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Drop The Gloves: Calm Down, Rome Wasn’t Built In 15 Days

From time to time we here at disagree. Usually we disagree with what others are saying about Las Vegas or our team, but every once in a while our staff of three disagree with each other. That’s why we created Drop The Gloves. When one of us reads an article on the site we disagree with, we’ll write a rebuttal article and let you guys decide who is right.

The first ever installment of Drop The Gloves is in response to yesterday’s article by Dana, who’s sentiment is shared by Ken. The article is titled “There Simply Hasn’t Been Enough Coming From The NHL’s Newest Team” At the bottom there’s a poll. Read that article and this one, vote, and then use the comments on either page to tell us why you’re on the side you’re on.


Everyone knows the old adage ‘Rome wasn’t build in a day.’ You probably heard it growing up when your Old Man was telling you to be patient. Or from your lame-ass English Professor suggesting you need to study more. It’s one of those phrases that annoys you, until you actually have to use it. Well, that’s where I stand today. My good bud Dana Lane posted an article yesterday about the lack of organizational news from the new Las Vegas franchise since the June 22nd expansion announcement. Dana’s gripe was with the team’s hidden presence over the past few weeks. Dana’s not expecting a GM, coach, and anthem singer announcement by the end of the next week but he’s clearly expecting more than we’ve gotten since June 22nd.

After Bettman’s announcement, the awards, the draft, and free agency frenzy, the league goes in hibernation. Hall of Famer Bob McKenzie annually retires to his private lake in Ontario for the summer, knowing he won’t have anything to cover for a month or so. Not much happens in the NHL during the summer except arbitration hearings and organizational decisions. This may be the best time for The Creator and his trusted staff, to interview potential general manager candidates, as well as examine desired NHL scouts. Scouting is a 12-month a year job, but Canadian, United States, and European leagues are on hiatus. Keep in mind, an NHL team needs multiple American, Canadian, European, and Amateur (Juniors/NCAA/High School) scouting teams. We’re talking about 15-20 scouts Vegas will need to hire. It takes time to make these important decisions. To me, the past few weeks of silence means nothing. I’m sure The Creator will be hiring a GM, and other support staff soon.

Another department Dana was hoping to hear from was the sales department. Dana was hoping sales, marketing, and promotional staff would be out spreading the word of the new franchise. I disagree, because they’re already out there. It’s us, we’re the word., the Vegas Hockey Podcast, Ice Palace, and the sports fans of Las Vegas spread the word. Including the team’s own social media wiz kid. The team will sell itself, it’s NHL hockey in a city with nothing. Announcing a sales staff now, or in a few months from now won’t change revenue. The team will still make every dollar it was poised to make. Which should be a lot from local sponsorships. Don’t worry about the locals that didn’t buy tickets, they’re not stressing. Puck drop is still 15-months away. Also, I’m sure Saint Nick will be dropping plenty of tickets under the tree this upcoming Christmas.

No one will ever forgot the announcement on June 22nd. It’s still the buzz of the town. The Raiders rumors get clicks and sell newspapers, but no one really believes they’re relocating to Wild West Casino. Clearly, The Creator doesn’t see Oakland as a threat or he would’ve been more public with his process. Being organizationally quiet is usually a good sign something is happening. Telling the public every step isn’t necessary, nor smart business practice. They are not wasting days, or behind in the process. they are just taking their time, and we should want them to.

Personally, I think my pal Dana, and I’ll throw Ken in too cause he agrees with Dana, are just being a little impatient. Frankly, who can blame them. We still have a full season to wait before live Vegas hockey. He’s thirsty, eager to frame his game one ticket stub. I get it, they’re puckheads like me. However, we should sit back and relax. The Creator and his staff of five are in fine shape and shouldn’t rush on account of appeasing the public. They’re not out of touch, they know locals like Dana are licking their chops. Just remember, it takes time to create great things. Like the Romans said, it takes more than a day…or in our case, more than 15.


There Simply Hasn’t Been Enough Coming From The NHL’s Newest Team


Organization Now Accepting Employment Applications


  1. pfh64

    LV is very active. As a matter of fact, for the next 12 months the (insert name here) is the biggest factor of in every decision a GM will make. How will the expansion draft affect my team. Every trade, every signing, every rules interpretation.

    I will use the Islanders as an example (as they are my favorite team…I will root for LV most nights, but not those two). There is some question that Ryan Pulock may have to be a protect/not protect decision for the Isles, even though he would still not be done with his ELC deal. This is a HUGE factor in what the Isles will do in the next year, in terms of transactions. So, while LV may not be “active”, they have been the prime catalyst in all moves since June 23rd.

  2. Timothy Pietrzak

    First off, I don’t do the tweeter. I’d like you, if you can, to add a forum section to the website. Back in AZ I was a member of CoyotesCorner if ya need ideas.

    Now I am leaning towards Dana and Ken because Vegas hockey was on the local and world news, the free advertisement didn’t really last long.. I work with people that don’t know anything about it, ( i know big dummies).

    But on the other Jason is right… frickin summer.

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