Las Vegas is Sin City. The place where people go to let our their inhibitions. Drink too much, smoke too much, gamble too much, sleep with too many people, (can I say that?), and just flat out be okay with making poor decisions. It’s great. It’s really the reason why this city exists.

Many people who live in Las Vegas were drawn to the city because of this. However, many also were not. But there is one thing every person who lives in Las Vegas has in common. We actually live in Las Vegas.

Because of the constant questions, Do you gamble a lot? (Yes) Do they have schools there? (Yes, but they are subpar) Do you go to the strip clubs? (All the time Occasionally Rarely) we all tend to have this same rebellious spirit. We do live here, and most of us make a pretty nice living either serving idiots like you asking these questions or by serving each other (LIKE EVERY OTHER CITY EVERYWHERE!)

C’mon locals, tell me that’s not you.

So. Let’s bring this back to hockey.

If When we do indeed get a franchise, the face of the franchise (most likely the coach) must portray this same spirit. We need someone who is lovable…to us, but not to everyone else. We need someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Because that’s what Vegas is. We are blunt, sarcastic, to the point, and most importantly intelligent.

The greatest coach in Las Vegas history was an outlaw. He stared the rules right in the face and said, “to hell with it, I’m doing it my way” (Not sure if he ever actually said that, but you get my point.)

This franchise is going to be in the headlines, because let’s face it, it’s all we’ve got. But if the team chooses a coach (or GM who speaks a lot) who says things that embody the spirit of the city, he’s much more likely to gain real supporters, not just the fringe fans.

The first name that comes to mind is John Tortorella. The man is a quote waiting to happen, and he’s not afraid to say what he means. He’d come to Vegas and you’d think he’s lived here his whole life within two weeks. Other ideas are people like Mike Yeo, Barry Melrose, maybe even somebody like Joel Quenville. (Someone like these people, not actually these people…except for Torts.)

What’s great about people from Vegas is that no one is originally from here, so we all instantly welcome you as one of our own.

It doesn’t have to be a big name coach. It doesn’t have to be someone even the biggest hockey fans have ever heard of. But it does have to be someone who embodies Vegas. The Creator has done a great job so far, but he’s got to disappear somewhat when the franchise becomes a reality. It’s someone else job.

And that guy has to love it here.

If he does, you bet we’ll love having him here.