist and Mats Zuccarello had a shared charity game in Norway in a soccer stadium which Will was invited to. He asked me if I could come with him, so I went. Lundqvist and Zuccarello are represented by Newport (Sports Management) so I met the boss there and the next day I had a meeting with their Swedish guy and then I had a meeting with Craig Oster. So it’s been three years now. -Andreason

Oster is one of the most powerful agents in the NHL and has a massive presence with the Golden Knights. Mark Stone, Alex Pietrangelo, Shea Theodore, Robin Lehner, Cody Glass, and Oscar Dansk are all Oster clients. So too is Coghlan.

I know that he’s been working very hard and he’s very ready for this chance to show he can play regularly in this league. I’m so proud of him. I’ve been following him for these years and it’s been a rollercoaster but he’s always had the same goal and he’s been a pleasure to work with him. -Andreason

Photo Credit: William Karlsson’s Facebook

Last night, when Coghlan broke through, so did Filip.

Coghlan went from an undrafted free agent fighting for a chance to continue his hockey career to an NHL defenseman on a Cup contending team. Andreason went from being talked into quitting a job as a soccer scout to working with one of the biggest agencies in hockey and seeing his very first client breakthrough into the NHL.

It’s just one game, and the hockey careers of both Coghlan and Andreason are just getting underway, but there’s little doubt, the future for both is bright.






  1. The Noodle King

    Great story. Really nice to see Coghlan get a game under his belt. Dude has a bright future.

  2. Norma Dale

    Always enjoy reading your articles Ken!

  3. Tim

    Hinesite is 20/20 BUT, What if we had No Petro and relied on McNabb, Martinez, Theadore, Whitecloud, Holden, Whitcloud, Hague, and Coghlan and used that 8.8 million to invest in a top notch center. Lehner has played well the last few years but with his last two games giving up 10 goals I think there’s a lot of pressure on him Sunday when we play the Kings. Let’s just hope Petro is Petro when he comes back or were in for a long 7 years.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Ya know ….. In case ya’ll don’t realize we have gotten 13 out of a possible 16 points, so far. What the hell is there to really bitch about? It gets old, very old!

    • Tim

      DOC not bitching but a little reality check. The way our blue line is setup we have McNabb and Petro, Theadoe and Martinez , Whitecloud and a choice of Hague, Holden, or Coghlan. So two of those guys are odd men out. Martinez will be gone next year and if we trade Holden then all the younger guys can play. The question is do we waste a year of Hague and Coghlan? Beyond these blue line players we have Korzack on the AHL team who may be ready next year. This is all good we have an abundance of youth blue liners but do we need Petro’s 7 year contract and yes it’s early but he hasn’t lite me up yet. I believe with what we have a #1 center would have been a better move at that kind of money. Just an opinion Doc not bitching.

      • DBcooper

        We all watch the same games and we used to all go to the same practices but somehow we all have different thoughts and opinions. That’s what makes this fun!! We’ll all be standing in line for hours to touch the Cup but that doesn’t mean we have to agree with every move that management makes and it’s interesting to look back and think about what worked and what didn’t. Somehow I missed the “bitching”, just seemed like a valid thought to me.

      • Pistol Pete

        Only 8 games in (7 for Petro) is way early to evaluate the decision to sign him. So far I am impressed with his presence and should only get better as he adjusts to playing on a new team with a different system. The system prioritizes making all D offensive, a good fit for Petro.

        • Daryl

          Yep, the offense prioritizes the offense from uts blueliners… Which is exactly what happened with Petra’s last turnover that cost VGK a game

          • Pistol Pete

            Not the best goaltending night is what cost that game.

        • Daryl

          Yes that was part of it… But how our defense plays and the position Ms they are in are also part of it

      • Mike StG

        Tim, it seems that Vegas is able to achieve offensive output without having the coveted elite top center. Check out this interesting piece from Jack Han:
        It seems to me they’ve made the right decisions. Explains how Karlsson and now Chandler have been successful though neither would ever had probably made top 6 on another NHL team.

      • Tim – haven’t you figured it out yet – any observation that borders on criticism is always considered bitching in DOC book. Petro’s performance thus far certainly is not worth the $157+ thousand per game based on a 56 game schedule so your actually being kind with the statement “he hasn’t lite me up yet”. I know many believe it is too early to tell but the fact remains by the time his contact is over he will be 37/38 getting that 8.8 mill per year and that is plain stupid. No one is questioning his ability but is it worth that kind of money – IMO I don’t think so and a very poor investment regardless if they win the Cup in those 7 years. The splash brothers are blinded by the light and think they can buy the CUP – that is not how it works and I would think they should know better.

    • Daryl

      13 of 16 points from below average teams. Yes it’s great we have been winning but it’s not like we’ve been playing great. So yes there is plenty to complain abiut

  5. Tim


  6. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    HSK win first game!

    Those gold numbers hard to read on TV.

    VGK 13 out of 16 points. Roll on boys!

