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Doubters Starting To Doubt Golden Knights Again Heading Into Round 2

What’s that Taylor Swift line? (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Can the Vegas Golden Knights win the Stanley Cup?
That’s a reach. -Pierre McGuire, TSN

McGuire has been a believer in Vegas since their first game. He’s consistently praised The Creator and the Golden Knights management for quickly building a winning environment, but now he fears the end is soon.

I don’t think they can win the Cup but I think they can get to the Western Conference Final. -McGuire

As more teams get eliminated it becomes harder and harder for analysts to pick Vegas to advance. It’s not a knock from McGuire because he still expects them to make the conference final.

Boy they’re good. One of the reasons why they’re so good, the improved play, and I can’t believe I’m saying this… the improved play of Marc-Andre Fleury. -McGuire

And it’s not just McGuire. Former goalie Jamie McLennan has questions about Vegas moving forward as well. Noodles still isn’t sure if the Golden Knights have a game breaker.

They don’t have a stand-alone star. Marc-Andre Fleury, I guess would be that guy… I don’t see anybody else. -Jamie McLennan, TSN

I can feel the frustration from Golden Knights fans reading McLennan’s concerns. Of course the Golden Knights have an X-factor, and probably more than one.

Their weakness is, do they have game breakers? Do they have a guy who can break the game wide open? It’s been William Karlsson, it’s been Marchessault, it’s been James Neal. -McLennan

I’m pretty sure Noodles answered his own question. Neal has 26 postseason goals, including five game-winners. Marchessault has 12 game-deciding goals over the past two seasons and has 17 SOG this postseason. And Karlsson, do I really need to go over his season resume? Any of the three are capable of being a game breaker for Vegas.

There is so much time to kill before the next series, analysts, reporters, and schmucks like us will say some ridiculous stuff. Give loudmouth hockey guys enough time and they’ll say something like this…

Keep doubting people, it seems have been working just fine.

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  1. Rob

    Perhaps some analysts will look back on this year and make the connection that in a game that rolls 4 lines of players, maybe having 1 or 2 big names isn’t the top marker for success. It may in fact be a team game that needs production and or strong effort from top to bottom and solid chemistry.

    To go as far as doubting the entire league… wow.

  2. It’s called too much stock in one or two stars. Been trying to do it since Gretzky. Maybe the best lesson here is that team management missing giving opportrinity to those not stars. Guys with breakout records on VGK have more ice time with VGK, not afraid to make a mistake and system for chemistry to be built was all McPhee and Gallant planning. Next man up, not ‘sit down and let Sid carry the team’.

  3. Bob Nokley

    Traditionally speaking they are correct, however this team is not about tradition…

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