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Drew Doughty Weighs In On Losing “A Brother” To Expansion

Like when a six hits the stage at Little Darlings, it feels like all eyes in the world are on the Expansion Draft. You’ve heard from the analysts, the GMs, and us jerks here at, but what about NHL players, especially those who are going to be protected. Kings star Drew Doughty told TSN that expansion has been a huge topic among players.

Oh yeah, this entire season that’s all we were talking about. You know, who are we gonna lose to Vegas. And it sucks losing players on your team it really does. The fact that a team is coming in and taking one of our players away, one of your brothers. It could be one of my best friends and that’s a sad day for me. It’s a sad time but it’s also exciting because there is a new team coming in. -Drew Doughty, Los Angeles Kings Defenseman

Doughty implies that it’s been on players minds all season. I’m sure some even suffered anxiety thinking about their future. Meanwhile, protected players can sit back and enjoy a comfortable offseason.

It’s good for us since it’s a short flight to LA. And I’m sure we’ll develop a little bit of a rivalry there too. So I like it. -Doughty

Doughty is already staking his claim in Las Vegas. The Kings defenseman is happy about the short travel and the addition of a new divisional team, which in his mind really means more sleep and easier wins. Developing a rivalry starts with angry, passionate hockey. Both teams need to play competitively and every good rivalry needs some public chirping. Does this count?

Every one seems to think the road is going to be the team that is failing in Vegas because they’ll be out all night. The road team is going to be hungry when they step on the ice the next night. -Doughty

The Kings star isn’t attempting to act like the Pacific division big brother, but he is. Vegas fans will hate the confidence Doughty and his Kings bring to town. And there are more teams that feel the same. Brash road teams will win 6-3 or get lazy and foul it up. As long as one of those foul-ups eliminates LA from the postseason, Golden Knights fans will be fulfilled for the season. Is that too much too ask?


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  1. NedRyerson57

    You have fans?

    • RJ

      I think the Kings still have fans. At least a couple must be left. They’ll be back when they are good again I’m sure.

    • Slack

      Sorry, your shit-talkin window, much like your playoff window is now closed for business. While there might be a rivalry with the Kings, I really don’t see the point in developing one with a team that will finish below us in the standings. I think we VGK fans should set out sights a little higher.

  2. PhiSig 150

    Don’t worry Drew you and your brother Dustin will have many many years together

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