    SB: KC 30 – TB 24

  7. Pistol Pete

    Beautiful assist by Krebs on that last goal. He’s
    going to be a top shelf NHL forward.

  8. Tim

    Watched the Silver Knights game some takeaways, The older guys have more experience then the kids but I don’t spend much time on them. I’m referring to the players 25 to 28 there going nowhere but I was impressed with the kids. Logan Thompson did a nice job in goal 6’4″ and 23 years old has a future with the Golden Knights. I thought Jack Dugan was calm good stick control at 22 a little more mature then some of the kids has a Golden knights future. I thought at 21 both Lucas Evelens and Payton Krebs played well and a year in the Ahl they’ll fight for jobs with the Golden Knights next year. Some of the other kids weren’t bad either and depends how they progress. One guy I saw who actually scored a goal but looked bad was Jake Bischoff. I can see why he’s not on the taxi squad he has to be the worse puck mover on the team. Time and again he turned the puck over not a recipe for advancing your career. Overall it was fun to watch and we have 9 more televised games this year so I’m a happy camper.

  9. Pistol Pete

    A little perspective on AHL experience when considering the Silver Knights prospect pool.

    I love having Marchy around. Here’s a guy who has averaged 60 points across the Knights first three seasons, a legitimate top six forward. Not big @ 5’9″ 180 but with the ability and then some to make the NHL. He’s a case study in how it can take deep AHL experience to reach the NHL. He did a full four seasons in the AHL (306 games/263 points) before finally going up for good at the age of 25.

    • Tim

      None of these older guys will come up this year so next year that group will now be 26 to 29 and that puts them out of time on the Golden Knights. I won’t be surprised if Coghlan stays up when Petro comes back and Holden again at 32 goes down and Coghlan at 21 continues to develop.

      • Pistol Pete

        Interesting Korczak was assigned to the taxi squad with no AHL experience. In any case, when Petro comes back Coghlan will go back down.

        • Tim

          Pistol Pete why would you send Coghlan down? Holden 32 no upside Coghlan 21 high upside. I understand Holden is a good guy and good locker room presence but were looking for the next generation of blue liners to stay a cup contender for years to come. It’s a no contest until McNabb comes back he should stay up. Petro and Whitecloud, Martinez and Theadore, Hague and Coghlan. Then we have Korczak and Cochran in the wings. What that tells me all those blue line players on the Silver Knights have no chance.

          • Pistol Pete

            Gotcha Tim. Keep forgetting about Holden. Right you are, shed Holden’s cap and keep Coghlan up paired with Martinez?He almost scored towards the end on his first shot. I keep harping on how the DeBoer method has the D’s rushing up, but how true it is. Hague had four shots today.

          • Pistol Pete

            Tim so your pairings are Petro/Whitecloud, Theodore/Martinez, Hague/Coghlan?

          • Daryl

            I love Whitecloud but he isn’t a 1st pairing… But I do like having Whitecloud help Petra out with his defensive deficiencies. I’m not thrilled with those pairings but it might be the best setup

  10. Pistol Pete

    Interesting that Korczak is on the taxi squad. Just a layperson’s hunch but he looks to have at least as much upside than Coghlan albeit no AHL experience. Why would they put him in the taxi squad if not for his ability?

    • Daryl

      I think he is better defensively, possibly a lot better. I wonder how he is overall. I also wonder if they will use some of these blueliners as trade bait

  11. Pistol Pete

    DeBoer’s system that has the D moving up offensively continues to be evident including Hague and Whitecloud. Whitecloud almost had a second from the same spot as the first. Beautiful pass by Glass. I think the time has finally come to have Kolesar go to waivers. I think Hague needs to stay on as D #6.

    • Daryl

      I’m still worried about Hague’s defense. He hasn’t looked that good in the defensive zone. Due as big as he is he gets pushed around and can’t lay a body on anyone. We also just played a team who has lost 4 in a row.

      • Pistol Pete

        Daryl I am not convinced a D who is career +79 is defensively deficient. If you want to see a D who is check out Erik Karlsson’s career +\- I’ll save you looking it up -59

        • Pistol Pete

          Victor Hedman .63 points/game +118. I know, who can better that? All 6’6”
          241 of him.

        • Daryl

          Those aren’t NHL career numbers… I’m basing my comment off watching his NHL games

  12. Pistol Pete

    Career numbers don’t lie. Karlsson leads active D with .81 pt/game but -51 shows he stinks defensively unlike Petro who is +79. We both want him to play the good defense his numbers prove he does. Seven games into the season just doesn’t mean all that much especially when adjusting to a new environment.

    • Daryl

      Sorry thought you were talking about Hague. Petra is a good blueliner but he is known for his offense than his defense. His last couple seasons he’s been paired with a great defensive player who has helped him in the defensive zone. You will also see he is almost never paired against other teams top scoring line. Again, I’m not saying he is bad defensively…

  13. THE hockey GOD

    nice article

    i wonder if he’s related to Lonnie Anderson, Sparky Anderson,
    Louie Anderson ?

    pS trump won bigly

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