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Draft Lottery Party Tonight At Miller’s Ale House

Tonight is the first night ever there’s an event in which the Golden Knights can win, and the rest of the NHL can lose. Of course, there’s a 89.7% chance of the opposite, but I’m trying to stay positive here. The NHL Draft Lottery will be aired live on NBC starting at 5PM. is hosting a party at Miller’s Ale House at Town Square to watch and hopefully celebrate the Golden Knights winning the lottery and securing the first pick.

Vegas has a 10.3% chance of winning the first pick and about a 35% chance of winning one of the three lotteries and picking in the top three. (To read all about how the lottery actually works, read this) GM George McPhee will be on hand in Toronto representing the Golden Knights, but made the grave mistake of not bringing along Stanley the Golden Rooster as a good luck charm. Again, trying to stay positive, but man, what an error in judgement.

We’ve got Viva VGK and SinBin shirts, SinBin hats, commemorative lottery ping pong balls, and food and drink specials at Miller’s tonight for what should be a fun night. Admission is free and the doors are open to everybody including those under 21.

See you tonight, and Viva VGK!

**Note: The lottery is expected to start pretty close to 5PM as the Penguins/Capitals   game is scheduled for 5:11 and the lottery is supposed to take place before that.**


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  1. Slack

    The curse of Radek Bonk?

  2. Phisig150

    Motherf***ing NHL can’t even rig the f***ing draft correctly. F**k you Bettman.

  3. James

    Disappointed, but I seem to recall Knicks fans booing the selection of Kristaps Porzingis at No. 4 without having seen him play. I’m not ready to write off 6th Overall just yet

  4. RJ

    The event was fun until the actual thing. This draft has two okay prospects and not much else. If our first pick in franchise history never plays in the NHL I won’t be surprised.

    • Phisig150

      Still I’m assuming more than 2 players will make the NHL from this draft. This is where McCrimmon gets a chance to earn his money. I’m going to remain positive we’ll get a couple of hidden gems. And next year we’ll land #1. Odds blow so we might as well get a good goalie and good d and try to win some games I guess. Still want to load up on picks over next couple of years.

  5. James

    Mike Johnston‏

    One more: Stars got 3rd pick with number combo 2, 6, 8, 13. Coyotes had 2, 6, 8, 12. Vegas Golden Knights had 2, 6, 8, 14. #NHLDraftLottery

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